one thousand gifts {3199-3250}

“A joyful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones.”
{Proverbs 17:22}

I’ve had several occasions lately where I’ve told a friend a story about something that happened to me and then they ask me if that was a true story. There is really no way I could ever be creative enough to make up the things I encounter in everyday life. God sure does know how to humor me! This was especially evident this evening with a myriad of funny things that happened all right in a row. Every 20 minutes, something hilarious happened.

And we all know that I love to laugh.

So all I can say is…God is so good. What gifts.

3199. a surprise evening off–swim & catching up
3200. long heart-to-hearts searching the depths and foundations. so good for a soul.
3201. working out what He has worked in
3202. a nap!
3203. the brevity of life, as described by lou grant
3204. “do you like flatbread?”
3205. stoplights. wow, people can’t drive without them–especially in the rain
3206. hearing how God has blessed abundantly beyond imagination!
3207. playing arpeggiated loveliness with 2 over 3 debussy. ahhh.
3208. tiramisu cheesecake from the cheesecake factory, reunions for old friends, and meeting new friends
3209. seeing sunday school teachers preparing with passion
3210. channa
3211. meeting new brothers and sisters in Christ and fellowshipping with old ones
3212. sweet friends with kind words
3213. God perfectly timing my day, as requested
3214. reminders of His providence and love that it’s such a small world
3215. five years with the sugar blood {click here if you care to read more}
3216. what heights of love!
3217. sal’s rolls
3218. hearing the Gospel so clearly proclaimed, bbq, and sweet fellowship ♥
3219. a breath-taking sunset–even if it was outside the dollar tree in woodhill
3220. hearing one talk of her love for Christ and being encouraged by her close walk with Him
3221. kristen eating a breadstick and hugs before she leaves for omaha ♥

Kristen Omaha3222. “soul finger” coming on while i was pumping gas and my upper body automatically moving in various directions #bandprobs
3223. crepes with jeremy and him putting into words what i had been trying to figure out for nearly a week. what a gift.
3224. the protective hand of God in the rain as this scuzzball made two saturday office runs
3225. the beautiful Christ-centered ceremony of rachel & jake~and their flower girl asking me if the bubbles cost money

Rachel & Jake Wedding 3226. gambling at mcdonald’s discussion in sunday school. aunt janna and her medium monopoly diet cokes. hehe!
3227. tightness of the world not letting roots go deeper–Christ will dig in your heart and aerate it!
3228. missing erin REALLY bad.
3229. finishing same kind of different as me in one day
3230. hugging my sweet family’s necks. God is so good to me. ♥
3231. spending time with my mema and papa, shedding a few tears, but laughing so much more. love them so.
3232. that house. that home. those memories. the love. the people. the Lord who gave it all. {2 corinthians 4:16-5:7}
3233. closing one chapter–a long one–with hopes and prayers for the next.
3234. skeeters big enough to carry you away, butter beans on a buffet, crops stretching forever through a vast field, the south.

The South
3235. mema’s chicken salad
3236. a soaking wet hug from clayton
3237. a teary-eyed thank you and sweet hug from papa
3238. being with the saints at midway and hearing how the Lord is at work in HUGE huge ways!
3239. celebrating mema & papa’s 60th wedding anniversary. ♥ love them so.

3240. roger’s. rutabagas. for real.

3241. seeing clayton’s new house (and giving him a plastic knife and spoon to eat with. lol!)
3242. my heart literally hurting because people are hurting
3243. goodbyes. they never get easier.
3244. being reminded that i am here to glorify God by serving others
3245. moving kerry in…peach pizza, a cup of commonwealth, and thrifting
3246. the habitation of His house {psalm 26:8}
3247. a sunny afternoon with bonhoeffer
3248. mercy and grace to the woman bent over {luke 13:10-17}
3249. quite the sight outside the church window
3250. dinner with chan and the ‘rents and running into caveman and the hunters. such providence!

“To see the glory, name the graces.”

Since reading One Thousand Gifts, I started my own journal of grace-gifts God blesses me with every day. I will spare listing all of them here, but I will try to share some of my favorites every Monday. 

one thousand gifts {3039-3198}

“Forget not all His benefits.”
{Psalm 103:2}

As I wrote before, when I take the time to write down how I’ve seen God at work in my life, I’m forgetting not. God becomes bigger in my eyes. It’s like a collection of trophies of thousands of ways He’s proved His love for me though I am so undeserving. And looking back at these only makes me trust Him more.

It’s been a long time since I’ve listed my gifts here…I’m talking 4 months long time. As in, I was still wearing a jacket for the first part of these. It was still cold. But you’ve gotta start somewhere!

These are more for my records and reiterated joy than yours, but why not praise Him in the multitude–even for the little things!

