one thousand gifts {2676-2708}

“He will guard the feet of His faithful ones.”
{1 Samuel 2:9}

 “The Lord is in control of your schedule and He can change it whenever He wants. When you realize that, you won’t get frustrated and angry.”

Those were the words my dad opened his sermon with this morning. I had to chuckle a little bit, considering what I experienced yesterday. You see, yesterday was the day of state marching band finals in Bowling Green. Considering it normally takes two-and-a-half hours to get there, we left at 2:00. (In theory, this plan gave us way more than enough time to grab a bite to eat and head to the stadium, especially considering we gained an hour going.) 

However, God had a different plan. He chose to bring traffic on I-65 to a complete standstill because of a chemical spill. Seven hours later, we arrived at our destination. 

But He guarded our feet the whole way! We arrived safely, we had plenty of gas the whole time, we stopped at just the right time for a bathroom break and dinner, and we even made it in time to see 3A take the field. 

I don’t know God’s purpose in having us sit on the Interstate/US-31 for seven hours, but I do know that He works every single detail of my life together for my good and His glory. 

So if you feel stuck, be patient and serve where God has planted you. Do what you can where you are with what you have. 

Don’t forget Who’s on the throne. He’s working it all together for your good.

2676. roasted turkey cranberry panini from panera–autumn happiness explosion
2677. fake filing fortune cookies 🙂
2678. taking on two more jobs. *sigh*
2679. “oh look! something playable.” -sadie sue
2680. doing just about everything possible to do at just about all of my jobs
2681. being a listening ear
2682. soup & scripture. His promises are TRUE!
2683. a call from an old friend
2684. answering the phone. my goodness.
2685. a bubbly waitress
2686. God’s comfort=empowering us with strength! {isaiah 40:1}
2687. God working it out way better than me
2688. the honor of playing at a funeral
2689. fall leaves dancing to the ground
2690. more funeral home fellowship = hugs = love (oh…and getting a new name: phoebe)
2691. chinese with the fam…such odd music and flavors
2692. God blowing me away!!!!
2693. coldness arriving
2694. new fuzzy blankets

2695. prayers answered and exceeded
2696. eating bread at cane’s–redeemed.

2697. “false start on the percussion.” -frank
2698. starbucks on the way back to the ‘bury with kerry + sinatra on my ride home
2699. my back windshield resembling the solar system with glistening raindrops and silhouettes of trees and fences in the shadows
2700. inching our way to bowling green via US31 for state finals with the wades. wigwams, bubba bucks belly bustin’ bbq, kirk franklin, and so much more. Quotes of the night: “We might miss a couple of 1A bands. [half an hour later] We might make it for 2A. [a little while later] Well, at least we’ll get to see 3A. [one hour and two miles later] Good thing 5A starts at 10:00. [a few minutes later] Maybe we’ll get there for awards.” LOL! 😀 God is sovereign over all. We were blessed to arrive safely in time for 3A and to see Lafayette win! Yay!
2701. My favorites from finals: Madisonville playing “Fire of Eternal Glory,” John Hardin’s 42-person guard, Bourbon County’s hilarious show, Adair–fun and classy. AND…Lafayette. Wow! By far the best.

2702. never being able to outgive
2703. praying specifically
2704. feeling rested after only 3 hours of sleep!
2705. the wonderful grace of Jesus that has reached the most defiled…me!
2706. smiles and thank-yous from a broken girl
2707. hilarious parents

2708. shamgar–God uses the insignificant! {judges 3:31} listen to the sermon here

“To see the glory, name the graces.”

Since reading One Thousand Gifts, I started my own journal of grace-gifts God blesses me with every day. I will spare listing all of them here, but I will try to share some of my favorites every Monday. 


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