2011 Word of the Year: Grace.

At the close of each year, I like to reflect on the many lessons God has taught me during my last trip around the sun. By going through old journals and digging deep into my heart, I can typically decipher an overarching theme for the year. My word of the year for 2011? Grace.

Grace can be defined as unconditional acceptance granted to an undeserving person by an unobligated giver. {Tullian Tchvidjian in “Surprised by Grace”}

One of my favorite songs to listen to throughout the year, starting way back in January, was “You Alone Can Rescue” by Matt Redman. I’m pretty sure the CD is worn out from where I played it over and over to hear my favorite part:

Who, O Lord could save themselves, their own soul could heal?  Our shame was deeper than the sea.  Your grace is deeper still.

In September, I read Ann Voskamp’s “One Thousand Gifts,” which is probably one of the best books I have ever read. She often used the phrase, “All is grace.” How very true. Everything He gives, everything He withholds. It’s ALL grace, being worked together for my good! In reality, I’m a sinner who deserves the wrath of God, but because of GRACE, my sins have been covered by Christ’s precious blood. So, frankly, anything outside of hell is grace. What lavish grace He has shown! Doesn’t that make Jesus more beautiful in your eyes?

To see the glory, name the graces.
{Ann Voskamp in “One Thousand Gifts“}

As I started listing the many ways God had showed me grace throughout the day, I started to see how much He really loves me. He showed me how marvelous He is and how much He cares for me…even about the most miniscule details of my life.

So as I enter 2012, I pray that I will continue to see more of His glory as I tune my heart to be more aware of His grace.

Grace and peace to you, sweet friends.


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