3039. the amputee dancing man face-planting on the porch. my, my.
3040. routines thrown off. hooking up speakers, dustballs in my hair, and lining people out.
3041. “sarah, sarah wainright has registered for your meeting.” –HOLD THAT DOOR OPEN!
3042. free venti SKCDL with Lt. WC!
3043. watching my mom conduct her last Fayette County Honors Chorus. children’s voices >>>

Mom Fayette Co Honors Chorus
3044. an enthusiastic “SARAH!” from down the hallway.
3045. letting people know how I’ve been praying for them and hoping they can see the Lord at work in them
3046. snatching kerry and spontaneously having dinner at shakertown

Kerry Shakertown
3047. passion play #6 with charla
3048. God loving me in my cranky mess this morning–and loving me too much to leave me that way by smacking my pride with a lesson on flexibility in sunday school
3049. pulling out my (not-so) artsy side
3050. grace to dive back into recording gifts
3051. friends who show love by going above and beyond and putting up with my forgetfulness
3052. not one free minute.
3053. being invited to a Bible Study by one of my flute students because “it’s always good to add one more person to Bible Study…AND we’re in Psalms!” (love it.)
3054. being completely overwhelmed by God’s grace. as if saving grace wasn’t enough.
3055. sounds of screen & stage concert as asbury–gorgeous clarinets and piccolo!
3056. a thank-you card to brighten my day from box 7–transforming band nerds for the glory of God 🙂
3057. so many hugs and kisses from missionaries and other BFM friends

Alta Hatcher BFM Spring Conference
3058. phoebing it up!
3059. love from the hatchers
3060. getting to play with those percussion kids

LCA Percussion Kids
3061. refreshing, encouraging Christ-centered chat over frozen custard
3062. a Christ-exalting wedding
3063. mom’s very last concert
3064. the sweet friendship of rachel
3065. God giving me the grace to get out of my comfort zone
3066. zesty ginger wings with erin (HU. HU. HA!)
3067. designing things for fun rather than money
3068. laughing hysterically on halifax with erin and kerry
3069. story time!
3070. thinking outside of myself for a change
3071. visiting with paul and barb at their home eating DQ. precious times.
3072. realizing how blessed i am. wow.
3073. guy at stoplight playing ukelele…um.
3074. hearing station kids make beautiful music
3075. seeing lots of work finally come together
3076. laughing at culvers with friends
3077. celebrating my granny’s 94th birthday at shakertown with the girls

Birthday at Shakertown
3078. band banquet–meeting and making new friends
3079. waveland picnic with erin where a bird pooed on my head
3080. touring amazon
3081. mom’s very last day of school
3082. hearing tanner basically preach the Gospel for LCA’s commencement speech
3083. spending time with old band friends, picking up like we never even left off!
Band Girls!
3084. running into kerry at the grocery
3085. meeting the mallorys for dinner and froyo~phantom, phil wickham, frickles, froyo, and fabulous friends! 
3086. a “way to go, God” sunset on the way home down my ironworks pike wrong turn

Sunset Bourbon Co
3087. such a sweet, refreshing week getting to spend time with alicia conrad!
3088. dinner with aunt janna
3089. ♪ You made a way for me.
3090. first swim of the season
3091. getting to fellowship with more lca kids & parents. how kind of God to let me watch them grow up.

LCA Kids
3092. nicknames that stick
3093. that God would love a sinner like me and stoop down to show me mercy
3094. hugs from my girls at logan’s party
3095. playing flute as an act of worship
3096. dinner with rileys, estes’, and dawsons
3097. realizing how much someone means to you
3098. a meaningful hug
3099. tears the whole way home
3100. ♪ You are wonderful and what else can my soul say?
3101. a new flute student by my old flute teacher. life comes full circle. (crazy, too, that their neighborhood donato’s is still in my phone from high school)
3102. lunch with mrs. b!
3103. psalm 62:1 smacking me right dab in the middle of my heart
3104. God always working, answering prayer, and revealing (clearly!) His will…all for the sake of His fame.
3105. being all weepy. just awful. but He keeps every tear. unbelievable.
3106. kristen singing “another one bites the dust” in the middle of krispy kreme
3107. meeting miss emma grace
3108. laughing with aunt janna at a friday night family table
3109. celebrating at laura and jerid’s pinterest-perfect, CHRIST-centered wedding

Laura & Jerid Wedding
3110. passing by the great american brass band festival
3111. see-you-laters to those four little squirts {hard eucharisteo}
3112. hannah’s heart of gratitude and praise
3113. calmed nerves
3114. a kind, very patient person who cared about more than herself and a product.
3115. “so do you have kids?”
3116. mango. please take me to trinidad.
3117. a first lovely sightread flute duet. what a joy!
3118. homemade meatloaf & corn on the cob
3119. 17 laps = 101 sugar!
3120. God making the sun go backwards in isaiah 38
3121. my ate’s birthday
3122. seeing dr. patel and my A1c dropping! love her!
3123. nonstop busy at work
3125. introducing lindsey to frickles at fava’s…’twas an adventure indeed!

Lindsey Frickles
3125. brunch at windy corner with charla

Charla Windy Corner
3126. that amazing chevy chase barista who knew a girl’s dad’s order for her surprise father’s day gift AND both orders behind me…all in the midst of renovation. crazy!
3127. sunshine! jumping out of the pool and taking a nap full of sun kisses to dry off
3128. “no, i’m not grilling shelby” -my neighbor referring to a deceased guinea pig
3129. organ fixed
3130. a godly heritage
3131. {hebrews 11:11} oh to consider Him faithful and cling to His promises
3132. patience tried. nasty, depraved heart exposed. grace found in the Gospel. still robed in the righteousness of Christ.
3133. a flute duet with sadie
3134. sanctification by being on hold and *patiently* waiting on someone
3135. hearing kids play on practice pads…and laughing at their funny conversations (john cheese)
3136. ♪ no longer dead, we are alive! ♪
3137. “good morning, Jesus. Oh…”
3138. homemade enchiladas + isaiah 40 + sunset swim + kids scoop of graeters mocha chip
3139. getting gifts together for friends!
3140. grace to make it through the busiest friday yet
3141. roadtripping to mt. sterling with mom, aly, and mama neal. the amish at wendys. oh my.

