In the Throne Room: The God of Holiness & Hope {TGCW12-John Piper}

“In the Throne Room: The God of Holiness & Hope” | Isaiah 6
The Gospel Coalition Women’s Conference 2012
Session #3 | John Piper

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Seven Glimpses of God in vs. 1-4:
1) God is alive.
-The king is dead, but God lives.
-He will be the living God 10 trillion ages from now when puny potshots against him sink to oblivion like BB’s in the ocean.

2) God is authoritative.
-He is sitting with complete composure and on a throne.
-The throne signifies His right to rule.
-You don’t give Him authority. He has it.

3) God is omnipotent.
-He is “high and lifted up.” (Isaiah 46:10; Daniel 4:35)

4) God is resplendent.
-“His train filled the temple.” He is lavish in His beauty and splendor.

5) God is revered. (vs. 2)
-Even these magnificent creatures can’t look at God. (“Blue angel seraphim! :))
-He will ALWAYS be fittingly revered.

6) God is holy (vs. 3)
-God is God.  His Godness makes Him holy. Holy=to cut or separate; not part of the common, profane, or impure; separated unto God.
-Holy things aren’t just separated from something, but devoted to something.
-Holiness is His unique, in-a-class by Himself, pure essence that gives Him infinite value. Since there is nothing like Him, it makes Him more valuable.  God is infinitely valuable. All other beings have value only in proportion to the reflection of His value. Every value in the world has value in proportion to its relation to the unique value of God. 

7) God is glorious. 
-God’s glory is His holiness on display. God’s glory is His holiness gone public.
-The glory of God is the radiance of His holiness. (Leviticus 10:3)

What does all of that have to do with Jesus Christ?
In John 12, this majestic vision becomes sweet. At the end of chapter 12 when Jesus ends His public ministry, John asks why they haven’t believed.  Jesus is the fulfillment of this majestic vision in Isaiah 6 and the suffering Servant in Isaiah 53. So why didn’t they want these things? They loved the glory of man more than the glory of God. (John 5:43)

God isn’t done with Israel or the nations. (Romans 11:25-33) Oh, the depth of the riches and wisdom and knowledge of God!

Majesty mingled with misery in mercy. 

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