Praying for Others in 2012

“…Praying at all times in the Spirit,
with all prayer and supplication.
To that end keep alert with all perseverance,
making supplication for all the saints…”

{Ephesians 6:18}

My prayer life is pathetic, especially when it comes to interceding on the behalf of others. If I happen to notice some way I can specifically pray for a friend via their facebook status, I typically stop for a moment, pray a short prayer, leave them a note, and often go about my business.

It’s terrible.

If I can find where I placed my prayer sheet after Wednesday night, I will sometimes try to pray for fellow church members, going down the list alphabetically, which is also awful because I usually give out before the M’s. Who am I kidding? I rarely even make it to the G’s.

A few years ago, I came up with a way to pray for others that worked very well for me. I’ll explain why I stopped using it in just a bit.

I had an abundance of index cards that I had no idea what to do with, so I started writing down names of fellow church members on each card with marker. Each night, I would “draw” a person to pray for. It was a great little system because it never got monotonous…I was surprised every night with a new person to pray for. After I prayed, I would summarize things I prayed for on the back of the card, always including a specific verse and the date. I thought it would be neat to give each person their index card with a note after it was filled up.

This little system was working great for me for about 4 months…that is, until we had a baby shower and my mom needed some notecards for a game. When I told her there were some in my room, she grabbed my stack of prayer cards and cut them up to write clues on them for a homemade game of charades.

I never would’ve known she grabbed the wrong stack of notecards, except for the fact that the people playing charades at the baby shower were the very people I was praying for. How awkward and creepy to draw a card with “baby carriage” on the front and your name on the back. :o/

Well, a couple of years have passed, and I just recreated my stack of notecards. It’s gotten a lot bigger, but that just provides me with more opportunities for surprise as I draw. By the grace of God, I look forward to praying more specifically for those that I love during 2012 and watching for ways the Lord is working in their lives.

If you’d like to be added to my stack, let me know. I would love to go to our Father on your behalf.


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