DCI Erin and Aly
3142. chills from the rich, warm sound of the troopers!
3143. watching erin do her thing and hugs after the show!
3144. rachel’s shower…a broken ribbon! (=1 child!)
3145. being reunited with old friends
3146. chipotle running out of forks and ate improvising with knives. LOL!
3147. celebrating mom’s retirement at church

Mom Retirement
3148. the gift of another day of life, the grace to wake up, strong coffee, and loudly singing passion songs
3149. knowing you’ve been sovereignly placed
3150. strawberry butter
3151. isaiah 40:26. NOT ONE.
3152. gaither afternoon: prozac for the ears
3153. watching a clip of one of my favorite marimba players mid-day!

3154. 10 cards, 20 treble clefs, 20 music notes, 10 snazzy W’s, and lots of ink. maildrop time!
3155. monsters u with my little cousin
3156. crepes with ellen!

Ellen Crepes
3157. purging and cleaning
3158. celebrating our friends’ 50th anniversary and meeting a new friend. SUCH a small world.
3159. God reaffirming His love for me when I woke up with a bad case of the mondays.
3160. the sound of percolating coffee
3161. pineapple chow
3162. getting to wish my mema a happy birthday. love her.
3163. south carolina peaches, blueberries, and almonds atop homemade waffles
3164. john williams conducting lincoln with the national symphony orchestra
3165. neil diamond singing “sweet caroline”
3166. small things made great when done with His great love {a. voskamp post: must read}
3167. smashing tomato with mom for lunch
3168. my drink with “white lip” at starbucks. LOL!
3169. psalm 107:9 ~ satisfies & fills
3170. ghetto home movie. lincoln, kmea, sweatshirt, and decaf hazelnut
3171. crepes with ashley!

Ashley Crepes
3172. talking for four hours at the crepe place. FOUR!
3173. seeing kerry and spending the day with her. SUCH a nice surprise!
3174. the most vivid, full, double rainbow ever
3175. mom and dad celebrating 29 years
3176. “i like my honey on a biscuit”
3177. cracker barrel post-sunday evening service
3178. 5000 tweets
3179. flute duets with two stages of students
3180. “my mission in life is to not let you be (anonymous). i have to find you a man” -HA! one of my favorite friends
3181. kind, helpful people
3182. forgetting not {psalm 103}
3183. encouraging thank you’s from cards i had sent
3184. the brevity of life–psalm 90–this day won’t come again. don’t waste it.

Don't waste it.
3185. fellowship with sisters. prayers answered–and so many more offered for our new friend
3186. getting to take a little afternoon walk since the mailman left me with six pieces of wrong mail
3187. gelato with aunt janna
3188. ingur fried rice! {recipe here}
3189. a card from a precious friend
3190. laughs in the lone ranger with the ‘rents at movie tavern
3191. a grateful waitress. so sweet.
3192. a scrumptious summer dinner and walk to graeter’s at sunset for some bourbon ball ice cream with the cousins
3193. grace for the teary moments with faith He is in control
3194. a lovely shower for rachel. such sweet people.
3195. the Gospel. it never gets old. “the Judge paid our punishment”
3196. spending the afternoon wallet-shopping with sadie

Sadie Cheryl Wallet
3197. laughs over food at steak ‘n shake
3198. knowing greater things are yet to come and still to be done in this city


“To see the glory, name the graces.”

Since reading One Thousand Gifts, I started my own journal of grace-gifts God blesses me with every day. I will spare listing all of them here, but I will try to share some of my favorites every Monday. 

one thousand gifts {2949-3038}

But He said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for My power is made perfect in weakness.”
{2 Corinthians 12:9}

2 Corinthians 12:9

It’s not Monday and there’s not a multitude, but I do have a moment…a moment that’s free. (And I thought I was crazy busy last month. HA! God showed me.) So I’m using this short moment to remember. To remember how good He’s been even in the busy of ordinary life. I’ve had so many “Just keep swimming…Just keep swimming… moments this past month that it’s been borderline ridiculous, but the Lord has constantly reminded me of my need for His grace and strength and He’s been faithful to fill me with both.

He’s also been so good to let me continue to do things I love in addition to working multiple jobs that I enjoy. This past month, I’ve been able to teach music, play music, eat delicious food, spend quality time with many friends, celebrate my church, interact with new people, and so much more.

In all reality, I’m a girl who deserves to be eternally separated from God. But God, in His rich mercy, while I was wallowing in my self-centered sinfulness sent His Son to live a perfect life that I could never live and to die the death I deserved. If that isn’t grace, I don’t know what is! With Christ covering me, everything is a blessing. 

2949. biking in the basement with bonhoeffer
2950. covenant Maker becoming covenant-Keeper & dying for covenant breakers
2951. pep band–past and present coincide

Pep Band with Madison piccolo2952. thank yous
2953. new tasks
2954. not of this world
2955. smashfries with erin
2956. staying late
2957. chats with cute neighbors and a delicious dinner
2958. not having a spare second to be bored
2959. singing along with T4GII
2960. chats with a smily, happy aly
2961. “did you get the dress?!” hahahahaha!

