one thousand gifts {#1947-1991}

“Stop and consider the wondrous works of God.”

{Job 37:14} 

Stop. Consider.

It doesn’t take much stopping to see a glimpse of God’s glory. It’s all around us. But when you stop and when you consider what you’ve seen, you see His glory even more clearly. You realize how big and wonderful He really is.

 When I make myself stop long enough to recall little ways I’ve seen Him work throughout my day, I consistently become overwhelmed with gratitude and Jesus becomes bigger in my eyes. 

So I hope you’ll take the time to stop this week. Consider. He’s wondrous. And may your heart be thankful. 

Some of His wondrous works I’m still considering…

1947. sleeping in!
1948. first swim of the season (14 laps)
1949. leftover yummy asian salads from friends
1950. movie with charla

1951. the person who made my glucose test strips
1952. {isaiah 12}
1953. a sweet comment from a “virtual” sister
1954. workin’ 9 to 5
1955. ramsey’s fresh veggies

1956. a gentleman holding the door and saying “yewww-uhrrr wel-kuhmmm”
1957. meeting someone i’ve heard lots of good things about
1958. compliments
1959. making dinner
1960. sunset swims provoking psalm 19 appreciation

1961. dad bringing menchie’s home
1962. a ladybug at dusk
1963. payday loan humor
1964. puzzles
1965. jaw-dropping sunsets
1966. trying to focus outward in my lunchtime loneliness
1967. self-adhesive stamps and envelopes
1968. my local church ❤

1969. gavin smiles–even if he was pooping. haha!
1970. wild citrus sunflower

1971. being offered a full-time job while at my full-time job. that’s crazy! {ephesians 3:20-21}
1972. old men talking about british history and potential son-in-laws
1973. payment portholes. lol!
1974. dad grilling at BD’s, kind people who give, friendly businessowners in hamburg, and eating for a good cause

1975. precious thank you cards (“it has flown by, like geese”) hahaha!
1976. ohhh june!
1977. parkette with kerry. yum!

1978. a clean, hilarious movie i wouldn’t mind seeing again
1979. awkward employee text #1. clogged commode.
1980. sweatshirts over sweaters. brr.
1981. my trinidadian editor
1982. lock & key chicken salad
1983. God giving me wisdom to figure out a necessary new skill
1984. two good movies with mom and shanna
1985. God placing sweet friends in my path unexpectedly. it never gets old!
1986. lemon muffins from helen
1987. {job 37:14}
1988. being born and being alive. (1988 is my birth year)
1989. a sermon to put me in my place and make Jesus bigger in my eyes
1990. lunch, errands, and starbucks with my ate
1991. hydrangeas

Since reading One Thousand Gifts, I started my own journal of grace-gifts God blesses me with every day. I will spare listing all of them here, but I will try to share some of my favorites every Monday. 


5 thoughts on “one thousand gifts {#1947-1991}

      • Thanks Sarah,
        Her book has changed all our lives as well. One woman probably has a book in her about her experience of almost dying after we studied the book and how Jesus cared for her, brought her wonderful spiritual gifts and has totally changed her view of God.

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