one thousand gifts {#981-1033}

Declare His glory among the nations,
His marvelous works among all the peoples!

{Psalm 96:3}

I am so blessed…a thousand times over and then some.
Friends, I finally reached my 1000th gift, but I couldn’t just stop at 1000 because He just keeps on giving.
All is grace!

This portion of my list contains a lot of gifts from Christmas week…not necessarily tangible gifts, but the present of presence.
In the spirit of the season, I’ll post one of my favorite clips from “White Christmas,” one that fits perfectly with counting your blessings.

When I’m worried and I can’t sleep
I count my blessings instead of sheep
And I fall asleep counting my blessings

981. new sweaters
982. listening to hilarious stories at starbucks with shanna and running into studious cheesecake
983. chili + home alone + cleaning room + wrapping presents
984. looking at scenes from my friends’ lives
985. running into cousins at kohl’s…especially when i forgot to grab a cart
986. much-needed naps
987. a UK win
988. singing of the mercies of the Lord forever and making His faithfulness known to all generations on my morning commute with uncle ali (alistair begg)
989. finishing (kind of) 3-month-long projects
990. hugging my mema’s and papa’s necks!!!!
991. rotten kids whom i love dearly
992. relaxing in the afternoon with my mema
993. riding home from church with my dad and papa with heart-lifting conversations about the sweet sovereignty of God and other precious doctrines
994. laughing heartily at AFV with the grands
995. waking up to my papa in the living room reading his Bible
996. 5-year-old Landon accompanying his dad to work and singing me a Christmas song
997. lunch around the dining room table with aunt janna and the fam
998. meeting sarah b. and her beau for some starbucks on a rainy afternoon
999. setting the table with mema
1000. the grace and strength to finally make it to 1000 gifts!
1001. a visit from the most thoughtful neighbor ever
1002. surprise day off work and sleeping in
1003. laughs with aunt janna, mema, papa, and dad. the ones you just can’t control!
1004. catching strep too early to get a positive culture
1005. cheery nurses in christmas scrubs who are just too precious for words
1006. receptionist singing along to “frosty”
1007. talking politics at dinner
1008. the smell of mema’s pecan pie in the oven!
1009. mema making faces
1010. winning the war with the church copier with God and starbucks on my side (final score = sarah 98; copier 4)

1011. favorite cashiers at kroger wishing me a merry Christmas
1012. second trips to kroger for cream of tartar and running into nick
1013. stirring custard

1014. cooking with mom and mema in the kitchen
1015. kathy d staying with granny and then to eat with us
1016. simple candlelight services…with not enough candlelight

1017. high church candlelight service with nan!

1018. in towering grace, He laid aside His glory
1019. mema’s christmas eve dinner :o)
1020. stunning lyrics, gorgeous chill-inducing notes, and Scripture being read aloud
1021. breakfast from the kindest neighbor ever
1022. philippians 2:5-10 expounded by bro. vance {listen here}
1023. spending christmas morning with both family and church family

1024. stacie staying with granny so the rest of us could go to church as a family
1025. leftovers…mmm.
1026. taking starbucks to doug and wanda in the hospital with mom

1027. opening gifts and being reminded that this isn’t what it’s all about.
1028. andy’s amazing beef tenderloin!
1029. funny little cousins wearing wigs
1030. chatting about Heaven and “redeemed walmarts” over Christmas dinner
1031. granny eating custard
1032. watching the candles in the centerpiece go out, being reminded that life is a vapor
1033. hebrews 2:17 

Since reading One Thousand Gifts, I started my own journal of grace-gifts God blesses me with every day. I will spare listing all of them here, but I will try to share some of my favorites every Monday. 


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