I was responsible for getting a high schooler's dress to a college girl. From Lindsey to Aly's locker to the ensemble room to the band office to my car to my closet, to my car, to Wilmore. It went through a lot to be safely transferred to Kerry's hands. You have no idea how many people asked me with very wide, concerned eyes, "Did you get the dress?!"

I was responsible for getting a high schooler’s dress to a college girl. From Lindsey to Aly’s locker to the ensemble room to the band office to my car to my closet, to my car, to Wilmore. It went through a lot to be safely transferred to Kerry’s hands. You have no idea how many people asked me with very wide, concerned eyes, “Did you get the dress?!”

2962. faithful to promises: He gives His beloved sleep (even when they’re stupid).
2963. breakfast and sweet chats with helen
2964. the kentucky symphony with gilbert rollins
2965. kerry playing clarinet in a college concert & seeing miss bailey
2966. having kerry over for a comfort food meal in wainrights’ kitchen
2967. being appreciated with breakfast at the bob brown house
2968. miss erica rose’s squishy cheeks

Erica Rose2969. way beyond. way past. {ephesians 3:18-20}
2970. seeing dr. patel for the first time in 3 years and getting my sugars straightened out
2971. practicing the tinman run at the doctor’s office on a pencil via my phone
2972. playing all night after a full day of work
{you can read a full recap of things i learned from playing in the wizard of oz here}
2973. going silent to end it
2974. snow in my hair
2975. practicing piccolo in the pizza plaza parking lot. high A-flats. yay!
2976. dinner with the golden girls at saul good
2977. mrs. b’s faces. my favorite!
2978. ||: ding dong the witch is dead :|| (in case you missed it the first 423 times)
2979. writing hard words
2980. chatting with crows and hugging jitterbugs

Jitterbug Crow
2981. “why is she said?” -little kid in the audience asking about dorothy
2982. hugs from ellen!
2983. God’s rich mercy & compassion
2984. lunch with friends & familiy
2985. rolling xylophones and carrying cabasas and timpani stools in heels and a dress. favorite!
2986. the gruesome finale of judges {Jesus, be the King on the throne of my life!}
2987. “My grace is sufficient for you.”
2988. sadie loving me in my mess
2989. 5 months worth of work in a couple of days. o.O
2990. catching up with charla at dinner
2991. watching friends perform at the station show with mom & seeing other friends unexpectedly
2992. kind goodbyes–so courteous
2993. God answering prayers for the words i needed to hear to be placed in bro. vance’s mouth
2994. the urgent reminder to be in the Word and to pray
2995. lunch at shaker village!

Shaker Village2996. gathering with a family who waits peacefully for their mother’s coronation moment–so precious.
2997. such a sweet spirit
2998. breakfast with iron-sharpening sweet ashley~laughing about birds in plane engines, hilarious parents, and life in general
2999. awnings–especially on a rainy day
3000. washed clean–showered with His love and numberless blessings. Hosanna has saved me–a scumbag who deserves death. He gave me life–abundant & eternal life–instead.

Gift #30003001. buying too many passion cd’s on my lunch break
3002. saul good being out of plastic spoons for my to-go french onion soup & trusting me with a metal spoon. of course i’ll be back.
3003. getting glory bumps during EVERY song on the passion cd at some point and nearly crying during “we glorify Your Name”
3004. mom making waffles after dinner–just because
3005. catching up with a far-away friend who is always so swift to give a compliment. kind words soak to the depths of my soul and can keep me rejuvenated for days. may my words ALWAYS do the same for others.
3006. words of appreciation not often expressed
3007. hysterical laughs with erin midday over a “hu hu ha” call from george
3008. smiles from a squishy baby!
3009. doing a myriad of tasks–may of which convenienced others and eased their burdens. my favorite.
3010. ♪ the Lord our God is ever faithful, never changing through the ages! ♪
3011. words of affirmation
3012. streamers and choreography. oh my.
3013. isaiah 26:3-4 being repeated in my life. emphasis much?!
3014. going with my gut
3015. ♪ wake up! open your eyes–no longer dead, we are alive! ♪
3016. hearing a voice that sounded trinidadian–almost made me cry.
3017. reuniting with kerry! laughs on top of laughs. 😀
3018. returning the spoon to saul good (see #3002)
3019. $5 ballet flats!
3020. windy country road adventures for a windy corner breakfast with kristen

Windy Corner Breakfast3021. God’s grace triumphing in the life of trick–such a beautiful testimony at her funeral
3023. jamie grace being so presh in person. (“i’ll thank my husband for paying the bills and buying me chickfila!”)
3024. worshipping with TobyMac & his little indoor drumline. band geek love. ❤

TobyMac Drumline
3025. celebrating 16 years of God’s faithfulness

16 Years @ NLBC3026. being a treasured jewel {malachi 3:17}
3027. church pot-blessings complete with anita’s chocolate pie
3028. promises to keep His promises
3029. eating, fellowshipping, and memphis reminiscing with the drurys
3030. hearing how a friend is being obedient and walking in the truth
3031. an ordained open night to catch up on a little work
3032. talking to myself
3033. being loved because i am covered
3034. prayers being answered–urging & encouraging me to pray more
3035. feeling put together–on a wednesday, nonetheless
3036. finally feeling like i’ve hit a point of true friendship
3037. a premature “amen” from lucy. so cute!
3038. peace through His blood & ordained good works

“To see the glory, name the graces.”

