Feta, Fresh Corn, & Blueberry Salad…Say What? Say Yum! {Recipe}

Feta, Fresh Corn, & Blueberry Salad
adapted from “The Pioneer Woman

Don’t knock it ’til you try it folks. It is AMAZING. Summer in a bowl. Perfect textures. Perfect colors. Perfect flavors. Yum!

3 stalks celery, finely diced
2 ears fresh corn or 1 can kroger white shoepeg corn, drained
¼ whole medium red onion, finely diced
1½ C. blueberries
3 T. fresh dill, minced
4 T. mayonnaise
4 T. sour cream
¼ C. half and half
1 whole lemon
1 tsp. sugar
Salt & Pepper, to taste
¾ C. crumbled feta

Shave kernels off each corn cob (or drain can of corn and put in bowl). Combine with the onion and celery. Set aside.

Mix together mayonnaise, sour cream, feta, and half-&-half. Stir in sugar, squeeze in lemon juice, and add salt, pepper, and dill. Stir, then taste. Add more salt if necessary.

Pour half the dressing over ingredients and toss gently. Add more as desired, but don’t overcoat the salad; should be light.

At the end, toss in the blueberries to lightly coat them in the dressing. Serve, then sprinkle individual helpings with feta.

Serves 12 ?! No. I’m sorry. I’m pretty sure this served 4 because it was so delicious.


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