Five-Star Products for Five Years with the Sugar Blood

As promised, here is my list of really random Five-Star products to celebrate my Five-Year anniversary with the Sugar Blood

OmniPod ★★★★★ Insulin Pump

Filling up the OmniPod

Filling up the OmniPod

I don’t think I could live without my OmniPod insulin pump (definitely couldn’t live without insulin. haha!). It’s wireless, waterproof, and I only have to change it every three days. Their customer service is FAN-flippin-TASTIC! The whole system is incredibly user-friendly. It comes with downloadable software also, so you can run all sorts of detailed, visually interesting reports!

Sometimes the placement of the pod can be awkward, especially when I wear it on my arm like Nick Jonas. That’s when I usually run into doorframes. haha! My favorite spot to wear the pod is on the side of my abdomen, right above my waist. I seem to get really good absorption there, it doesn’t typically make me look like I have a tumor, and it generally sticks very well.

The PDM has a built-in meter that uses FreeStyle strips, so that’s what I mainly use. For real, I can’t say enough good things about this pump.

BD Alcohol Swabs ★★★★★
I never thought I’d be recommending alcohol swabs. The old saying that “You get what you pay for” was never more true than when referring to alcohol swabs. I don’t always buy BD Alcohol Swabs as they are the most expensive, but I find when I switch back to these after using the cheap ones, they feel incredibly luxurious. BD swabs are thick and quilted and feel really good on the fingers! (Don’t waste these on sterilizing the top of your insulin bottle…use the cheap ones for that and save these babies for your digits!)
[Coming in with four stars? Rite Aid Brand Alcohol Swabs ★★★★ Super soft and cheaper than BD!]

Laundry Detergent Sharps Container ★★★★★
Folks, do not waste your money on a fancy name-brand sharps container. Use that money to buy the luxurious alcohol swabs and simply put your used needles in an empty laundry detergent bottle labeled “SHARPS” with a permanent marker. 😉

If you are using pen needles or need a place to put used lancets in your purse, I recommend using an empty test strip bottle. I was all about decorating these when I was first diagnosed!

20130724-235114.jpgOne Touch Lancing Device ★★★★★
Even though I use a FreeStyle meter now, I still use a One Touch Lancing Device. For some reason it’s much easier to launch and gets the right depth of puncture.

Stick Me Designs Jet Set ★★★★★

Jet Set from Stick Me Designs

Jet Set from Stick Me Designs

I don’t know if Rickina over at Stick Me Designs even makes these anymore, but this incredible bag has been worth every penny since the day I bought it…way back in 2008! It’s been lots of places with me, weathered a lot of wear and tear, and is still in excellent shape! It’s especially fabulous for a plane trip. You can fit SO much stuff in this bag: ice pack, insulin, juices, lancets, needles, extra pods, glucose tablets, glucagon pen, ketone strips, alcohol swabs, snacks, other medicines, really…you name it, you can stuff it in there! (And the customer service here is also fabulous!) Any of her products would make an excellent, very thoughtful gift for someone newly diagnosed (or even an old diabetic)!

Better Homes & Gardens Diabetic Living Cookbook ★★★★★
People really do mean well when they give you cookbooks, I’m sure. But sometimes…just…no. This one, however, was one of the nicest gifts I received my first Sugar-Free Christmas. All the carb counts are included with each recipe and the cookbook as a whole is visually stunning. [View at Barnes & Noble]

Yoplait Greek 100 Yogurt ★★★★★
A Yogurt low in carbs that still tastes good is really hard to find, but look no further: Yoplait Greek 100 Yogurt is where it’s at. 11 carbs for the whole cup! I like to top mine with almonds or pecans (and sometimes a few dark chocolate chips)!

STARBUCKS ★★★★★ (or as one friend affectionately calls it: StarJazz!)
I feel like it would be appropriate to end this post with a few of my favorite drinks to order at Starbucks:
Shaken Iced Passion Tea with No Classic: It doesn’t get better than this when you’re wanting something refreshing without any carbs {Tall, Grande, or Venti=0 carbs!!!!} If your sugar is low and you want to add a little variety, try one pump of raspberry in it!
Iced Coffee with a little bit of 2% Milk, No Classic: For some reason, this drink drops my sugar if it’s high. So weird that it has that effect, but of course that’s completely fine by me! {Tall=2 carbs}
Skinny Vanilla Latte: So perfect on a chilly afternoon. {Tall=14 carbs}
Mocha Light Frappuccino with Light Whip: My absolute favorite in the summertime! {Tall=23 carbs}
Skinny Cinnamon Dolce Latte: Best enjoyed on an early percussion competition day when it’s not yet light outside, you’re barely awake, and you’re already frozen to the bone. {Tall=14 carbs}
Skinny Upside-Down Caramel Macchiato: Mmmm. So much yumminess for so few carbs. {Tall=16 carbs}

Thank you for celebrating with me in this way! I have one more post up my diabetic sleeve that I think is HILARIOUS, so hang on. It’s coming soon!

So…what are some of YOUR ★★Five★Star★★ Favorites?!


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