one thousand gifts {#1287-1334}

“Open to me the gates of righteousness,
that I may enter through them
and give thanks to the Lord.”

{Psalm 118:19}

This past week was one of those where I just felt like the most blessed girl in the world. God shows His love for me in so many ways. There’s no way I could ever count the many ways He blesses me, but here’s a few that I caught. 

1287. a day off with everyone home (even the plumber and aunt janna!)
1288. lunch with both ‘rents
1289. 53.5 miles…2 trips around new circle
1290. people thinking we were filming for “extreme home makeover” at the bob brown house
1291. watching logan get a mallet down from the clock by standing on a rolled-up cheerleader mat
1292. mom’s beef stew
1293. prescribing metronome medicine
1294. hearing stories about houses without windows over some starjazz
1295. jars of clay playing as i drove by the sun setting behind calumet. how great is our God?!
1296. being complete in Christ!
1297. burning keyboards…smelling up the office. 🙂
1298. friends that are safe
1299. recalling how God has worked in my life
1300. {ephesians 1:4}
1301. sunsets that take your breath away

1302.  orange sunglow in morning
1303. waves from a sweet 93-year-old neighbor rolling in her herbie with curlers in her hair
1304. being held
1305. thankful friends
1306. laughs with fast food workers, sir.
1307. collaborative dinner effort with mom
1308. the Gospel going forth in spite of crazy kids
1309. being both encouraged and convicted by one reaching out for help
1310. two + two with ashley at josie’s that was really a two + three
1311. skirts + sunshine
1312. celebrating the new church copier!

1313. lol’s
1314. papercuts that became convenient ways of checking blood sugar
1315. connecting with people…especially through music
1316. leftovers for lunch
1317. seeing friends unexpectedly & getting hugs
1318. being pelted by God with ice chips 🙂
1319. the Lord orchestrating my day
1320. a safe, straight-shot trip
1321. cheery shows, beautiful colors, sparkles, the snap of a rifle catch, and swoosh of flags
1322. la rosa’s with sarah b.
1323. parents who love and serve selflessly
1324. timpani stools in the right place
1325. prayers of kids during warmup

1326. watching friends perform
1327. positive comments in critique

1328. good conversation
1329. a closed mcdonald’s & an open shell
1330. getting home around 1:40 a.m. {i loooove good, long days!}

Just a glimpse of my trashy backseat after a competition day. LaRosa's pizza, dressing, and spaghetti sauce, CD's, pajama pants I need to exchange, too many drinks, an overloaded purse, and a tote bag I never needed.

1331. night sweats to wake me up and correct a low blood sugar
1332. forgetting the church directory…yet another reminder of my fleshly weakness
1333. {psalm 18}

1334. grace: undeserved saving kindness to judgment-deserving sinners
1335. a sunday afternoon nap like you wouldn’t believe.

Since reading One Thousand Gifts, I started my own journal of grace-gifts God blesses me with every day. I will spare listing all of them here, but I will try to share some of my favorites every Monday. 


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