one thousand gifts {#363-438}

“I will thank You forever, because You have done it. I will wait for Your Name, for it is good, in the presence of the godly.”
{Psalm 52:9}

The Lord blessed me with so many tangible grace-gifts this past week and each one reminds me that He is good. The Giver of every good and perfect gift deserves praise and that is precisely why I made this list. He’s so good.

363. good report from the endocrinologist {my A1C was down from 8.0 to 7.4!}
364. my doctor wanting to trade black ballet flats with me after finding out we both wear the same size {7.5}
365. wishing the receptionist a happy thanksgiving and merry Christmas because my next appointment isn’t until december 29
366. seeing my buddhist nepali friends at walmart and having four of them simultaneously waving at me in the checkout as i tried to communicate with hand signs and smiles. i especially loved the confused cashier’s reaction
367. accidentally stepping in large puddles
368. country music playing in the chinese restaurant
369. heart-to-hearts during rehearsal
370. God clearing my path to merge onto new circle
371. turning off spaghetti sauce for my piano teacher, making me feel like a part of her family.
372. meeting baby roger for the first time and experiencing fullness of joy with moses & sylvie as they look on his precious face!

Mom holding baby Roger

373. that God is the Giver and Sustainer of life. thank you Lord, for holding me in Your hands.
374. hard eucharisteo: a pod malfunction when i’m running late to begin with
375. the boss whistling “how great thou art” while pouring his morning cup of coffee
376. “i came back here earlier and it smelled like something burning. smoke was rolling everywhere. come to find out, it was just sarah’s fingers on fire because she was typin’ so fast.”
377. enjoying a job
378. hearing mr. barber’s voice in my head every time i came across a big medical term
379. making up for a missed sunday afternoon nap on a tuesday
380. hot brown pizza shared with a friend
381. catching up with nikki over menchie’s. my heart was so encouraged and refreshed.
382. listening to stories from my students
383. opus
384. heading outbound
385. listening to various stations on pandora while working to figure out which one would make me type faster
386. “climb ev’ry mountain” coming on. yikes.
387. typing “lunch” instead of “lung” when i was hungry
388. one-hour & 37-minute chats with shanna
389. giggles from granny, especially at bedtime
390. unintentionally matching my coffee cup
391. in bed by 10:30
392. seeing pictures of newborn henry hatcher york, a baby smothered in prayer
393. paychecks, but not knowing when i’ll find time to go to the bank because of so much work
394. “God sent them our way for sure.” He sends every one our way!
395. aromas of fall penetrating my house: pumpkin muffins and harvest minestrone
396. giving away pumpkin muffins
397. jack saying “raruh” with no prompts. melt.
398. friends who take time out of their busy schedule to invest in friendship…over starbucks
399. brushing teeth with your non-dominant hand—guaranteed to make you smile
400. He plunged me to victory beneath the cleansing flood!
401. He satisfies me in the morning with His steadfast love {psalm 90:14}
402. learning to be patient in the little things while being rewarded for patience in the big things
403. being “promoted”
404. working for a place that values my trustworthiness and addiction to love for coffee!
405. a new old phone
406. pumpkin spice coffee in the afternoon
407. leftovers for lunch
408. holding ice on a fallen baby’s head…better than the alternative
409. chats with brooke’s mamaw and papaw
410. texts galore all morning
411. a REALLY amazing deal. i love a good buy!
412. country ham & cheddar scone from belle’s
413. breaking out the peacoat, scarf, and gloves for the first time…oh…and a turtleneck sweater

414. capes

415. being “nearby”
416. handwarmers…in my shoes
417. seeing old band directors and memories flooding my head. and maybe accidentally swarming the wrong director after awards out of habit.
418. hospitality rooms that serve coffee. even if it isn’t the greatest, it’s warm.
419. hugs from band kids
420. listening to tapes between prelims and finals and splitting headphones 9 million ways
421. tim allen comments
422. la rosa’s enjoyed out of a trailer while listening to sousa marches
423. gentlemen who hold doors
424. drumlines warming up
425. psalm 19 appreciation…gorgeous sunsets!

426. meeting a seasoned saint at grant county and hearing stories of how God has preserved His Name through her family over hundreds of years. in spite of persecution, He remained faithful to the Huguenots & redeemed the suffering her martyred family went through by revealing truth to future generations.
427. being cozy on a chilly fall morning, yet still dressed up!
428. compliments from 12 year-olds on my pumpkin muffins
429. becky bringing so many truths in esther to light (and being so excited about God’s providence!)
430. harka and juna joining by baptism…and hugs
431. introducing merry to italian and pasta with ate
432. menchie’s with erin to extend her birthday celebration
433. sparkles
434. grace, peace, love, joy
435. knowing my joy cannot be taken when rooted deeply in the sovereignty of God
436. ethan trusting the Lord
437. visiting sweet saints in the hospital who still have a sense of humor in spite of being in there 19 days
438. truth that comes to light

Since reading One Thousand Gifts, I started my own journal of grace-gifts God blesses me with every day. I will spare listing all of them here, but I will try to share some of my favorites every Monday. 
{previous gifts: #1-181, #182-240, #241-295, 296-362}


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