Through the Open Door: The Transcendent & Redeeming God {TGCW12-Kathleen Nielson}

“Through the Open Door: The Transcendent & Redeeming God” | Revelation 4-5
The Gospel Coalition Women’s Conference 2012
Session #7 | Kathleen Nielson

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Revelation lights up our way to the end.
Chapter 4 sets the stage where God is on the throne. Chapter 5 unpacks the drama where Christ the Lamb comes to the throne. The Creator, Redeemer God reigns and there’s only one response: to worship Him.

Chapter Four
-at the end of the Bible; consummation
-in the midst of persecution under 1st century Roman emperors
-Purpose: Encourage God’s people to persevere with faith to the end
-Personally: Linked in to a blessed chain of recipients (ch. 1:1-2); Revelation of Jesus is passed on. Jesus is the subject, receiver, and revealer. (God>Christ>Angel>John>Servants>US) Seven is the number of perfection and completeness
-in Heaven (vs. 1)

What? (interprets the Who)
-the throne: symbolizes the sovereign rule of God. Everything exists in relation to it.
Six layers around the throne:
1) Layer of reflective beauty in stones (vs. 3); no light of their own
2) 24 thrones and elders in white with golden crowns (vs. 4)
3) Lightning and thunder from the throne (vs. 5)
4) Seven torches of fire (vs. 5)
5) Sea of glass like crystal (vs. 6)
6) Four living creatures (vs. 6-11)

-The holy, holy, holy Lord God Almighty (vs. 8). Reflective of His eternal nature. He has eternal life within Himself. Everything else that lives only has life derived from Him.



Chapter 5: The drama that allows us to participate in the worship of Heaven
-Same place. At the throne.

-Scroll with 7 seals…perfectly shut (vs. 1). This scroll symbolizes God’s decrees for human history. If you reveal the plans inside, you must have the authority to bring them to pass.
-Crisis: Who’ll open it? (vs. 2) No one (vs. 3).

-Lion of the Tribe of Judah (Genesis 12:49; Isaiah 11:10)…the Eternal King of Heaven
-The Lion is the Lamb. Everything is dependent on the death of the Lamb. The Gospel is the message of the cross.
-Songs of praise for the One who opened it! (vs. 9)

-Now. Between Christ’s first coming and when He comes again.

-Worship, but with the full drama of redemption unfolded, we get to be part of the scene. (Exodus 19:4-5) A universe-wide song. LOUD!
Worship is what we were created for. We don’t make worship happen. We either join it or we don’t.

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