one thousand gifts {#602-653}

“My mouth will tell of Your righteous acts,
of Your deeds of salvation all the day,
for their number is past my knowledge.”

{Psalm 71:15}

The most wonderful grace God has shown me is sending His Son to die in my place…the place of a heartless, rebellious sinner. But He’s shown His grace in so many more ways than that. Here’s a few I noticed this past week.

602. singing on the way to work to soak my heart in the Gospel
603. eating every meal at home
604. getting my eyes full on pinterest
605. singing “once upon a dream” with my flute student during her lesson
606. skinny iced hazelnut latte = my newfound favorite!

607. sweet messages from band moms
608. finishing projects…especially big ones
609. trying new recipes and liking them
610. clicking “publish”
611. back way to waveland. sunsets, fall foliage, cabins, red barns, and black fences
612. cup of hazelnut coffee from panera with kerry
613. deep discussions and pulling things out of people
614. clean clothes
615. fall nail polish
616. new kashi cinnamon harvest cereal
617. thunderstorms at work
618. relief from coughing spells
619. a mom willing to teach how to teach
620. a froyo-level friendship with sweet ashley parks who looks for the hand of God at work even in the most frustrating of situations
621. being called “miss wainright”
622. dinner in the crockpot by 8 a.m.
623. new recipes that are loved and grapes in salad
624. making music with eager-to-learn kids
625. family table conversation
626. anticipation
627. baby jack holding my hand while i fed him dinner. so cute!

628. a cup of burgoo on a rainy afternoon

629. kind people in the general public
630. quiet friday evenings that consist of fleece pants, sweatshirt, puppies, pillows, blankets, peppermint mochas, and holiday inn
631. packing
632. preaching the gospel to myself
633. a relaxed, sleep-in saturday morning
634. being content with what you have
635. used cows for sale
636. fall foliage at its peak
637. perfectly timed schedules
638. state finals with friends

639. amazing warm sounds despite the cold
640. mrs. hunter serving homemade hot chocolate from a thermos in the stands. hospitality at its finest.

641. being the ham in the sandwich
642. six pillows. really?!

643. {psalm 84:11} “No good thing does He withhold from those who walk uprightly.”
644. eating breakfast in a couple of students’ room (at their invitation) so i wouldn’t be lonesome. precious.
645. band moms. LOL. quote of the weekend: “have you made a decision yet?”
646. pulling up to first baptist church-bowling green in a centenary united methodist church bus. priceless.

647. psalm 19:14 sung by a youth choir
648. sightreading old hymns with good words
649. the alto part in “living for Jesus” and those old words piercing my heart as i sang.
650. meeting people for the first time and feeling like you’ve known them for years.
651. a bus full of sunday afternoon nappers
652. reflective conversations that will hopefully be beneficial in the long run.
653. a gorgeous sunset at LCA. gets me every. single. time.

Since reading One Thousand Gifts, I started my own journal of grace-gifts God blesses me with every day. I will spare listing all of them here, but I will try to share some of my favorites every Monday. 

{previous gifts: #1-181, #182-240, #241-295, 296-362, 363-438, 439-487, 488-540, 541-601}


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