Rainy day = Grab an old hymnal.

It’s been really rainy here today this week all month. For some reason, rain always puts me in the mood to flip through old hymnals and play the piano. Seeing how God has used His people down through the centuries to preserve His Gospel through song is fascinating to me. Words in hymns are so rich and have often been hidden for way too long.

old hymnals

(Let’s not even get me started on the nostalgic smell of old hymnals…I believe Jon Acuff already has that covered.)

One of the hymns I ran across today was written by Frederick Whitfield, who was born in England in 1829 and wrote many songs and poems. Perhaps his most well-known hymn is “Oh How I Love Jesus” (only because He first loved me!), but it was the second verse from Whitfield’s hymn “I Saw the Cross of Jesus” that spoke volumes to my heart today.

I love the cross of Jesus,
It tells me what I am–
A vile and guilty creature,
Saved only through the Lamb;

No righteousness, nor merit,
No beauty can I plead;
Yet in the cross I glory,
My title there I read. 

Didn’t he do a beautiful job summing up the Gospel? You can’t tell me the old, old story too many different ways. I love to hear the story of Jesus and His love — and the more I hear the story, the more I love to tell the story. So please, tell me the story again. Or sing it. Whichever you prefer.

{It’s common knowledge that I have a love-hate relationship with the organ, but you can view a lovely organ arrangement of this piece on YouTube.}


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