On Another Mountain: The God Who Points to His Son {TGCW12-Nancy Leigh DeMoss}

“On Another Mountain: The God Who Points to His Son” | Matthew 17:1-15
The Gospel Coalition Women’s Conference 2012
Session #6 | Nancy Leigh DeMoss

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{Sound theology should always lead us to doxology and transformation.}

The context:
ch. 16:13- Jesus is wanted His disciples to see who He is. Peter gets it (vs. 16). A pivotal point in the Gospels comes in vs. 21 (turns to the cross). Humiliation > Exaltation / Suffering > Glory
vs. 22- Peter wants a crown without a cross. In the mystery of God, death brings life.
vs. 24-26- Cost of Discipleship vs. 27- followed by glory
vs. 28- Glimpse/Preview of this in ch. 17

Chapter 17- Shows His glory. This whole experience was a confirmation of what Peter had confessed in chapter 16.
Blazing, blinding light from Jesus…a manifestation of His glory from within. His glory was made visible to human eyes. The fullness of God shone through His humanity (2 Corinthians 4). This was something that Peter and John remembered (“We were eyewitnesses to His majesty.” 2 Peter / “We have seen His glory.” John 1)

Moses and Elijah represented the Law & the Prophets. Spoke of Christ’s death: His “exodus.” The exodus through which God would bring deliverance. All of this discussion points us to the cross.

Luke 9- The disciples slept through it.

Yes, it was good for them to be there as Peter said, but they weren’t intended to stay there…yet. (vs. 4)

The Father interrupts Peter to let him know that Elijah, Christ, and Moses were not equals. Listen to HIM. (Power of God’s Word? They fell on their faces when He spoke).

-Jesus coming down from the mountain shows His submission to the Father. He chose to go back down the mountain to go to the cross.

1) For those who are in Christ, His transfiguration points to our transformation. (2 Corinthians 5:17; Romans 12: 2; 2 Corinthians 3)
Transfiguration happened as Christ prayed. Gaze upon His beauty. If you want to be like Jesus, we have to behold Him. There are no shortcuts. We won’t be transformed by Keller, Carson, or Piper, but by Christ. Read HIS Word.  (Philippians 3:20-21 = future transfiguration/transformation; Proverbs 4:18; Daniel 12:3; Judges 5:31 = His glory shining through us.)

2) Gives us a perspective, context, and hope for our lives as we live–not on the mountain–but in the valley down below.
Sufferings precede glory. (2 Corinthians 4)

Jesus came down to the crowd. To messy situations. He goes with them down from the mountain into the valley. We are meant to see the circumstances down in the valley in light of the glory seen on the mountain. (vs. 14)

{Be sure to read the introductory post to my TGCW12 reviews.}

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