“Wooooah, Nellie” …on naming your car

“Woooooah, Nellie.” I heard that phrase a lot when I was a little girl. Nellie was the name of my grandmother’s gigantic old avocado green station wagon she’d had as long as I could remember (and waaaay before then as well). I always thought that when I grew up, all my cars would have names.

That’s a lot of pressure, folks.

The closest I’ve ever come to naming my current car is calling it the “TearsMobile.” It received this name from my friend Kerry for two reasons:
1) Most of my best laughs happen in my car–with passengers, of course. (And anyone who knows me well knows that I nearly always cry when I laugh.)

One of thousands of examples of the insane amount of laughter (and, consequently, tears) that takes place in the TearsMobile.

2)People frequently spill their hearts in my car–and sometimes it comes out of their eyeballs. I’m not even kidding when I say my car can often be like Lucy’s psychiatric booth.

Say goodbye to the stiff upper lip.

However, the other day my curiosity about the meaning of my car’s official name (Hyundai Elantra) was piqued. After much googling research, I discovered that the name Elantra was taken from the Latin word elationem, which means “to elevate.” It’s also similar to the word elatus, which means “lifting spirits.” I was stunned!

Sweet passengers who always lift me up!

My automobile has carried countless friends, babies, foreigners, coworkers, brothers & sisters, moms & dads, grandparents, cousins, students, you name it–and I know that my spirits and countenance have been lifted by each of them. It is my prayer that my little Elantra will be a Barnabas–an encourager–one who lifts the spirits of all those who ride within. So please, if you ever need a ride, I would be elated to give you one. When you sit in the passenger seat of the TearsMobile, please feel free to take a complimentary tissue and say goodbye to the stiff upper lip. Woooooah, Nellie.

The passenger who has seen the most tears in the TearsMobile, Miss Kerry Lynn. Please note the second picture on the left–the seasonal changing of the air freshener.

You will never go thirsty in the TearsMobile.             (The picture on the right is Erin holding one of the 20-something cups of hot chocolate carefully transported to a chilly marching band rehearsal in the TearsMobile.)


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