one thousand gifts {#752-810}

“You have multiplied, O LORD my God,
Your wondrous deeds and Your thoughts toward us;
none can compare with You!
I will proclaim and tell of them,
yet they are more than can be told.”

{psalm 40:5}

We had our annual Thanksgiving service last night at church and my heart was so full afterwards. I love hearing others spill their gratitude to the Lord for the grace He shows in so many ways. How has He blessed you this year? Here’s more gifts He’s given me this week. They’re countless.

752. having energy and accomplishing a lot of little overbearing tasks
753. low notes on flute. so rich. so voluptuous.
754. mozart sonatas.
755. singing hymns in the office by myself.
756. being wished a happy world diabetes day
757. clean sheets. folded clothes. clear floor.
758. rain on the awning, which used to be hard eucharisteo.
759. soft sweaters
760. writing and the sense of accomplishment you feel when you press “publish”
761. quiet, rainy afternoons reading under soft light in my room.
762. skinny peppermint mocha at starjazz
763. meeting steven r. stevenson and being happy for happy friends
764. running into sweet neighbors at fresh market
765. dinner with the church family before cantata practice
766. singing alto cuddled next to aunt janna

767. giving granny a shake wile listening to “santa clause is coming to town” and her telling me she was neither naughty nor nice .
768. heated seats. toasted bums…not mums.
769. umbrella hanging in the bathroom, making me less apt to forget it.
770. laughing at windshield wipers being way out of time from the radio
771. awnings over the office door
772. completed lesson plans. easier each time.
773. laughs with mom over leftovers
774. splurging
775. a cheerful, adorable, hilarious granny
776. {ephesians 3:11-12}
777. yellow sweaters & pearls & gray
778. coffee that stays hot, but not unbearably hot
779. witty first graders “hungry to play recorder”

780. quick, cheap dinners
781. slobbery smackeroos from jack henry
782. kind words
783. the hilarity of role reversal such as dad being out of “dress code” and having to deliver him a tie, shoes, and socks
784. temptation to wear sweatpants to work, then using what I thought was better judgment, and then going in to find the boss was wearing sweatpants
785. hearing the Gospel clearly proclaimed on the radio (“even billy graham has goofed.”)
786. a free afternoon that was GORGEOUS!
787. aimlessly driving
788. bogo starbucks for the fam
789. helpful bookstore employees
790. running into will at starbucks…now legitimately convinced he’s homeless and bounces from starbucks to starbucks
791. christmas shopping!
792. God ordaining even the smallest things in my day
793. {hard eucharisteo} pain to remind me i’m not perfect and i’m not the one in control over this flesh
794. quiet saturday mornings with the shades pulled and a fresh cup of coffee on the couch
795. sunlight shining over horses grazing under bare trees near fences
796. third verse of “it is well”
797. listening to my woodwinds make beautiful music within a large ensemble at AsburyAll-Star Clinic

798. buying gifts
799. grace to hold my tongue
800. help folding the bulletin
801. colossians 3:15-17 expounded beautifully
802. a full heart
803. lunch with my sweet sister and her “manly gentlemanly” 12-year-old son
804.  celebrating the life of cheryl’s brother and being able to see her family and home on video
805. bogo starbucks with my ate

806. hearing my church family express their gratitude for so many different things
807. loving and being loved
808. five-year-old landon finding my lost car remote on the sidewalk in the pouring rain as my alarm was going off
809. mery + bijaya’s housewarming, chatting with them, and hearing their kind words of gratitude
810. the privilege of counting grace-gifts


Since reading One Thousand Gifts, I started my own journal of grace-gifts God blesses me with every day. I will spare listing all of them here, but I will try to share some of my favorites every Monday. 


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