one thousand gifts {#2381-2414}

“But we are not of those who shrink back and are destroyed, but of those who have faith and preserve their souls.”

{Hebrews 10:39} 

My faith is strengthened when I look at His faithfulness. And His faithfulness is ALWAYS seen when I count His countless gifts.

2381. one year of counting the graces and still enamored by His glory and goodness

2382. a new, curt endocrinologist whose sharp comments actually proved motivating
2383. a timely chapter on holiness of the body (ch. 11 in jerry bridges’ “pursuit of holiness“)
2384. His strength working in me {philippians 4:13}
2385. pep in step from good news! growing!
2386. trial and error. patience and guidance. humbled.
2387. ramsey’s for lunch with shanna. mid-day refreshment!
2388. sweatshirt weather!
2389. quiet morning hours progressively stirring with hustle and bustle
2390. echoes of mercy. whispers of love.
2391. marking time…
2392. memories of 6th grade garbage can lids
2393. quick dinner with a dozen disciples and chatty, running kiddos

I ate some Chick-Fil-A quickly in a Sunday School room between rehearsal and church.

2394. appreciation of the Lord’s Supper and all it stands for
2395. rich, deep tones on marimba
2396. compliments
2397. rolling out of bed before the alarm
2398. slicks finally coming in!
2399. cheerful, chatty workplaces
2400. maddie going home!!!!
2401. a strangely cheerful morning mood
2402. lunch at the giftbox with erin–and birthday conversation! haha!
2403. chatting with mama neal
2404. dinner, errands, and seeing kerry’s dorm
2405. free drink at sonic to redeem the pepsi gone wrong
2406. freshly brushed teeth
2407. a lovely morning blood sugar
2408. creamy jalapeno dressing from chuy’s
2409. claudia sanders dinner house for shanna’s bday–the scenic route. 8 sides. an adorable trainer/trainee team. “she’s jokin me.” “you know those come with refills, right?”
2410. a lovely view of the capitol

2411. lunch with sushilla and learning more about her culture
2412. playing the piano as faithful saints at the nursing home sang of Heaven
2413. {1 peter 1}
2414. peace with others because of peace in Christ

“To see the glory, name the graces.”

Since reading One Thousand Gifts, I started my own journal of grace-gifts God blesses me with every day. I will spare listing all of them here, but I will try to share some of my favorites every Monday. 


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