one thousand gifts {#1-181}

Since reading One Thousand Gifts, I started my own journal of grace-gifts God blesses me with every day. It truly is the little things in life that make me smile the most. I will spare listing all of them here, but I will try to share some of my favorites every Monday. Today’s post spans two weeks, starting August 20.

1. blueberries afloat in my cereal
2. fireworks at commonwealth stadium ringing in the air
3. the creak in my bed
4. pulling out my dresser to turn off the light, an annoying reminder to pray
6. one pump of coconut
7. truth that hurts
12. taking the long way
13. printing the bulletin
15. waking up to numbers on the clock that cue a verse a hidden in my heart {Romans 8:18}
18. curls on a humid day
20. the two minutes of focus and sweet worship driving to pick up my friend for church
21. slips from second grade
23. long walks on a sunday afternoon…in a dress
24. reciting scripture with my sweet sister
27. the Word being read
28. nutella + bananas in a crepe
29. running into friends and sharing said crepe
30. TriniDad sermons
31. being brought near
32. summer storms
33. twistables
34. the “is it raining at your house?” text
35. Jesus: for He shall save His people from their sins {Matthew 1:21}
37. $19.71
39. psalm 36 at the stoplight
40. unexpected hugs
41. piccolo duets…in tune
43. sunsets over Calumet…bliss!
44. the promise of no more tears
45. so unloveable yet loved by the King so well
46. good, open, honest heart-to-hearts
47. laughs over a grande iced americano with 2%
50. bumper car rides down Versailles Road
52. an overseas prayer warrior and true friend
53. a cheerful, cooperative granny
54. purging (19 bottles of mascara, 14 bottles of moisturizer…)
55. clean dishes and clear countertops
56. psalm 37:7 at the stoplight
59. priceless life advice from Coach Ray: “hey coach, when you find one, make sure he thinks you’re better than he deserves.”
60. fried corn from Ramsey’s…wow!
62. watching my mom serve with joy
63. simple, but poignant prayers
66. chats on the porch with a friend’s grandpa
70. finding granny jamming to TobyMac
75. when neighbors drop in “just to check on you”
76. the smell of coffee, ground and ready for morning
77. yellow tomatoes. as delicious as they are lovely
78. hearing one pray for those who persecuted them
81. being called rahruh
84. two paychecks in one day
89. late-night games with dad
90. my robe being washed white in the blood of the Lamb! {Revelation 7}
91. aunt janna chats in the mornings
96. laughter ringing in the air & tears streaming down my face
97. staff dinners
99. new shirts. new stains.
100. late-night menchie’s with friends
101. the Lord’s Prayer in warmups
103. the warmth of a griddle at the Farmer’s Market, especially when that griddle holds a cheese & veggie crepe
108. 84 year-old men playing tubas
110. a $503 water bill and a $504 fundraiser at the Bob Brown House
111. dinner offers at starbucks: “chex mix” vs. “tex-mex”
113. the privilege of having an unreached people-group riding in my car to church
119. things out in the open (namely, elephants)
121. hugs that mean more than words ever could
122. broken silence
123. grace to hold back the tears
124. the promise and invitation to come boldly {Hebrews 4:14-16}
125. the throne of GRACE being accessible to me through Christ’s shed blood
126. new toothpaste
127. verse 3 of “It Is Well
128. tickling ivories with mom for offertory and the congregation clapping along
131. alistair begg
132. drives at night with dad, top down, stars glistening above, and his suitcoat to keep me warm
133. sitting in the balcony
134. singing “great is Thy faithfulness” with 400 people
135. being freshly amazed at common Bible stories
136. paying for starbucks with quarters
140. answered prayers!
141. getting lost
143. old band videos + mocha coconut frappuccinos
144. meeting wrinkle…finally
145. riding on the back of a pickup truck with my feet dangling down…all to secure a timpani
149. new pens
152. delivering lunch to a friend
154. a chivalrous father who pumps my gas
155. impromptu trips down backroads to windy corner
157. freshly painted props
158. phone chats with cousins
160. wearing a skirt. just because.
161. remembering friends who are with Jesus now by buying a gift for yourself that they would have bought you
162. flag fork chocolate chip carrot cake. one last time.
164. celebrating September and the upcoming fall season by listening to Andrew Peterson’s “Counting Stars”
165. swims at sunset
167. honeycrisp apples at the farmer’s market
168. seeing a friend unexpectedly
169. sitting next to a six year-old in church who has attentive ears and his Bible open
172. Scripture being read by a foreign friend in broken English
173. smiles that transcend all language barriers
174. the clunk of heels on hardwood
177. dad preaching from his heart, which is soaked in the Word {2 Corinthians 12:9}
178. random phone calls from little cousins just to say hi
179. spontaneous visits from big cousins and late-night takeout
181. sleeping in really late on a rainy morning


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