Since reading One Thousand Gifts, I started my own journal of grace-gifts God blesses me with every day. I will spare listing all of them here, but I will try to share some of my favorites every Monday. 

one thousand gifts {2894-2948}

“I don’t know if I will have the time to write anymore letters because I might be too busy trying to participate.”
{The Perks of Being a Wallflower}

Lately I’ve been busy participating in life, so I haven’t had much time to write about it. I’ve been working like a crazy lady and spending time catching up with friends and playing music during the rare off-hours. Through all the mundane tasks of ordinary life, God has continued to bless me with eyes to see evidences of His grace. It’s always there.

2894. a most hilarious misplaced insulin pump on my arm. doorframes are sooo not my friend.

OmniPod Arm
2895. coloring verses
2896. being recognized pleasantly at the fazoli’s drive-thru
2897. a full office that was bustling!
2898. hearing how God is working through friends to make much of His great Name!
2899. catching up and laughing with ashley!
2900. breath taken away by the power of the simplicity yet complexity of God’s Word
2901. one of my favorite lunches ever with erin–“don’t bless her heart!”
2902. people i presumed to be intimidating turning out to be friendly and funny
2903. Gospel chats with 4-year-old alex: “does that snowman sin?”
2904. sweet tags to make my morning
2905. sahara–bad garlic breath
2906. old pictures popping up on facebook
2907. an abundance of work
2908. chatty mc’chatchats
2909. eating the ugly frog first
2910. heart-to-hearts with kerry
2911. a cooled down laptop
2912. minions–hehe!
2913. my hope of glory
2914. laughs with new believers :o)
2915. harry’s with ate then worshipping with those who secured our freedom to worship at the thomson-hood veterans center
2916. “the caveman confrontation” {judges 15}
2917. vibes on the truck next to me–uncovered–in the rain.
2918. two mini mailmen helping a mundane task seem fun!

2919. using gifts that remind you of the giver.
2920. grace ❤
2921. alligator dynamics
2922. reminiscing and laughing with will and kristen at krispy kreme. so refreshing.
2923. seeing the real side of people–masks falling off and getting to love their beautiful, messy selves
2924. listening to hilarious customers who really just want someone to talk to. (“please, just have a seat on my virtual couch.”)
2925. sprite zero + peach. ahhhh.
2926. those percussion kids–they did it again.
2927. hugs from the blankenships. ❤
2928. friendly cashiers who SMILE! and hold doors.
2929. chats with steve the janitor and coach
2930. prayer at half court
2931. light-up table at mcdonald’s

Erin Light-Up McDonalds Table
2932. snow smacking me in the face
2933. a “happy i love you day eve” from ava
2934. brussel sprouts uncovered. mmm!
2935. the cashier knowing my order at mcdonald’s :o)
2936. {hard eucharisteo} the grace to say no.
2937. everlasting love & continued faithfulness

Jeremiah 31:3
2938. hot brown pasta, fountains, and cheesecake with the bob brown family
2939. deep chats about marriage with someone i never guessed to have a chat about that with
2940. baptizing lady fingers in coffee with kristen and laughing so much. (tiramisoup!)

Kristen Tiramisu
2941. steaks on the grill & dinner made by dad!
2942. long periods of praying for others
2943. beautifully animated stories
2944. working at my leisure in my pajamas
2945. “i can’t love the sin that killed the Lord whom i love.” -jason meyer
2946. homemade scones, devonshire cream, and lavender jam from helen
2947. my name is permanently written in heaven! {listen}
2948. a God-orchestrated dinner with the vances at chuy’s

“To see the glory, name the graces.”

Since reading One Thousand Gifts, I started my own journal of grace-gifts God blesses me with every day. I will spare listing all of them here, but I will try to share some of my favorites every Monday. 

one thousand gifts {2874-2893}

“Come now, let us reason together, says the LORD: though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they are red like crimson, they shall become like wool.”

{Isaiah 1:18}

We’ve had some really crazy weather here over the last week. It’s been 0*. It’s been 70*. It’s been sunny and springlike. It’s been snowy and icy. Watching snow fall is one of my favorite things to do and I can’t help but think of Isaiah 1:18 nearly every time I see a blanket of snow covering my street. What grace He has shown in pardoning my sin! Scarlet to snow. Crimson to wool. Aren’t you thankful?

2874. rainy mondays with just the right amount of things to do
2875. getting together with old friends (courtney & will) and hearing how God is using them for His glory!
And here’s where I add my plea for you to help my friend Will as he raises support to go back to Costa Rica as a full-time missionary to broken young people and those who have been sexually exploited, sharing the love of Jesus with them through LightForce International.
2876. gorgeous spring-like weather with sun so bright stephen foster would write a song about it!
2877. inspiration
2878. getting to write–so fulfilling!
2879. thinking outside myself and watching others start to do the same
2880. a happy meal (“she don’t want no toy!”) with david platt at my new mcdonald’s
2881. pearls and a monogrammed umbrella
2882. turning it over to trust
2883. free chicken minis with mrs. wade & erin, snowfall, cavity-free cleaning with chris tomlin, and cane’s
2884. romans 5:8 flooding my life
2885. intercessory prayer
2886. most helpful people at the bank
2887. gorgeous thick snow
2888. accomplishing lots of things i’ve been wanting to do for a long time
2889. my sweet hairdresser spurring me on
2890. visibly answered prayers
2891. cold, snowy days warmed well by my church family, the Word, hearty (free!) carino’s, and coffee
2892. a call to go
2893. superman’s heifer {judges 14} (you can listen to this sermon here. haha!)

