Things People Search to Get Here

If I ever need a laugh, I go to the blogs I manage and look at the things people have searched to arrive there. It’s hilarious.

Crazy search terms people have used to get here include (but are certainly not limited to) the following:  

  • what to serve with tacos for dinner
  • trashy copier
  • can you make almond roca when its raining
  • changed an adult diaper
  • problems with church secretaries
  • punkyville
  • what can u give your guest at a funeral
  • grannyfresh
  • rain gentleman

And my all-time favorite: Does John Piper drink coffee?

I went through this routine last night and saw that someone had searched “recorder fingerings for wizard of oz. It killed me to think they left here frustrated and disappointed because I’m sure those were nowhere to be found on my blog and I wanted to fix that even though it might be too late.

So, ladies and gentlemen, I give you my probably not-so-helpful fingerings cheat sheet for the recorder part in the Wizard of Oz (specifically for the scarecrow).


Dear friend, you also get a bonus. Since you’re probably also playing flute and piccolo in this production, I’ll even share my chicken scratch alternate fingerings for the flute and piccolo parts.


Lastly, I have several more helpful goodies for you. It’s like you’ve been to MunchkinLand!

The method that probably helps me most when practicing is listening to the piece. YouTube is full of horrible Wizard of Oz school musical recordings that have hacked up the parts and ruined it, but since it’s a Monday and I’m feeling extra generous, I’m including the three recordings I found most helpful below.

The Jitterbug

 Apple Throwing & The Tinman
After you practice your scarecrow recorder part, don’t forget to read the Lessons I Learned from the Wizard of Oz Pit and watch for flying apples!
It is my pleasure to attempt to help you find all the eclectic things you search for. Thank you for keeping me entertained!

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