Mercy, Peace, & Love {Jude 2}

Mercy, peace and love be yours in abundance.
{Jude 2}

My sweet 93 year-old grandmother went home to be with Jesus this past Tuesday. It has been an interesting wave of emotions, but if there are three words that can sum up what I have experienced in the past week, they would be “mercy, peace, and love.” God showed such mercy in taking her quickly. He has blanketed us with an indescribable peace. And He has shown us His love in countless ways, mainly through His people. (I can’t thank you all enough for the kind words, hugs, cards, food, phone calls, hauling garbage, moving furniture, cleaning, flowers, blankets, windchimes, kisses, and so much more. It’s absolutely overwhelming.)

Many of you know that my family moved in to care for her six years ago (you can read a little more about that in this post) so we are all feeling a huge void, yet there is also an incredible sense of freedom because we have been confined for so long.

There are way too many thoughts for me to sift through right now, so I will close by simply sharing with you a prayer of thanksgiving I wrote out on Tuesday night.

Where do I even start?! You have been exceedingly merciful. I’ve never had the grace to face this day because I’ve never had to face it before. But since I’ve had to face it, You’ve given such grace and lavished my family and I with such mercy. 

Thank You for taking Granny so peacefully and quickly while I wasn’t home. You are so merciful and so good to answer all our prayers. 

I thank You for blessing me with a grandmother who loved You and served You faithfully for so many years. Even after she was bedbound, You gave her purpose. She was a blessing to so many who came to her home–even at the last when they were coming to take care of her instead of the other way around. 

Her love for You was most evident in the way she showed hospitality and cared for others. Everyone always knew they could come to Aunt Shug’s for a bite to eat or to stay the night or to drop off their kid for an afternoon. I thank You so much for passing that love down to me. I pray that I may continue to carry on her legacy of hospitality and kindness–caring for others and ultimately pointing them to You–even if in the smallest of ways. 

Thank You for her quick wit and unprecedented sense of humor. And her giggle–oh, her giggle. And her smile that could just light up not just a room, but the whole house. 

Thank You for letting her remember who she was in You and because of You up to the very end. Though she may have forgotten everyone and everything else, she never forgot You. She could always sing of Your faithfulness and quote Your comforting Word. 

Thank You for giving me the privilege of taking care of her. Though it wasn’t always easy or my favorite thing to do, I learned SO much through it all that I wouldn’t trade for anything in all the world. 

Most of all, thank You for the hope that we have because of what You secured on Calvary. The peace that comes from knowing You are sovereign and knowing where she is–it truly is indescribable. 

May I never forget Your faithfulness to me and may I always look back fondly on the times and countless memories You gave me with my sweet grandmother. 

Giving thanks to You for You are good, for Your steadfast love and abundant mercy endure forever. 

Thank You for holding my heart in Your hands. 

{Psalm 46:1 ~ Isaiah 40:28-31}

Because I knooooow He holds the future…and life is worth the living just because He lives.


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