one thousand gifts {#2442-2545}

♪ Keep our eyes wide open
Love is kind and love is daring everything we need to keep our eyes
Help us to believe
{from Jars of Clay’s “Eyes Wide Open} 

One of my favorite albums to listen to in the fall is Jars of Clay’s “The Shelter.” I’ve prayed the above lyrics more times than I can count during this month: for God to keep my eyes spiritually wide open…and physically as well.

I’ve been blessed with a very full three weeks–so blessed, in fact, that I haven’t had time to post God’s greatest love-gifts to me. After a year of counting all the little (and big!) ways He blesses me each day, I’m beginning to realize (if you haven’t noticed) that my most favorite times include reveling in Scripture, good music, and sharing good food with good friends–especially around our family table. 

These past few weeks have been full of much of those wonderful things! My aunt and uncle came for a visit one weekend and the following week, my very dear friends from Trinidad came into town. And I’ve also been able to enjoy several concerts and competitions (everything from The Lexington Philharmonic to Festival Latino, Southern Gospel singin’s, and band competitions). My house has been full, my ears have been full, our stomachs have been full, the sink has been full, and therefore, my heart has been full! 


2442. bank holidays
2443. iced black tea with a hint of constant comment
2444. seeing coach cal and ellen in my kroger by the deli as i was getting brownies. ironic.
2445. being productive at 3 jobs by 10:00 a.m.
2446. hurry-up-and-waiting
2447. loaded baked potato soup shared with sisters
2448. established by God…unmoveable
2449. laughs with the Stantons
2450. doing way more in an hour lunch break than i ever thought i could!
2451. laughs over “jerry” (JRE)
2452. a supportive new administrator–providential for sure
2453. getting absolutely drenched–and the kind culver’s gentleman going to exchange my drink

2454. reminder that wonder brings worship!
2455. loved by the King! forever.
2456. celebrating kerry’s birthday. geese!

2457. being chosen!
2458. being consciously reminded that God was in control of my very up-in-the-air day
2459. clarification
2460. “call me maybe” jokes from all sides
2461. scheherazade
2462. spending the evening with kerry, peter, jenny, courtney, and others. so much joy!
2463. sleeping in the latest i have in for-ev-er
2464. a new scarf and perfect weather for it
2465. band competition at bourbon solely as a spectator

The only picture I got from Bourbon’s Competition, courtesy of my jazzy friend Will. Always love his hilarious comments during shows.

2466. smiling former parents
2467. lafayette jazz. aaah!
2468. sweatshirt, scarves, coffee. driving home from a band competition by myself for the first time EVER after 10 years
2469. singing, lunch, dodging deer, and hugs from uncle mike and auntie avis

2470. church tours from the preacher’s granddaughter and huge squeezes

2471. starry nights on one-lane roads
2472. the length of scheherazade perfectly timed for 88 envelopes
2473. leftovers and chats with aunt janna
2474. heart-to-hearts with Mrs. B. I LOVE her.
2475. “the key of ouch” -sadie
2476. getting chills as sadie played the most beautifully she has ever played
2477. remembering the importance of making the most of every opportunity
2478. being extremely busy
2479. getting to work for missionaries–what a privilege!
2480. aunt janna always being there. ❤
2481. anticipating my TriniDad’s arrival!
2482. hugging my TriniDad’s neck, meeting sweet Lisa, and laughing over Hershey quoting Psalm 46
2483. ramsey’s with dad, sugi, and lisa. “this country fried steak causes me to worrrrrrship.”
2484. long talks with people who care ♪
2485. gifts of the Spirit given to edify the body
2486. a hilarious ate
2487. sugi singing “the bubble song” at dinner. bubbles=effervescence or disease? hahaha!
2488. a surprise raise and kind words
2489. catch & release.
2490. trini accents ringing through my home
2491. meeting others who have a passion for the Gospel
2492. peace that comes in flexibility, knowing that God ordains your day
2493. a most delicious broccoli casserole enjoyed so very much by my TriniDad
2494. alessio bax. rachmaninoff. the end.
2495. the chill of fall–finally!
2496. a lovely breakfast with friends
2497. watching mom’s kids perform at festival latino and acting as her pit crew

2498. my first-ever pic with lisa

2499. “Jesus loves me, this I know. For this broccoli tells me so.” -who else, but Sugi
2500. a live sermon from my TriniDad. ah, the wonder of the incarnation
2501. sweet fellowship and yummy food over lunch
2502. forgiven much to forgive much
2503. erin grannysitting
2504. singing with charlie b
2505. 16 people at cracker barrel after church. love.
2506. explaining baseball to the trinis (melchizedek?)
2507. breakfast with sugi and lisa and one last hug to send them off

2508. raindrops
2509. hugs from kids
2510. unexpected laughs
2511. seeing peace in the faces of the Rogers/Gilbert families, knowing that Jacob is running around the heavenly throne
2512. hide-n-seek car searching with harka in beaumont
2513. an awning at work
2514. bella notte’s tomato chicken soup
2515. a praying sister
2516. kind words
2517. hurtful words
2518. aunt janna’s vegetable soup on a nice, crisp evening + nine bowls to wash
2519. that i have prayer as a potent weapon
2520. being able to work one-on-one with a couple of students and incorporating biblical principles 🙂
2521. even so, come Lord Jesus
2522. popcorn made by dad. mmm.
2523. “you’re so kind to me”
2524. chats with ethan
2525. witnessing to my hindu friend on the way home from church. oh for her eyes to be opened to truth!
2526. another new hat
2527. best office laugh to date (indian music + spanish prompts!)
2528. surprise paul and barb visit at lunch
2529. lovely sunsets and being proud of kristen at starbucks in gtown. ❤ pumpkin spice frapp light with light whip. wow!

2530. helping people
2531. being still and knowing that He is God
2532. nothingness
2533. finally feeling rested
2534. clinique bonus time=new fall lip gloss!
2535. dinner at the hub in danville with mom and shanna
2536. catching up with joe and winkie at boyle county
2537. a new jacket and scarf just in time for my favorite kind of weather!

2538. laughing with helen, amy, and hannah
2539. starry, late-night drives home
2540. sharing the Gospel using Narnia
2541. Christ-centered chats with hurting friends
2542. guest singers from corbin ministering in the midst of their suffering. “because He loved me!”
2543. drawing close to serve more
2544. letting brotherly love continue
2545. first chili of the season after church

“To see the glory, name the graces.”

Since reading One Thousand Gifts, I started my own journal of grace-gifts God blesses me with every day. I will spare listing all of them here, but I will try to share some of my favorites every Monday. 


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