The Measure of a Life


Remembering my kindergarten music teacher today, Mrs. Cantrell, who passed away on Thursday. When I was a five year-old kindergartner, I never realized what an impact she would have on me. Though she was only my music teacher for one year, she became a close family friend and was actually the one who inspired me to do marching band.

When I was in 8th grade, I went to an Orff workshop at U of L with my mom. Mrs. Cantrell walked to lunch with me and talked me into trying marching band for just one year. Well, we all see how that turned out.

So, I’m forever grateful to Mrs. Cantrell. Thanks to her, I had some of the most wonderful experiences imaginable throughout high school and college. Without her little pep talk in a stairwell at U of L, I would probably be a loner since most all of my closest friends came through marching band.

You never know the measure of your life. One small conversation can impact the rest of someone else’s life in ways you could never imagine. I wish I would have told her that.

What a lady! I can’t wait to sing loudly in the Heavenly choir with her.

P.S.-She also had a great sense of humor! Whenever she would call for my mom and I’d answer, she’d always ask if I’d gotten married yet (even if I just saw her the previous day) and then she would cackle and tell me a joke about Bach or some random, hilarious music history fact. I’ll miss that.

I don't have a picture with Mrs. Cantrell, but my life is so much richer with all these people because of her!

I don’t have a picture with Mrs. Cantrell, but my life is so much richer with all these people (and so many more) because of her!

♪ Teach us to count our days. Teach us to make our days count. ♪


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