Preserving the Gospel {TGCW12-D.A. Carson}

“Preserving the Gospel” | 2 Timothy 1:1-2:2
The Gospel Coalition Women’s Conference 2012
Pre-Conference Session #2 | D.A.
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What is the Gospel?
-Something you proclaim; dramatic news
-The content? What God has done through Jesus Christ to save us. (At the heart of the news is Christ’s death and resurrection on our behalf.) It’s not about “what we should do” but what God has done through Christ Jesus.
-It stamps everything and is at the core of all our being.

So how do we preserve this Gospel?

1) Fan into flame what you received (vs. 3-7)
-faith worked out in observable ways.
-The Gospel makes people different. Character changes.
-The heritage is passed on and can be seen in Timothy’s life.
-The Gospel often becomes something merely assumed. Fan into flame the heritage of the Gospel. What is at the center of your life is what you pass on to others. The Gospel can be denied by simply overlooking it.
-The motivating power of the Gospel is the Spirit. (vs. 7)

2)Maintain a clear grasp of the value of the Gospel (vs. 8-11)
-We know these things but have to keep reminding ourselves of their importance.
-It was all secured by someone else!

3) Maintain a willingness to suffer for the Gospel (vs. 8; 2:8)
-It’s a gracious gift. (Philippians 1:29; 3:10)
-Rejoice in suffering. (Acts 5:41)
-Disgrace for the sake of His Name is a privilege.
-Don’t be ashamed of the Gospel.

4) Maintain the mandate to guard the Gospel (vs. 13-14)
-Pattern of sound teaching…how the Bible actually fits together…with faith & love in Christ Jesus.

5) Distinguish the betrayers and supporters of the Gospel (vs. 15-18)
-If you’re going to preserve the Gospel, you must link with those who are Gospel-born and Gospel-driven.

6) Passing on the Gospel (vs. 1-2)
-Evangelize. Don’t merely defend the Gospel, pass it on.
-You guard the Gospel by giving it away. (2 Peter 1:15)

Preserve the Gospel by articulating it, defending it, being passionate about it, discerning who’s for it, and passing it on.

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