The Church Secretary’s Ode to the Church Copier

A tribute to church copier #2:
I only knew you in your old age,
But that’s ok.
You copied nearly every page.

There’s one thing for sure,
You lived a good life.
Though there at the end,
You caused lots of strife.

I will never forget
Your crazy antics,
Like crinkling paper
And making me frantic

Remember that Sunday
You scared me to death
When you resurrected
And I lost my breath?

There at the end,
We had lots of fights.
You’d win every time
And I lost sleep at night

But you served us well
For the last 10 or so years
And now your successor
Has helped dry my tears

Rest well from your labors,
Dear copier friend.
May you find peace.
That’d make me grin.

One of our last times together.

With the limited edition 2011 church bulletin Christmas ornament the copier decided to make.


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