one thousand gifts {2894-2948}

“I don’t know if I will have the time to write anymore letters because I might be too busy trying to participate.”
{The Perks of Being a Wallflower}

Lately I’ve been busy participating in life, so I haven’t had much time to write about it. I’ve been working like a crazy lady and spending time catching up with friends and playing music during the rare off-hours. Through all the mundane tasks of ordinary life, God has continued to bless me with eyes to see evidences of His grace. It’s always there.

2894. a most hilarious misplaced insulin pump on my arm. doorframes are sooo not my friend.

OmniPod Arm
2895. coloring verses
2896. being recognized pleasantly at the fazoli’s drive-thru
2897. a full office that was bustling!
2898. hearing how God is working through friends to make much of His great Name!
2899. catching up and laughing with ashley!
2900. breath taken away by the power of the simplicity yet complexity of God’s Word
2901. one of my favorite lunches ever with erin–“don’t bless her heart!”
2902. people i presumed to be intimidating turning out to be friendly and funny
2903. Gospel chats with 4-year-old alex: “does that snowman sin?”
2904. sweet tags to make my morning
2905. sahara–bad garlic breath
2906. old pictures popping up on facebook
2907. an abundance of work
2908. chatty mc’chatchats
2909. eating the ugly frog first
2910. heart-to-hearts with kerry
2911. a cooled down laptop
2912. minions–hehe!
2913. my hope of glory
2914. laughs with new believers :o)
2915. harry’s with ate then worshipping with those who secured our freedom to worship at the thomson-hood veterans center
2916. “the caveman confrontation” {judges 15}
2917. vibes on the truck next to me–uncovered–in the rain.
2918. two mini mailmen helping a mundane task seem fun!

2919. using gifts that remind you of the giver.
2920. grace ❤
2921. alligator dynamics
2922. reminiscing and laughing with will and kristen at krispy kreme. so refreshing.
2923. seeing the real side of people–masks falling off and getting to love their beautiful, messy selves
2924. listening to hilarious customers who really just want someone to talk to. (“please, just have a seat on my virtual couch.”)
2925. sprite zero + peach. ahhhh.
2926. those percussion kids–they did it again.
2927. hugs from the blankenships. ❤
2928. friendly cashiers who SMILE! and hold doors.
2929. chats with steve the janitor and coach
2930. prayer at half court
2931. light-up table at mcdonald’s

Erin Light-Up McDonalds Table
2932. snow smacking me in the face
2933. a “happy i love you day eve” from ava
2934. brussel sprouts uncovered. mmm!
2935. the cashier knowing my order at mcdonald’s :o)
2936. {hard eucharisteo} the grace to say no.
2937. everlasting love & continued faithfulness

Jeremiah 31:3
2938. hot brown pasta, fountains, and cheesecake with the bob brown family
2939. deep chats about marriage with someone i never guessed to have a chat about that with
2940. baptizing lady fingers in coffee with kristen and laughing so much. (tiramisoup!)

Kristen Tiramisu
2941. steaks on the grill & dinner made by dad!
2942. long periods of praying for others
2943. beautifully animated stories
2944. working at my leisure in my pajamas
2945. “i can’t love the sin that killed the Lord whom i love.” -jason meyer
2946. homemade scones, devonshire cream, and lavender jam from helen
2947. my name is permanently written in heaven! {listen}
2948. a God-orchestrated dinner with the vances at chuy’s

“To see the glory, name the graces.”

Since reading One Thousand Gifts, I started my own journal of grace-gifts God blesses me with every day. I will spare listing all of them here, but I will try to share some of my favorites every Monday. 

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