one thousand gifts {#1893-1946}

“Everywhere I look, Everything I see, Is just another reminder that God’s been good to me.”


The month of May always brings about big reminders of God’s faithfulness and this week was no exception. 

My friend Travis, who we started picking up for church when he was about 4, got married this week to a beautiful girl named Brandee. Their wedding was lovely and I pray the Lord will be their life and bless their marriage!

And the day I’ve been kind of dreading for several years now, three of my Woodwind “Huns” graduated on Friday evening. These sweet students of mine have stuck with me the longest. They were just babies when I first started teaching at LCA in 2008. 

{woodwinds class of 2009}

Each of them are firmly grounded in their faith and I cannot wait to see how the Lord is going to use them in the next chapter of their lives.

Here are just a few of the many reminders of how God has been good to me this week. 

1893. always getting multiple compliments when i wear a shirt i don’t feel very confident in.
1894. being reminded of what a wretch i am.
1895. stumbling across very good design–inspiring
1896. buying snacks for election day
1897. mom’s fried chicken. yum!
1898. saydeezy
1899. 8th grade progression. “you are now diminished. i am going to augment you. you shall now become a major third.”
1900. words that mean something completely different in other cultures (ie: “nubs” in Trinidad)
1901. 4:30 a.m. wakeup calls for election day
1902. the kind people i’ve been blessed to work with twice a year
1903. sandwich checks by george–every hour, on the hour
1904. red geraniums
1905. laughing at so many little things with shannon (my best friend for 28 hours out of the year)
1906. being able to vote in peace

1907. rides downtown from the judge
1908. seeing neighbors i never get to see!
1909. chicken tortilla soup & homemade guac
1910. ghirardelli dark chocolate with sea salt and almonds. ❤
1911. rereading about eucharisteo, which i had time to do because of the whopping 21% voter turnout
1912. consignment ann taylor khaki skirts that fit just right
1913. learning new things for my new hat
1914. picking up gifts and cards and dealing with kind and not-so-kind employees
1915. kids meals
1916. getting to teach about gratitude (said in a British accent)

1917. {1 thessalonians 5:18}
1918. learning more new skills
1919. granny.
1920. a new title. everything just feels better with a label.
1921. His kindness still pursues me!
1922. convertible wedding hair. haha!
1923. a lovely mid-afternoon wedding with a stubborn unity candle and two kids really in love. so special!

1924. dinner at frisch’s with some Lady Lifers.
1925. frisch’s ice
1926. making my first customer service call and ending with a seemingly happy customer = much grace!
1927. the looney toons theme song ringing through the office
1928. chipotle with charla (charlotte?!)
1929. watching my seniors class of 2012 graduate and God orchestrating a picture way better than i ever could have!

1930. seeing former teachers (& parents) who have invested so much into my life. much to be thankful for.
1931. mercy me’s “just as i am”
1932. celebrations!

1933. hugs unexpected
1934. amazing salads
1935. power outages while cooking dinner
1936. “courageous” with shanna and mom
1937. air conditioning
1938. the stantons surprising us with a visit
1939. Christ-centered sermons and the fact that God cares
1940. celebrating “extraordinary” accomplishments

1941. laughs with the band family

1942. being squished!

1943. an extra-kind pharmacist
1944. ale8
1945. virtual pralines
1946. pearl soap…pearlescence?

Since reading One Thousand Gifts, I started my own journal of grace-gifts God blesses me with every day. I will spare listing all of them here, but I will try to share some of my favorites every Monday. 


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