Sorry for the lack of pictures. The upload thingy was being awfully contrary.

“To see the glory, name the graces.”

Since reading One Thousand Gifts, I started my own journal of grace-gifts God blesses me with every day. I will spare listing all of them here, but I will try to share some of my favorites every Monday. 

one thousand gifts {2841-2873}

“It is a great wrong to God when we bury His mercies in the grave of unthankfulness.”
{Charles H. Spurgeon}

God was so good this past week to let me do so many things I love, surround me with so many people I love, and let me share His love. Music. Cooking. Friends. Much Work. Laughing. Little Cousins. Serving. Old People.

All is grace.

2841. surprising friends with an unexpected gift
2842. silly conversation with little kids
2843. apple butter
2844. playing “someone to watch over me”
2845. running into a friend in the target parking lot
2846. ♪ You bore the wrath reserved for me–now all i know is grace ♪
2847. not stopping. sooo much better than bored!
2848. comfort food for dinner and peaches with pepper & cottage cheese
2849. warm layers on a frigid day

2850. holy, holy, holy
2851. sharing laughs
2852. a sister quoting a memorized verse
2853. challenges to love
2854. a bad case of the giggles
2855. going out to get the office mail and coming back in with a starbucks thanks to my delivery dad

Starbucks Love
2856. catching up with a friend
2857. feeling like i belong
2858. a piper cd
2859. spending time in the kitchen & the smell of sesame oil
2860. half-price saul good brunch for a snow day!
2861. moments of hilarity–literally LOLing to myself
2862. making dinner, baking dessert, flouring noses, listening to learned hymns, and making faces with little cousins ♥
2863. {hard eucharisteo} Christ molding me into His likeness
2864. providence of God in a piccolo cleaning rod

Providence of God in Piccolo Cleaning Rod
2865. josie’s on 68 with kerry and sweetest waitress ever, lisa
2866. playing pep band tunes with the band fam

Kerry Pep Band
2867. hearing sweet ellen’s voice (she gives love a bad name ;))
2868. listening to older, much wiser sisters in Christ talk about growing comfortable in marriage with built-in forgiveness–so sweet!
2869. falling forward
2870. precious tried & true saints at the nursing home singing “Jesus Loves Me” with gusto & giving good hugs
2871. sweet times with kristen at krispy kreme

Kristen Krispy Kreme
2872. the faith of mrs. manoah {judges 13} listen.
2873. unity

“To see the glory, name the graces.”

Since reading One Thousand Gifts, I started my own journal of grace-gifts God blesses me with every day. I will spare listing all of them here, but I will try to share some of my favorites every Monday. 

one thousand gifts {2785-2840}

♪ And it will surprise you what the Lord has done. ♪
{Count Your Blessings}

It has been all grace to count the 2784 gifts God has blessed me with since August 2011. I’ve learned by listing ways He’s shown His love for me that He’s always working for my good and His glory–even when it doesn’t seem to make sense. Whatever He gives, whatever He withholds: it’s all grace.

After taking a couple-month break from listing gifts, I want to start back. It’s easy to forget how blessed I am. I must make myself constantly aware that He is indeed showing me grace.

With faith that He’ll continue pursuing me, even when I’m faithless, showing me His grace in a thousand ways and proving His love for me minute-by-minute…

♪ 10,000 reasons for my heart to find. 

2785. a blessed Thanksgiving with a full table
2786. tobymac Christmas cd
2787. decorating the tree with kerry and mom

Tree Decorating with Kerry
2788. baby chicks in a box by my desk
2789. successful performances by those precious LCA kids

LCA Stomp Kids
2790. the little things in life
2791. lunch at the glitz with my mom and her girls

The Glitz
2792. peruvian dinner and laughs with the stantons
2793. not being in my car when it was hit
2794. buying starbucks for life
2795. crawling over

Crawling in the TearsMobile
2796. seeing will’s sugarplum fairy masterpiece come to life

2797. making peanut butter balls with kerry
2798. laying a wreath on my grandparents’ grave

Wreath on Grave
2799. kayla and angie being baptized!
2800. being in the middle lane as the tractor-trailer veered off I-75S
2801. the boys chopping down a tree while the girls made chicken salad with mema
2802. aunt rhonda surprising us!
2803. frogmore stew

Frogmore Stew
2804. our whole family at the table ♥

Cousin Love
2805. roger’s
Roger's Woodstone BBQ

2806. disney yahtzee with the vance kids
2807. watching band with friends old and new on nye
2808. safe trip to the atl for passion

Passion 2013
2809. box7 welcoming a non-corps kid

Box7 in it to End It
2810. watching God move and change hearts
2811. making new friends
2812. “i loooove caribou”
2813. singing hymns at midnight on my birthday
2814. hearing scouts sing “you’ll never walk alone” as i took a shower

2815. hu hu ha!
2816. talking about everything under the sun to keep erin awake while driving
2817. birthday dinner at olive garden and dessert at shakespeare & co.

