one thousand gifts {#1420-1472}

“Are not two sparrows sold for a penny? And not one of them will fall to the ground apart from your Father. But even the hairs of your head are all numbered. Fear not, therefore; you are of more value than many sparrows.

{Matthew 10:29-31}

I’m going through Priscilla Shirer’s “Seeds” with a precious group of ladies on Tuesday nights. This past week, we watched the first little video where she talked about this verse and it served my heart so well all week. Our God is a God who SEES…El Roi (as my sweet Bible study leader Tina affectionately deems Him, “Our Southern God” hehe!) He does not forget you and He cares about every detail of your life. Here’s 52 details from my life that He’s showered with grace this week.

1420. waking up in a really good mood
1421. healthy food choices overall
1422. handwritten letters. so much more meaningful than typed words.
1423. a free evening at home
1424. “interruptions” turned divine appointments
1425. blog love from two eternal sisters
1426. laughing about a memory over breakfast with ashley & piecing a story together
1427. a cat nap
1428. …even the FIFTH sparrow is of value.
1429. a meeting only God could have orchestrated
1430. daffodils in morning sunglow
1431. a wave from a neighbor on my way to work
1432. someone letting me out in busy traffic
1433. praying for hitler.
1434. finalizing my kids lesson—only to have no class.
1435. actually sitting in wednesday night service for the first time in about five years
1436. an earthly father who imitates my heavenly Father
1437. the doctrine of adoption!
1438. a chatty morning at the office
1439. helping junior high flutes…if only i could mesh them into one player.
1440. new passion cd ♪ i’m not ashamed of the One who saved my soul! ♪

1441. crazy notes from percussion kids at DD (dying dinosaur…or drum instructor, depending on the day) and aly’s running out of the room/lindsey’s scream at jeremy’s fake vibe vomit
1442. a cats win and some 5 guys. YES! on, on!
1443. finishing the church history slideshow
1444. one of my students finding out she got a music scholarship!
1445. boss #1 popping out of the closet as i came in. hilarious!
1446. 3:16 appreciation texts and celebration
1447. krogering and chatting with crazy cashiers
1448. chuy’s (chex mix!) with kerry, shoe shopping, and menchies. (and halifax is the hilarity-outbreak street)
1449. little girls tossing rifles after dark in their front yard on my way home
1450. waiting in the dark at LCA with Chris Tomlin and a venti Starbucks at 6:25 a.m.

1451. circle prayers and {psalm 150:6}

This picture is hilarious to me! It was taken this weekend right before our percussion warm-up started. We had a few minutes before we could play, so we circled up to pray. I'm big on holding hands during group prayers and this was me telling the kids that "Yes, we're going to hold hands because I'm cool like that." A couple of sighs, a few giggles, and smiles later, they all reached out their hands and this is what was captured. It looks like a weird dance or something. haha!

1452. a parent holding the door for me twice because if he didn’t, he said he felt like he would’ve been under conviction all day. hahaha!
1453. learning what a natatorium is…and what it is not.
1454. girls in pearls, uniform uniforms, and lovely smiles. so very precious.

1455. God orchestrating every minute. even the chaotic ones.
1456. a kind word vs. not-so-kind-words
1457. BB to the end. good grief.
1458. a seasoned parent being precisely in the right place at the right time to reroute the marimbas
1459. winning with an 87.9, especially when they thought we didn’t win at all.
1460. getting to know the judge that gave me such a hard time, thanking him, and killing him with kindness (one of life’s sweetest joys!)
1461. “can you please write a harder book next year” -judge
1462. talking about desha’s and bread pudding with judge #2
1463. frisch’s with mom and the band family—generously paid for
1464. stopping at the Dry Ridge La Rosa’s to pick up dinner on the way home and not being mistaken for Casey Anthony
1465. not stopping. kroger. peeling and dicing 20 lbs of potatoes. 3 crockpots full of roast in the kitchen.
1466. cheering on the cats with the ‘rents and the drurys
1467. burning eyes
1468. reflecting on the past 15 years of God’s faithfulness

My parents and I after celebrating our church's 15th anniversary. (Dad's holding a cooler at this point. haha!)

1469. {hard eucharisteo} a perfectly timed pod malfunction
1470. getting to know some of my new church family better
1471. “get busy living or get busy dying.” -bro. lakes
1472. aunt janna staying with granny so all of us could go to church

Since reading One Thousand Gifts, I started my own journal of grace-gifts God blesses me with every day. I will spare listing all of them here, but I will try to share some of my favorites every Monday. 


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