one thousand gifts {#1214-1251}

“I have loved You with an everlasting love;
therefore I have continued My faithfulness to You.”

{Jeremiah 31:3}

The love of God just blows me away. The Creator of the universe knows me the best, yet He loves me the most. He knows everything about me. He sees all my stinky, wretched, sinfulness. He sees the ugliest parts of my heart. YET He loves me anyway. What lavish love. And I continue to count the endless ways He proves His love for me. 

1214. glistening frost in the sunlight
1215. new phones and helpful people
1216. similar situations, bringing comfort
1217. finding the humor in the little annoyances
1218. amazing grace. what a sweet sound!
1219. doing new things
1220. being able to stay an extra hour at work
1221. clearance pens
1222. spending the afternoon at starbucks even if it was to read work stuff
1223. a win over gators!
1224. church directory saved to a PDF!
1225. {jeremiah 31:3}

1226. snowflakes (charlie-brown-sized) that say on my nose and eyelashes

1227. singing the Fruits of the Spirit song at nauseum with kids…jalapenos and olives!
1228. josie’s fried chicken
1229. continually perplexed at why He would love me
1230. kind starbucks baristas who care about what’s going on in your day
1231. surprising ate with starbucks
1232. yummy brunch, good people, and a faithful God at the Bob Brown House
1233. reading missionary letters
1234. dad making dinner
1235. a cooperative granny singing “it is well” and shouting hallelujah. :o)
1236. three worlds colliding
1237. faithful servants of Christ using every ounce of creativity and innovation to further the Gospel
1238. surprise video chat with Hersh and Sasha
1239. mediterranean food with Sarah Bartsch

1240. dreaming about possibilities
1241. {hard eucharisteo} finding reminders of God’s faithfulness in the middle of changing diapers

1242. a spark of creativity
1243. a cooperative church copier
1244. an anthony davis block. BROWED.
1245. i am loved so i can risk loving others because the One who knows me best loves me most!
1246. watching veterans sing His praises
1247. hearing the Gospel beautifully proclaimed
1248. being reminded to remember how faithful God has been in my past
1249. unanimous vote to buy a new church copier!!!!

1250. “we bought your mama a baby grand. we’ll have to buy you the rolls-royce of copiers!” -randy thomas
1251. {psalm 18}

Since reading One Thousand Gifts, I started my own journal of grace-gifts God blesses me with every day. I will spare listing all of them here, but I will try to share some of my favorites every Monday. 


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