2818. reinforced conviction
2819. seeing all the yorks and baileys at red lobster
2820. dinner and laughs with ashley & kristen

Sweet friends
2821. medicine
2822. coughing lungs out at lunch with erin. oh passion plague. tragic train for sure.
2823. leaning on the Lord
2824. spending time with charla

2825. resting to heal
2826. feeling alive again, astounded at His manifold new Monday morning mercies
2827. being spoiled by my mom…cabbage beef soup
2828. ♪ thank You, God, for saving me! ♪

2829. answered prayers and the Lord bringing my papa safely through shoulder surgery.
2830. a skype with kerry
2831. thanking God for free chicken minis with erin
2832. surprise hugs from jenna & katie
2833. a new flute student
2834. a timely hug to fix my funk
2835. texting mishaps. “hooray!”
2836. hilarious moments with kerry. do you need to go to the bathroom? here’s a lemonade.

Kerry TearsMobile
2837. les mis. such grace.
2838. singing. in this life.
2839. desiring to be a servant
2840. a new comfy dress as a bday present from my ate

“To see the glory, name the graces.”

Since reading One Thousand Gifts, I started my own journal of grace-gifts God blesses me with every day. I will spare listing all of them here, but I will try to share some of my favorites every Monday. 

one thousand gifts {2737-2784}

Give thanks to the LORD,
for He is good,
for His steadfast love endures forever.
{Psalm 136:1}

After 15 months, I’ve finally filled up one whole journal recording God has given me–nearly 3000 gifts.

Each gift He’s blessed me with (well–the ones I’ve recognized, recalled, and recounted) that I’ve recorded in my journal proves the second half of the verse above. They’re all evidence of His grace, love, and mercy.

If I had no tangible evidence of His goodness love for me, it wouldn’t change the truth that He does love me and that He is good. But I do have evidence! There are thousands of ways He’s shown His love for me and doesn’t that just go to show how over-the-top merciful He really is?

Give thanks to Him.
For He is very good.
And His love never changes, but endures forever!

2737. {isaiah 54:17}
2738. scraping my windshield and praying for the stantons

2739. panera + romans 8
2740. “the notes on the page are messing me up.” -silly saxophone kid
2741. working my 11th election. 74% voter turnout!

My coworker’s comic strip of our day.

2742. resting in God’s sovereignty
2743. lunch at cheddar’s with erin, deciding we need a double daddy daughter date at drakes in december
2744. being a plumber. (thank God for my dad and the capability of sending pics via texts)
2745. telling charlotte she can practice on a pencil. so cute.
2746. sinfulness and grace seen in isaiah 1. wow!
2747. pearls, curls, yellow sweater, and my favorite scarf

2748. bob brown house board meeting at the campbell house–yum! (oh, and my favorite: drawing residents’ Christmas wish lists…so precious)
2749. dinner (apples?!) at logan’s with sarah b and charla

2750. finishing a task that seemed so daunting the day before
2751. being recognized at a new bank!
2752. 3:16 appreciation
2753. an unexpected sale!
2754. a most productive day cleaning out and cleaning up
2755. finding shoes similar to what i had
2756. “underneath are the everlasting arms”
2757. singing “crown Him with many crowns” in church as music from the stripper place blared next-door. oh that their hearts would be changed and they would one day sing with us.
2758. all dressed up buying rakes with ate

“Surely you all aren’t going to rake leaves dressed like that.” -random people at Lowe’s

2759. panda. oh my–yum!
2760. getting soaked and a decent impulse buy
2761. laughing so hard at a funny quote from a student!
2762. “anything for you.” -sadie
2763. timpani mallet flying from a kid’s hand during a concert and landing right in front of a stunned sixth grade flutist
2764. sweet truths of psalm 1
2765. a most beautiful sunset
2766. {isaiah 41:10}
2767. lunch at ramsey’s with erin–corn showers & xylophone solos…so many laughs
2768. an 8-cent total at rite aid
2769. {hebrews 12:13} truth exploding!
2770. previewing T4G Vol. II cd that comes out at the end of november. glory bumps!
2771. lunch with dad at oasis. mmm.
2772. a most thankful barista handing me a red cup of goodness!
2773. enjoying kerry’s concert at asbury with will. “hononooooo, honono.” *spirit fingers*
2774. friends concerned about spiritual things. so, so, so grateful. such an answer to prayer.
2775. friends who give to help those in need
2776. free tix to the UK game with mom!

2777. warming up + a cheesy hallmark christmas movie!
2778. counting coins with my sunday school class to send for the BFM Thanksgiving Offering
2779. Jesus being my sustenance and satisfaction
2780. God placing a friend in my path as i was returning an item
2781. hearing church family give God the glory
2782. sweet fellowship over just-right finger foods
2783. God adding to our body–as He sees fit
2784. He is good. His love endures. {therefore, give thanks.}

“To see the glory, name the graces.”

Since reading One Thousand Gifts, I started my own journal of grace-gifts God blesses me with every day. I will spare listing all of them here, but I will try to share some of my favorites every Monday. 

one thousand gifts {2709-2736}

I know Who goes before me.
I know Who stands behind.
The God of angel armies
is always by my side.
{Chris Tomlin’s “Whom Shall I Fear“}

When I first heard this song on my way to work not-so-bright and very early Monday morning, I fell in love with it. It’s catchy and chock-full-o’ truth! I hummed the chorus all morning long and it even came back on the radio on my lunch break. Score! God used this new song to bring much joy to my Monday.

And nothing formed against me shall stand
You hold the whole world in Your hands
I’m holding onto Your promises
You are faithful
{Chris Tomlin’s “Whom Shall I Fear“}

It’s amazing to me how God can take the same song and apply it to my heart in a different respect. In a matter of just a few days, He used this song once again–this time to bring comfort to my heart and encourage me to trust His sovereign hand. When you’re hit with something you don’t expect, you have to trust that God knows what is best and trust His promises. I’m so thankful that though everything around me may change, HE IS FAITHFUL.

