Mint and Garlic?! (Yes! Couple it with Hindi music.) {Recipe}

There is something really special about Mediterranean food. The way those people weave their spices together so intricately is amazing to me. There is a burst of flavor in every bite. It’s no secret that I eat at Oasis every couple of weeks. I’m in love with their tabbouleh, chicken shawarma pitawich, and falafels. And besides being absolutely delicious, it also helps my blood sugar stay level.

This is by no means what I would traditionally make for a full-blown Mediterranean meal at the Wainright home, but considering I was in a hurry, I cheated a little bit. This is one goes out to the working moms.

Garlic and Mint Chicken
I know what you’re thinking. Garlic and mint? Gross. But seriously. Try it.
[From the Better Homes and Gardens “Our Best Diabetic Living Recipes” Cookbook]

4 skinless, boneless chicken breast halves
1/2 C. fresh mint
1 T. lemon juice
1 T. olive oil
1 T. reduced-sodium soy sauce
4 cloves garlic
1 tsp. chili powder
1/4 tsp. ground black pepper
2 C. hot cooked couscous (optional)

Place chicken in a resealable plastic bag set in a shallow dish. For marinade, in a blender, combine the mint, lemon juice, oil, soy sauce, garlic, chili powder, and pepper. Cover; blend until smooth. Pour over chicken. Seal bag; turn to coat. Marinate in refrigerator for 4 hours, turning the bag occasionally.

Drain chicken, discarding marinade. Grill on rack of an uncovered grill directly over medium heat for 12-15 minutes or until tender and no longer pink, turning once. If desired, serve over couscous and top with mint. Makes 4 servings.

In the event that it’s freezing cold and raining outside like it was at my house when I made this, you can also cook it in an iron skillet. Spray with cooking spray, start on medium-high heat, reduce to medium, and cover. Cook until no longer pink, approximately 25 minutes.

Nutrition Facts (per serving):
202 calories | 6 g total fat | 82 mg cholesterol | 229 mg sodium | 2 g carbohydrates | 0 g fiber | 34 g protein

[Please excuse the crummy pictures. My camera was out of commission and my phone was bitter.]

Tabbouleh Salad
Tabbouleh is the most refreshing salad ever. I took the easy way out and used a mix by Fantastic World Foods. I don’t like the way they spelled tabbouleh, but it was super easy to make and tasted really nice.  I added fresh parsley, tomatoes, cucumber, lemon juice, and mint.

Hummus & Pita Chips
I usually would make my own hummus and pita chips, but I was in a hurry so I bought some. In God’s gracious providence, both of these things were on sale. I love it when that happens! He’s so good. I wholeheartedly recommend Athenos’ roasted garlic hummus. Yum.

I would be remiss not to mention my good friend Ashley in this post. Every time we eat at Oasis, Ashley gets distracted by their music. Not gonna lie, it is pretty catchy. They tend to play quite a mix of Hindi music. So if you want to enhance the ambiance of your in-home dining experience, just play something like this while you eat. (I doubt your dance moves will top Ashley’s though.)


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