A Recap of My Day 2.26.2011

On Saturday, I took the LCA Percussion Ensemble to Campbell County High School to compete. Being the secret assistant to the director has taught me a lot and I thought I should maybe preserve some of these random life lessons for posterity.

1)Band parents are absolutely amazing (like I didn’t already know that, but sometimes I tend to forget). They make things happen just like magic.

2)Always take the back roads when you can. Not only did I get there a good 15 minutes sooner than everyone else, I discovered all sorts of  new things that you’d never see on the interstate.
*There’s a dentist named Monty McElfresh somewhere along US-27.
*There are way too many dead skunks in the middle of the road.
*I passed Punkyville.
*There’s a $10,000 reward out for the remains of a lady that was murdered in…I think it was Pendleton County.
*There was also a sign for free puppies.
*Driving on back-roads in complete and utter darkness definitely strengthens your prayer life.

3)Twenty-four hour days are doable with the grace of God and lots of coffee.

4)Beware of old men at the gas station, especially if you’re wearing a sweater with an argyle pattern. It strikes up conversation about how they haven’t seen that pattern since the sixties. Yeah, not flattered.

5)Judges really aren’t that scary. They’re actually pretty nice and helpful.

6)Hymns do a better job keeping me awake than more upbeat music because they fully engage my mind, heart, and voice.

7)You never know how a verse from God’s Word will impact someone. Case in point: Psalm 40:3.

8)I need a new camera. This is just a personal reminder, which is really unnecessary to preserve for posterity, but nevertheless it made the list.

9)Seeing an “old friend” is always so special…even if it is for just a few minutes.

10)There’s absolutely nothing more breathtaking than a Kentucky sunrise with rolling hills, stone fences, and horses in the foreground while listening to a Chris Tomlin’s “Sing, Sing, Sing.”



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