one thousand gifts {#1992-2038}

“I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.”

{John 10:10} 

Life is a gift.
Life with Christ inside you
is an eternal gift.
Life spent savoring the evidences of God’s love
is life to the full. 

I’m blessed to have a full life–it is full not because it is filled with wonderful people, delicious food, breathtaking sunsets, and fun outings–yes, those things fill up my life. But all of those things are empty without Christ presiding over them. A verse that caught my attention this weekend was the very last verse in Job…

“And Job died, an old man, and full of days.”
{Job 42:17}

 I can live to be old, but age is not what makes you “full of days.”
Christ in us is what makes our days full. That’s why He lived. That’s why He died. That’s why He rose again.

May your week be filled with the fullness that comes from life in Christ!

{P.S.- Gifts 2001-2013 were provoked by how God was working in my life during those years of my life.}

1992. multi-tasking
1993. sprinkles during outings just heavy enough to break out the umbrella
1994. lunch with the ‘rents at ramseys
1995. initiative
1996. kerry seeing “lions” in nicholasville. it was a cow.
1997. a hug
1998. chats with sue-sue…about asparagus.
1999. He won’t withhold ANY good thing!
2000. grace to keep seeing so much grace. His love is so very evident when you start to look at life from His perspective.
2001. the year of the rebecca st. james teen girl devotional. thankful for older girls who are faithful to teach the younger in word & deed. and by example. (pretty sure it’s out of print.)
2002. the year i was introduced to marching band. how different my life would be without it.
2003. the year i started become a leader in my own kind of quiet way.
2004. the year bombarded with trial, but also drenched with proof that His grace is sufficient.
2005. the year i learned the importance of telling someone how you really feel & what a difference they’ve made in your life (done best in my case via letter. haha!)
2006. the year i graduated high school, left LCA “bubble world,” and started college
2007. the year filled with heartache, but also much love.
2008. the year God set me on fire for His Word and His glory, preparing me for a mid-year diagnosis of Type I diabetes
2009. the year where i started really figuring out who i was
2010. the year i graduated from college and wondered–now what?
2011. the year God stripped me of lots of pride and made me see His bigger purpose in ordinary life, becoming confident of who i am in Christ despite how i am perceived by worldly measures of success
2012. the now
2013. hope for the future ♥
2014. breakfast & bapticostal jokes with ashley. “you’re predestined to speak in tongues at a potluck.” lol!
2015. cynthiana sunsets & late starry night drives with the top down stopped by state troopers after a mcdonald’s run. and vance children giggles from the backseat. so sweet!
2016. a sweet thank you
2017. a relatively uneventful day
2018. grace to stay awake
2019. lobster. especially baby ones.
2020. krispy kreme & cards with kristen

Yes, I’m diabetic. Yes, I had a Krispy Kreme donut. Yes, I covered it with insulin. Yes, my sugar was fantastic afterwards. No, I don’t eat one every day. Thank you.

2021. ♪ let my life be the proof of Your love ♪ {listen}
2022. shenanigans
2023. dad bringing me starbucks just because

2024. 11 missed calls
2025. menchie’s drum circle with Kerry & mom…and late-night chats with Mrs. B

{Before I proceed, I must promote this drum circle thing. I showed up clueless as to what it was and stood against the wall for the longest time, but once I grabbed a güiro, I had a lot of fun! Top it off with some froyo and it was a lovely evening! You can view a video of this event here. Please pay no attention to the girl awkwardly trading instruments with her mother.}
2026. sleeping in & working in my pj’s
2027. coffeetimes with ellen! iced hazelnucinno. mm. ♥

2028. “man shall not live by blueberries alone.” -EFV
2029. kind waiter: “what are you celebrating? anything special?” me: “life is always worth celebrating.”
2030. wisdom.
2031. geeking out when the DCI promo came on at the movies
2032. life to the full. {job 42:17 ~ john 10:10}
2033. Gospel = grace ♥
2034. raining money at chop house
2035. getting grand night tix at the student price
2036. opera in general. ahhhh.
2037. celebrating ate’s birthday. mihal kita. ♥

2038. deciphering that granny wanted a kiss on the cheek. ♥

Since reading One Thousand Gifts, I started my own journal of grace-gifts God blesses me with every day. I will spare listing all of them here, but I will try to share some of my favorites every Monday. 


3 thoughts on “one thousand gifts {#1992-2038}

  1. found your list from Multitudes on Mondays! It is amazing to see how God uses all things in our lives (just wish I could remember that alot more often!!)
    fun to see your list!

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