Oh to be a Sarah Pierpont Edwards…

It always fascinates me to read biographies. This past week, my interest in the life of Sarah Pierpont Edwards was peaked when I read a post about the interesting relationship between her and her husband Jonathan. I’m going to make an effort to get to know her a little better this year.

The famous preacher of “Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God,” who was at the forefront of The Great Awakening, wrote this about his future wife,

“They say there is a young lady in New Haven who is beloved of that almighty Being, who made and rules the world, and that there are certain seasons in which this great Being, in some way or other invisible, comes to her and fills her mind with exceeding sweet delight, and that she hardly cares for anything, except to meditate on him—that she expects after a while to be received up where he is, to be raised up out of the world and caught up into heaven; being assured that he loves her too well to let her remain at a distance from him always. There she is to dwell with him, and to be ravished with his love and delight forever. Therefore, if you present all the world before her, with the richest of its treasures, she disregards it and cares not for it, and is unmindful of any pain or affliction. She has a strange sweetness in her mind, and singular purity in her affections; is most just and conscientious in all her actions; and you could not persuade her to do anything wrong or sinful, if you would give her all the world, lest she should offend this great Being. She is of a wonderful sweetness, calmness and universal benevolence of mind; especially after those seasons in which this great God has manifested himself to her mind. She will sometimes go about from place to place, singing sweetly; and seems to be always of joy and pleasure; and no one knows for what. She loves to be alone, and to wander in the fields and on the mountains, and seems to have someone invisible always conversing with her.”

May my delight and joy in Christ also be be consistently and beautifully displayed through my countenance and actions.

And a little taste of something from her heart. Sarah Edwards penned these words to her daughter right after Jonathan’s sudden death.

“What shall I say? A holy and good God has covered us with a dark cloud. . . . The Lord has done it. He has made me adore His goodness, that we had [Jonathan] so long. But my God lives; and He has my heart.”

Oh to be so trusting and full of faith, sprinkling even the darkest sentences with sound theological truth. I am so looking forward to getting to know Sarah Pierpont Edwards this year.

{And a fun side-note…her dad, a preacher, is the one who wrote “Jingle Bells.”}