Whom–and what–then shall I fear?

2709. plugging along
2710. spontaneous bella notte lunch with erin
2711. flushing. or not?
2712. being able to contribute to a most-delicious home-cooked meal

2713. COLD!
2714. ♪ the God of angel armies is always by my side ♪
2715. “the moral of the story is–never run in high heels” -the boss
2716. minestrone, laughs, reminiscing, and a convicting study of sin by kay arthur
2717. reading the 95 theses. ♥ #62
2718. sola gratia–soli Deo gloria!
2719. finding humor in annoyances
2720. text videos of singing at the SBTS expositor’s conference
2721. stories of alistair begg using a piccolo in his sermon illustration! 😀
2722. leftover lunch on the cheap

2723. olive garden–completely on gift cards with some leftover!
2724. waves from a favorite
2725. things i never thought i’d do
2726. drakes buffalo shrimp then BGBS big red madness with dad
2727. making homemade brownies–and realizing my whisking muscle is out of shape
2728. crazy moves from stomp kids
2729. a kid just getting it!
2730. a perfect fall night on the farm with the church family, friends, baby piggies, chickens, and yummy chili!

2731. saving for later

2732. a red cup at starbucks. finally!
2733. God makes no distinction!
2734. reassuring a strong, faithful saint
2735. great gut-buster laughs on the way home from church
2736. old testament love. ♥ deborah & jael {judges 4-5}

“To see the glory, name the graces.”

Since reading One Thousand Gifts, I started my own journal of grace-gifts God blesses me with every day. I will spare listing all of them here, but I will try to share some of my favorites every Monday. 

one thousand gifts {2676-2708}

“He will guard the feet of His faithful ones.”
{1 Samuel 2:9}

 “The Lord is in control of your schedule and He can change it whenever He wants. When you realize that, you won’t get frustrated and angry.”

Those were the words my dad opened his sermon with this morning. I had to chuckle a little bit, considering what I experienced yesterday. You see, yesterday was the day of state marching band finals in Bowling Green. Considering it normally takes two-and-a-half hours to get there, we left at 2:00. (In theory, this plan gave us way more than enough time to grab a bite to eat and head to the stadium, especially considering we gained an hour going.) 

However, God had a different plan. He chose to bring traffic on I-65 to a complete standstill because of a chemical spill. Seven hours later, we arrived at our destination. 

But He guarded our feet the whole way! We arrived safely, we had plenty of gas the whole time, we stopped at just the right time for a bathroom break and dinner, and we even made it in time to see 3A take the field. 

I don’t know God’s purpose in having us sit on the Interstate/US-31 for seven hours, but I do know that He works every single detail of my life together for my good and His glory. 

So if you feel stuck, be patient and serve where God has planted you. Do what you can where you are with what you have. 

Don’t forget Who’s on the throne. He’s working it all together for your good.

2676. roasted turkey cranberry panini from panera–autumn happiness explosion
2677. fake filing fortune cookies 🙂
2678. taking on two more jobs. *sigh*
2679. “oh look! something playable.” -sadie sue
2680. doing just about everything possible to do at just about all of my jobs
2681. being a listening ear
2682. soup & scripture. His promises are TRUE!
2683. a call from an old friend
2684. answering the phone. my goodness.
2685. a bubbly waitress
2686. God’s comfort=empowering us with strength! {isaiah 40:1}
2687. God working it out way better than me
2688. the honor of playing at a funeral
2689. fall leaves dancing to the ground
2690. more funeral home fellowship = hugs = love (oh…and getting a new name: phoebe)
2691. chinese with the fam…such odd music and flavors
2692. God blowing me away!!!!
2693. coldness arriving
2694. new fuzzy blankets

2695. prayers answered and exceeded
2696. eating bread at cane’s–redeemed.

2697. “false start on the percussion.” -frank
2698. starbucks on the way back to the ‘bury with kerry + sinatra on my ride home
2699. my back windshield resembling the solar system with glistening raindrops and silhouettes of trees and fences in the shadows
2700. inching our way to bowling green via US31 for state finals with the wades. wigwams, bubba bucks belly bustin’ bbq, kirk franklin, and so much more. Quotes of the night: “We might miss a couple of 1A bands. [half an hour later] We might make it for 2A. [a little while later] Well, at least we’ll get to see 3A. [one hour and two miles later] Good thing 5A starts at 10:00. [a few minutes later] Maybe we’ll get there for awards.” LOL! 😀 God is sovereign over all. We were blessed to arrive safely in time for 3A and to see Lafayette win! Yay!
2701. My favorites from finals: Madisonville playing “Fire of Eternal Glory,” John Hardin’s 42-person guard, Bourbon County’s hilarious show, Adair–fun and classy. AND…Lafayette. Wow! By far the best.

2702. never being able to outgive
2703. praying specifically
2704. feeling rested after only 3 hours of sleep!
2705. the wonderful grace of Jesus that has reached the most defiled…me!
2706. smiles and thank-yous from a broken girl
2707. hilarious parents

2708. shamgar–God uses the insignificant! {judges 3:31} listen to the sermon here

“To see the glory, name the graces.”

Since reading One Thousand Gifts, I started my own journal of grace-gifts God blesses me with every day. I will spare listing all of them here, but I will try to share some of my favorites every Monday.