one thousand gifts {#296-362}

“I will give thanks to the Lord with my whole heart; I will recount all of Your wonderful deeds.” {Psalm 9:1}

My feeble attempt at naming some of the graces God has shown me this week. It’s hard to recount ALL of His wonderful deeds…there are too many to count! Today’s list started Monday, September 19.

296. eating the ugly frog first
297. updating the church blog for the whole week in one swoop
298. encouraging handwritten cards in the mail
299. granny saying she couldn’t hear her heart beating as the nurse was checking it
300. having so many gifts to list
301. new traditions
302. listening to my T4G cd while driving in the rain
303. chats with sue-sue
304. big laughs over me “getting married”
305. increased work
306. psalm 50 and reminders of the importance of giving thanks
307. afternoon coffee at home
308. doyle lawson in the car with dad
309. receptive hearts at isaiah 58 ministry and guests lingering to chat
310. catching up with sweet denise (juanita!)
311. being reunited with aunt janna
312. ballet flats on a rainy day. and pink paisley umbrellas.
313. dress shopping with michael buble
314. hearing my uncle mike on xm radio

315. dad popping popcorn late at night
316. being able to help a friend who was locked out of her house
317. kroger trips that involve lots of chatty employees
318. reciprocated favorites: “here comes my favorite customer”
319. finding out you share a love for music with someone you hardly know
320. homemade potato soup
321. flags rippling through the air, making the most lovely sound

322. chimes in “salvation is created”
323. shopping for dresses with my ate
324. actually finding two light pink dresses…and shoes!
325. the best skinny cinnamon dolce latte ever from starjazz
326. chats at the starbucks drivethru
327. texts with a friend i hardly see…encouraging on both ends
328. surprise visits from helen early morning…in full wedding planner mode
329. unexpected bargains at target
330. aunt janna’s ability to smooth things over
331. finishing the bulletin on friday
332. new coat of nail polish–hoping it sticks
333. new traditions with old stuff
334. staff dinners at winchell’s
335. playing pranks with a group
336. gentlemen letting ladies go first
337. seeing your breath in the cold for the first time this season
338. mom surprising me with trail mix for my bus ride…just like old times
339. mom driving me to LCA…weird
340. starjazz (including banana chocolate chip bread) at before the crack of dawn
341. sunrise rehearsals
342. jenny telling me college funnies over coffee
343. bus rides with way too much contagious yawning
344. pumpkin roll
345. random hysterical comments such as “what if sarah was ripped?”
346. an 11-point jump and still hanging with nicholas
347. walking in to applause
348. the hills at mason county

349. rainbows over foggy horse farms and cobwebs everywhere lit up by fresh morning sunlight, sparkling with dew–absolutely breathtaking
350. psalm 90:17
351. matching my ate from head-to-toe

352. group prayers in a circle, holding hands
353. weddings!
354. watching people pull together to make it a special day for the couple we just met
355. pink roses

356. curry aloo at a wedding reception
357. starbucks with ate in bridesmaids dresses
358. reading my dad’s mind during the song service
359. powerful preaching by anthony vance on qualifications of a deacon, but made applicable to everyone. love that. may i be blameless, above reproach.
360. laying on of hands as paul and jason were ordained
361. finger-food fellowship after evening service
362. an unexpected hug from nikki as we were leaving church. she ran out of her car, i asked what she forgot, then she hugged my neck and said, “this.” sweet sweet sister. made my night.

Since reading One Thousand Gifts, I started my own journal of grace-gifts God blesses me with every day. I will spare listing all of them here, but I will try to share some of my favorites every Monday. 
{previous gifts: #1-181, #182-240, #241-295}


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