one thousand gifts {#1380-1419}

“He found him in a desert land,
and in the howling waste of the wilderness;
He encircled him, He cared for him,
He kept him as the apple of His eye.”

{Deuteronomy 32:3-4}

I’ll never get over the Lord finding me in the dusty, dry land of my sins, dying my rightful death, and giving me new life.  And as if that wasn’t enough, He showers me—the apple of His eye—with grace in a million little ways each day.

1380. waking up to an encouraging phone call
1381. snow on the ground reminding me God is the One who lovingly ordains my day

1382. saul good bacon
1383. texting lyrics for a funeral
1384. drinking starbucks for sasha in exchange for channa

1385. wintry country sunsets

1386. bird poop on the windshield…put me in my place…lol!
1387. studying for a new series and revamping lesson formats
1388. soaking old truths into my heart
1389. being back with the Second Street Bible Study gals
1390. the thought of starting a funeral home over dinner: “you sure do a good funeral.” haha!
1391. being reminded of the value of wisdom {proverbs 4}
1392. buying little gifts for kids class and rewarding them
1393. venti iced skinny cinnamon dolce latte now also holds a very special place in my heart
1394. patient parents
1395. an encouraging note on my desk at work!
1396. skirts—just because it’s thursday 🙂
1397. good news at the bob brown house board meeting and good laughs as well.
1398. menchie’s with erin and her boyfriend in jeans.
1399. extra delicious coffee
1400. march in the bluegrass. always brings such a special feeling everywhere you go. go cats!
1401. dinner at red lobster with shanna followed by a walk through joseph-beth and peanut butter “mouse” pie. LOL!
1402. chick-fil-a with kristen
1403. a hilarious, all-too-common occurrence in my life
1404. {hard eucharisteo} the sin-sick, desperately wicked parts of my heart being exposed
1405. 81.3, a bag of m&m’s, good critique with judges (who knew lefties were taking over the free world?), and a thank you.

1406. table for one at cracker barrel…followed by several beautiful, unexpected acts of kindness by such sweet parents.

1407. the God who sees! El Roy! (again.)
1408. pouring my heart out on the blue grass parkway with selah and silence

1409. ♪ come quickly and abide or life’s in vain ♪

1410. {colossians 3:3}
1411. being reminded that my days are precisely cut-out and determined
1412. a gift- just for fun.
1413. blue and white with my ate

1414. sunday dinner at home with the best macaroni and cheese i’ve ever eaten
1415. starbucks to drop the sugar—outside!
1416. cheryl: oh no! i have to preach them on. haha!
1417. {deuteronomy 32} God’s great and i’m a sinner.
1418. “thou art covered in fat”
1419. apple of God’s eye. so humbling that He delights in me.

Since reading One Thousand Gifts, I started my own journal of grace-gifts God blesses me with every day. I will spare listing all of them here, but I will try to share some of my favorites every Monday. 


4 thoughts on “one thousand gifts {#1380-1419}

  1. visiting from ann’s… loved that first photo of the snow covered tree… so lovely! enjoyed your list, especially the one about proverbs 4… i was particularly thankful for that chapter of the bible this week, too!


    • Thank you for stopping by! Proverbs 4 has resonated in my heart for the past couple of weeks and I was very blessed by your post about “Guarding Your Heart.” That’s one concept that I continually mull over. “And the peace of God, vwhich surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.” May He give you peace today, friend! Grace to you.

  2. “bird poop on the windshield…put me in my place…” and made me grin from ear to ear! There is quite a bit of coffee weaving in and out of your thankfulness list…just noticing because the doc told me to give up caffeine and I’m really missing it. Have a wonderful day, dear sister for eternity! Counting my blessings along with you!

    • What a joy to meet you, sweet sister! Thank you for stopping by!
      The bird poop on the windshield came as I was admiring the beautiful country sunset our Creator painted…I guess He created that too. :o)
      Coffee probably makes up at least 25% of my thousand gifts list. I’m so sorry you’ve had to give up caffeine. That must be so hard. I hope you can at least still enjoy decaf every now and then. Grace to you!

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