On the Mountain: The Terrifying & Beckoning God {TGCW12-Tim Keller}

“On the Mountain: The Terrifying & Beckoning God” | Exodus 19:1-25
The Gospel Coalition Women’s Conference 2012
Session #1 | Tim Keller

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The History & Order of Grace (vs. 1-8)
The HISTORY of Grace
vs. 1-2- God took them farther from the Promised Land than Egypt was and to a place that was far worse than Egypt was…and that’s where He met them. Give yourself to Him and things will get worse (examples: Joseph and Elisha, the cross). They got to the Promised Land by way of the desert. The way to the resurrection is through the cross.

“Everything is needful that He sends.
Nothing can be needful that He withholds.”
{John Newton}

The ORDER of Grace:
vs. 4-6- Saving acts of God > Response of Obedience> Blessing of Obedience.
-Grace > Obedience > Blessing. It must always be in that order. It’s never “obedience > blessing > grace.”
-He doesn’t give them the law first and then save them. He saves them. (vs. 4– “I bore you on eagles’ wings and brought you to Myself.” On eagles’ wings is by sheer grace!
-Then He tells them, “Live this way because I saved you.” I’m accepted, therefore I obey. Their obedience is motivated by love and gratitude. Obedience out of fear is obedience to get things…”if I obey, God will accept me.”

Blessings: The blessings are there!
-You’ll be His treasure. Treasure was considered the personal wealth of an ancient king. If you fall in love with someone, you try to figure out what he likes in order to delight him. You obey to treasure your treasure.
-You’ll be a holy nation. Separate. Distinct. You’ll think of yourself less.
-You’ll be a kingdom of priests. Priests bring people from outside into access with God inside.
Obey to know Him, love Him, serve, and display Him.

Mt. Sinai was God’s chosen ziggurat. All religions in that time used ziggurats to try to climb up to God. On this ziggurat, God came down to find us! ♪My Lord, I did not choose You, For that could never be; My heart would still refuse You, Had You not chosen me. ♪

The Terrifying & Beckoning God (vs. 9-20)
-Fire, darkness, gloom, storms, trumpet, voice, death if you touched the mountain. God is not a warm fuzzy. (Hebrews 12:18-21)
-Why is God so terrifying?
-We are in such deep denial about how bad we are. We need to experience a “self-quake.” We would fall apart at a glimpse of Him.
-How can this terrifying God be a beckoning God?
-He is in a cloud because of love, shrouding His glory. He still wants us even though we’re sinners. So how can He be both? Through a Mediator.

The Going Down of Moses (vs. 21-25)
Moses is the mediator–the go-between. He kept the people from being killed by God (Hebrews 12:22-24). Christ was the ultimate mediator. His blood cries out grace. (Matthew 27:47, 50-51). Now we don’t even need the cloud. The holiness of God comes to us and we become the temple.

Because He was shaken, we can live unshakable lives!

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