one thousand gifts {#2039-2156}

“Oh give thanks to the Lord, for He is good;
for His steadfast love endures forever!”

{Psalm 118:1} 

It’s been several weeks since I posted my One Thousand Gifts list. I’ve been too busy savoring each good gift to post about them. My grandparents came up for a week and then I went to Orlando right after they left for The Gospel Coalition’s Women’s Conference. (It has been a long time since I have actually felt rested after a night’s sleep, and that finally happened after the first night I was in Florida. This is perhaps one of the most wonderful gifts on this list!)

The thousands of ways God shows His love to me continues to blow me away.
He is good. He is good. And His love endures. Forever.

2039. showers reminding of 7 years
2040. a good pen…let it shine!
2041. reading and writing all day and starting to understand
2042. old men at mcdonald’s asking for extra crispy fries and holding the door saying, “and you don’t even have to tip me.”
2043. surprising friends with a going-away potluck
2044. laughs along with sadie. God is sovereign…true.
2045. apparently i look the same in real life as i do in my facebook profile picture. good to know. haha!
2046. hearing of others starting their own gifts list
2047. phantom regiment blaring with windows down and a man jogging to the beat
2048. anticipation
2049. klutziness: dropped sandwiches and diet coke
2050. hugging my beautiful mema ♥
2051. hugging my papa’s sweet, sweaty neck
2052. Bible study with some precious ladies
2053. that professional and spiritual development is encouraged where i work
2054. praying for friends. letting go.
2055. rejoicing in good news about harry with the church fam!
2056. home for lunch ♥
2057. riding in the backseat with my papa
2058. {habakkuk 3:17-20}
2059. hersh getting his visa
2060. macbee peaches for breakfast!
2061. watching God provide during the bob brown board meeting. oh hamburger. 🙂
2062. a “stink bug” hehe!
2063. super kind-hearted mr. b donating menchie’s for saturday’s bob brown concert {ephesians 3:20-21}
2064. mema fixing me lunch
2065. wooosh
2066. the waltons & relient k {ben walton looks like matt thiessen if you’ve never noticed}

2067. friendly menchie’s people
2068. grand night with mom & mema

2069. eating breakfast with my mema
2070. watching my two favorite men work

2071. menchie’s selling well at bob brown

2072. mariachi bands & cloggers–my ears had quite the treat
2073. discussing our last name over dinner
2074. meeting an acquaintance
2075. hearing my mema tell how she & papa came to know the Lord on the same night. precious. ♥
2076. hearing the Gospel CLEARLY proclaimed
2077. rescued
2078. mema’s squash perfectly squished

2079. hearing the adorably hilarious story of how my grandparents met over “sun-dee” dinner
2080. an elbow to the head and poke to the side

2081. papa preaching on prayer.
2082. a pregnant nikki hug
2083. singing “i hear the words of love” over and over in the office. so quiet.
2084. squishing around the kitchen table for lunch. ♥
2085. ♪ let’s call the whole thing off ♪ ha!
2086. new amazing pens. sharpie retractables.
2087. hand hugs making everything better 🙂
2088. eating breakfast with my papa
2089. lunch around the family table
2090. krispy kreme with kristen after work
2091. picking up my ate and taking her home
2092. plate tacos and serving them
2093. hearing what God is teaching my fellow sisters in Christ and stepping OUT of my comfort zone to share what He’s teaching me

2094. my papa fixed my bedroom light to where it turns on and off by my bed. love that talented man! no more pulling out my dresser!!!!
2095. cleaning out lettuce and other nasties from the sink
2096. a kiss on the head from my mema ♥
2097. {philippians 1:6}
2098. life advice at the breakfast table from my mema
2099. hugs & love & see-you-laters

2100. caramel starbucks coffee brewing in the office coffeepot
2101. designing a graphic
2102. fitting it all in
2103. being greeted by name at the bank
2104. a boss who promotes both professional AND spiritual development
2105. being tested for explosives, but a relatively easy security check
2106. alltech angus
2107. pretzels & a coke at 29,000 feet

2108. meeting sisters from maryland
2109. a cranky taxi driver: “do you need me to speak spanish or something?”
2110. red lobster. popcorn shrimp.
2111. a flooding ice machine room, $3 drinks, and a sister joking she’d already blown her budget and she’ll have to tell her husband, “i just HAD to have that diet coke with my pizza.”
2112. finally feeling rested and breakfast in bed
2113. lunch poolside and kind people ready to serve

2114. “You preserve the Gospel by giving it away.” –DA Carson
2115. “The devil can gum you, but his fangs are gone.” –John Piper
2116. the lollipop of the Gospel
2117. He saves us “on eagle’s wings” –by sheer grace {exodus 19}
2118. glimpsing the majesty mingled with misery in mercy {isaiah 6}
2119. hearing how the Gospel has gone forth in dubai and longing to have beautiful feet where i’m planted
2120. “If you want to be like Jesus, you have to behold Him.” –Nancy Leigh DeMoss
2121. seeing the beauty of God in revelation 4, 5, 21,  & 22, and anticipating seeing Him face-to-face
2122. phase 10 in the hotel next to rain-washed windows
2123. vic firth percussive pepper mills

2124. hanging out with debby and jim cantoresque palm trees poolside

2125. finishing “just do something
2126. a most hideous salad
2127. relaxing
2128. a kind haitian taxi driver
2129. getting swabbed for explosives behind a lady holding a chihuahua
2130. getting some starjazz for the…sky!
2131. kid behind me on the plane saying, “hey! there’s the ocean!” as we made our descent into lexington
2132. mexican for lunch with the fam
2133. reflecting
2134. “it looks like a girl uses this bathroom”
2135. random texts from friends to brighten my day
2136. 205 letters and only one papercut
2137. the privilege of carrying everything to God in prayer
2138. listening to an evangelistic challenging piper message by the pool {colossians 2:4-6}

2139. a healthy tilapia dinner, low blood sugar, and menchie’s
2140. a surprise crepe for lunch and fruit!
2141. “i’m sorry you had to sit on a train”
2142. evening swim, finishing “not a fan” and a low.
2143. new salad. blueberry, corn, & feta. yum!
2144. a confused man looking for architects
2145. a funny mailman
2146. customers who talk like johnny cash
2147. vic firth peppermills at work. three of my worlds colliding.
2148. fun dinner conversation turned into a theological discussion
2149. uno & phase 10 with kerry. creamed at menchie’s. 

2150. putting out wildfires at stoplights on man-o-war
2151. saul good, menchie’s, and watching “brave” with shanna. love that animated curly red hair.
2152. i love lucy marathons
2153. that God uses nobodies
2154. spicy pepper parks beef
2155. crispix on hashbrown casserole. wow!
2156. listening to a piper sermon on being “pure in heart” in the pool (and ziploc bags to keep my phone dry. awesome.)

Since reading One Thousand Gifts, I started my own journal of grace-gifts God blesses me with every day. I will spare listing all of them here, but I will try to share some of my favorites every Monday. 


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