one thousand gifts {#811-862}

“‎”We would worry less if we praised more.
Thanksgiving is the enemy of discontent and dissatisfaction.”

{Harry A. Ironside}

A week of thanksgiving. Truly thanks-living.

811. sleeping in
812. aunt janna bursting through the front door and being able to have our morning chat
813. running errands in the rain, making me much more appreciative for my dad
814. finding a parking space at UK on only the second try = answered prayer
815. a good laugh with friends
816. spontaneous lunch at windy corner. lovely drive & yummy food.

817. sharing the harvest with the bob brown house (it’s not too late for you to do the same!)
818. a granny with a cheerful disposition, blessing all she met today
819. aunt dot chili
820. beautiful flute duets with sadie
821. the privilege of working from home, on my couch, with a hallmark movie in the background
822. no condemnation!
823. discovering my pump was disconnected
824. hard eucharisteo: vomiting. but it made me feel much better
825. sweet praying friends
826. wise doctors who care
827. chapstick
828. a mom who loves well by serving well
829. the providence of God at work
830. resting in my Savior’s arms and letting Him love on me
831. orange gatorade
832. a smart insulin pump that’s easy to use
833. feeling better
834. unexpected phone calls filled with kindness
835. real food. not gelatin or broth or clear liquids.

836. macy’s parade on with a cup of coffee in hand under a snuggly blanket

837. steak ‘n shake for thanksgiving lunch
838. clean countertops for most of thanksgiving day!
839. making corn pudding for the first time ever {recipe coming soon!}

840. soldier cousins back at the family holiday table…with a kind new face!
841. cooking with mom and pattie in the kitchen and listening to their hilarious conversations

842. quite the feast

843. reading Scripture cards before big family dinners
844. sweet cousins playing wii
845. blood sugar of 71 after thanksgiving dinner: a diabetic’s dream
846. a thanksgiving shake
847. seeing God’s grace shine through even the littlest of moments
848. no alarms
849. decorating the tree while listening to “swinging christmas” on pandora
850. leftovers in the midst of decoration boxes, but under the light of the tree
851. getting rid of junk
852. humbled by my ability to quickly forget how the Gospel impacts every aspect of my life and should always permeate my thoughts
853. surprise visits from friends: catching up over some chipotle and shopping!

854. a cozy, Christmas-decorated house, practicing carols by the light of the tree with a peppermint mocha

855. spicy, yummy dinner with grateful gracious sweet nepali friends and others
856. a win over tennessee for the first time in my whole life (last time I was -4 years old)
857. sunday morning cracker barrel with mom

858. the Lord is my chosen portion and my cup; HE holds my lot! {psalm 16:5}
859. covenant
860. being a child of the promise!
861. carb-y goodness with my sister
862. remembering what the Lord saved me from

Since reading One Thousand Gifts, I started my own journal of grace-gifts God blesses me with every day. I will spare listing all of them here, but I will try to share some of my favorites every Monday. 


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