I love Krogering.

Photo from the Lexington Herald-Leader

It is no secret that I love going to the grocery store. Call me crazy, but it’s always the highlight of my day. Yes, day…because I go there almost every day.

In my first few years of life, my mom was a loyal County Market patron. But when they went out of business, we started shopping regularly at the Kroger on Euclid and have been shopping there ever since. Not many people can say they’ve been shopping at the same Kroger for the past 20 or so years, but it’s something truly special.

Over the years, the people that work there have become my friends. The same man who used to scare me to death when he pushed our buggy to the car now greets me every time I walk in, hands me a basket, and we chat about the weather. My favorite produce guy (who is a former neighbor of mine) always has a smile and cheerful attitude. He brightens my day every time. Today when I told him to have a good day, he said, “It’s always a good day. The only person who can ruin my day is me.” Ain’t that the truth?! If we’re alive and well, how can it not be a good day? I love collecting little bits of wisdom from the grocery store.

Fact: I organize my grocery list by how the store is laid out. I always always always start in produce and work my way around to the cheese, ending with frozen foods and never the self-checkout. This is a great system until they move things around. I searched way too long today for dried cherries that were conveniently located on the endcap of aisle #1 for at least 18 years. But thanks to the kind apple-stocker man (super quiet guy who’s always stocking apples), I now know that they are in the organic food section…where the floral department used to be.

Even cheese guy was in an especially great mood today and went out of his way to say hello. And to top it all off, my favorite cashier (outside of my sweet friend Julie, of course) was the one to check me out today. As I was thinking, “Oh, my favorite cashier!” she yelled to the bagger, “Here comes my favorite customer!” Really? Come to find out, we have a lot in common. She’s a cellist and wants to major in music performance. Incredible. Make my day a little better, pleeeease.

I think a lot of times people get in a hurry and as they go about their everyday chores, they forget to connect with their neighbors. It’s amazing how much a simple hello and a smile can brighten someone’s day. They start to know you as you take your time with them. There’s something really special about shopping where everybody knows your name. As cheesy as it is, the old Cheers theme song is true.

Sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name, and they’re always glad you came. 
You wanna be where you can see, our troubles are all the same. You wanna be where everybody knows your name. 

It’s nice to go where everybody knows your name, but chances are, they’ll only know your name if you take time to get to know them first.


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