one thousand gifts {#1704-1748}

Jesus said to her, “Did I not tell you that if you believed you would see the glory of God?”
{John 11:40}

On Friday, I put up a simple wish for the weekend for my friends on Facebook.

“May your weekend be filled with
glimpses of His glory,
uncontrollable laughter with friends,
good food, good coffee,
and music in your ears & heart.”

I had no idea that God would answer this prayer so beautifully in my own life in manifold ways of which I could never dream. Oh me of little faith. “Did I not tell you?”

The earth is full of His glory. And so is every second of my life. If only I would take the time to believe it and see it.

1704. a “church mother” found. hilarity ensued.
1705. a kids lesson on orderliness. oh dear.
1706. a respectful, relaxed student
1707. known!

1708. leftover spaghetti
1709. being called susan at the thai place
1710. heart-refreshing discussion on looking at things from God’s perspective. {isaiah 55} He’s always with us. ALWAYS!
1711. late-night chick-fil-a
1712. being easily agitated at EVERYthing and mom asking me if it was a sugar or spiritual issue. haha! i love that she’s concerned about my soul.
1713. {colossians 3} setting my mind on higher things and keeping it set there
1714. {hard eucharisteo} not having the new life bug, but rather ketoacidosis with three subcutaneous insulin injections. ugh.

1715. “so i’ll wait ’til kingdom come, all the highs and lows will be gone”
1716. sonic ice chips
1717. feeling like a new person
1718. cheddar’s kids grilled chicken meal
1719. finishing a book
1720. georgetown sunsets

1721. hearing beautiful original music
1722. seeing so many old band friends. what a fun little reunion!
1723. water. that is all.
1724. my heart being stirred by listening to music at work.
1725. saving 10 cents a gallon on gas! hooray!
1726. 107 BG! hallelujah!
1727. watching junior high girls put on makeup. i don’t know how this is grace, but it was funny!
1728. hugging mrs. b
1729. driving through my old kentucky home with windchimes in the backseat
1730. listening
1731. sunsets above stone fences on ironworks pike

^ ^ There’s a hilarious story that goes with this song. ^ ^
1732. subliminal messages to eat at culver’s
1733. knowing someone else cares.
1734. gentlemen at the starbucks who let ladies go first and hold the door open
1735. precious crepe people remembering by my thank you — “you say that so sweet,” she said.
1736. enjoying my first crepe of the season with a one-man band playing with a shaker on his shoe

1737. sitting through a most humorous election training with my dear sheriff friend
1738. my umpteen-gazillionth piano recital. the guy next to me asked me which kid was mine. *facepalm*

1739. dressing up for a smashing tomato dinner with kerry~and a trip to aisle 14

1740. good report from the in-state missionary i was praying for today! HIS resources, HIS strength, HIM!
1741. patience in changing diapers and flipping people
1742. God arranging my morning
1743. panera hazelnut coffee
1744. blood sugar of 92!!!!
1745. God fills the nets {luke 5}
1746. josie’s grouper fingers with ate
1747. the old, old story–it never gets old!
1748. “now, if sarah gets up and starts doing cartwheels, that’s too much Starbucks, not the Spirit” LOL!
1749. glory!

Since reading One Thousand Gifts, I started my own journal of grace-gifts God blesses me with every day. I will spare listing all of them here, but I will try to share some of my favorites every Monday. 


2 thoughts on “one thousand gifts {#1704-1748}

    • I love that line as well…it helped me a lot this week! It comes from “A Little Bit Longer” by Nick Jonas. All is indeed grace!
      Thanks for stopping by. God bless.

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