one thousand gifts {#182-240}

It’s amazing how being grateful for the little things can change you attitude about the big things. Since reading One Thousand Gifts, I started my own journal of grace-gifts God blesses me with every day. I will spare listing all of them here, but I will try to share some of my favorites every Monday. Today’s list started Monday, September 5.

182. fresh, hot cup of jamaican blue mountain
183. trees just showing the first signs of autumn
184. changing toenail polish to my traditional fall color
185. picking up my out-of-town cousin and finding out that she’s dressed up for no reason too :o)
186. warm starbucks. it’s been a long time, skinny cinnamon dolce latte
187. getting lost in the carlisle cemetery thanks to a crummy gps. stopping to ask random people for directions is a much more wonderful experience.
191. visiting with family, chatting like you just saw them yesterday
192. cousin hugs and i love you’s
194. drinking ridiculous amounts of warm beverages
195. band kids in the rain
196. precious down-syndrome baggers who are super blunt
197. first chili of the season!
198. multiple people letting me know that starbucks’ fall line has arrived. the amount of texts i have received saying they thought of me when drinking their pumpkin spice latte is insane.
199. love gifts from my Savior…so many reminders that He loves me
200. extra hugs because it’s cold outside
201. chivalrous gentlemen who give up their jackets for ladies
202. watching someone be so taken back and thankful for such a simple act of kindness
203. new toilets, replacing one that was installed April 29, 1958
204. the hilarity smartphone spellcheckers provide. “spurgeon” does not = “spitball”
205. fish heads
206. the fact that the mouth of the righteous is a fountain of life {proverbs 10:11}
207. grace that is greater than all my sin
208. cuddling with pajamafied babies on a rainy morning
209. an exceptionally delicious cup of dad’s coffee
210. honeycrisp apples fresh with raindrops from the “hill”
211. patience in board meetings
212. 17-cent chick-fil-a meals
214. heart-to-hearts with the bestie
215. bonus carwashes at the car place
223. chill-inducing warmups
224. a calm, simple, velvety sunset
225. gorgeous flags and big hits
226. dinner in a tent from a crockpot powered by a generator, eaten while smacking bugs and warning of ants in logs
228. bus rides and the crazy conversations you overhear
229. tissues that smell like Andrew’s house…or vanilla.
230. the chill in the air during awards, always having to pull out a sweater
232. standing in freedom 10 years later
233. being surprised by out-of-state family at church
234. hope and comfort found in the Scriptures {romans 15:4}
235. learning to lean
236. eating with the whole family at chop house for lunch
238. being reminded to FIGHT for my joy
239. a goodnight kiss to my grandmother, even when she can’t give one back
240. meeting fellow Christians in random places like starbucks drive-thrus

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