one thousand gifts {2737-2784}

Give thanks to the LORD,
for He is good,
for His steadfast love endures forever.
{Psalm 136:1}

After 15 months, I’ve finally filled up one whole journal recording God has given me–nearly 3000 gifts.

Each gift He’s blessed me with (well–the ones I’ve recognized, recalled, and recounted) that I’ve recorded in my journal proves the second half of the verse above. They’re all evidence of His grace, love, and mercy.

If I had no tangible evidence of His goodness love for me, it wouldn’t change the truth that He does love me and that He is good. But I do have evidence! There are thousands of ways He’s shown His love for me and doesn’t that just go to show how over-the-top merciful He really is?

Give thanks to Him.
For He is very good.
And His love never changes, but endures forever!

2737. {isaiah 54:17}
2738. scraping my windshield and praying for the stantons

2739. panera + romans 8
2740. “the notes on the page are messing me up.” -silly saxophone kid
2741. working my 11th election. 74% voter turnout!

My coworker’s comic strip of our day.

2742. resting in God’s sovereignty
2743. lunch at cheddar’s with erin, deciding we need a double daddy daughter date at drakes in december
2744. being a plumber. (thank God for my dad and the capability of sending pics via texts)
2745. telling charlotte she can practice on a pencil. so cute.
2746. sinfulness and grace seen in isaiah 1. wow!
2747. pearls, curls, yellow sweater, and my favorite scarf

2748. bob brown house board meeting at the campbell house–yum! (oh, and my favorite: drawing residents’ Christmas wish lists…so precious)
2749. dinner (apples?!) at logan’s with sarah b and charla

2750. finishing a task that seemed so daunting the day before
2751. being recognized at a new bank!
2752. 3:16 appreciation
2753. an unexpected sale!
2754. a most productive day cleaning out and cleaning up
2755. finding shoes similar to what i had
2756. “underneath are the everlasting arms”
2757. singing “crown Him with many crowns” in church as music from the stripper place blared next-door. oh that their hearts would be changed and they would one day sing with us.
2758. all dressed up buying rakes with ate

“Surely you all aren’t going to rake leaves dressed like that.” -random people at Lowe’s

2759. panda. oh my–yum!
2760. getting soaked and a decent impulse buy
2761. laughing so hard at a funny quote from a student!
2762. “anything for you.” -sadie
2763. timpani mallet flying from a kid’s hand during a concert and landing right in front of a stunned sixth grade flutist
2764. sweet truths of psalm 1
2765. a most beautiful sunset
2766. {isaiah 41:10}
2767. lunch at ramsey’s with erin–corn showers & xylophone solos…so many laughs
2768. an 8-cent total at rite aid
2769. {hebrews 12:13} truth exploding!
2770. previewing T4G Vol. II cd that comes out at the end of november. glory bumps!
2771. lunch with dad at oasis. mmm.
2772. a most thankful barista handing me a red cup of goodness!
2773. enjoying kerry’s concert at asbury with will. “hononooooo, honono.” *spirit fingers*
2774. friends concerned about spiritual things. so, so, so grateful. such an answer to prayer.
2775. friends who give to help those in need
2776. free tix to the UK game with mom!

2777. warming up + a cheesy hallmark christmas movie!
2778. counting coins with my sunday school class to send for the BFM Thanksgiving Offering
2779. Jesus being my sustenance and satisfaction
2780. God placing a friend in my path as i was returning an item
2781. hearing church family give God the glory
2782. sweet fellowship over just-right finger foods
2783. God adding to our body–as He sees fit
2784. He is good. His love endures. {therefore, give thanks.}

“To see the glory, name the graces.”

Since reading One Thousand Gifts, I started my own journal of grace-gifts God blesses me with every day. I will spare listing all of them here, but I will try to share some of my favorites every Monday. 


one thousand gifts {2709-2736}

I know Who goes before me.
I know Who stands behind.
The God of angel armies
is always by my side.
{Chris Tomlin’s “Whom Shall I Fear“}

When I first heard this song on my way to work not-so-bright and very early Monday morning, I fell in love with it. It’s catchy and chock-full-o’ truth! I hummed the chorus all morning long and it even came back on the radio on my lunch break. Score! God used this new song to bring much joy to my Monday.

And nothing formed against me shall stand
You hold the whole world in Your hands
I’m holding onto Your promises
You are faithful
{Chris Tomlin’s “Whom Shall I Fear“}

It’s amazing to me how God can take the same song and apply it to my heart in a different respect. In a matter of just a few days, He used this song once again–this time to bring comfort to my heart and encourage me to trust His sovereign hand. When you’re hit with something you don’t expect, you have to trust that God knows what is best and trust His promises. I’m so thankful that though everything around me may change, HE IS FAITHFUL.

Whom–and what–then shall I fear?

2709. plugging along
2710. spontaneous bella notte lunch with erin
2711. flushing. or not?
2712. being able to contribute to a most-delicious home-cooked meal

2713. COLD!
2714. ♪ the God of angel armies is always by my side ♪
2715. “the moral of the story is–never run in high heels” -the boss
2716. minestrone, laughs, reminiscing, and a convicting study of sin by kay arthur
2717. reading the 95 theses. ♥ #62
2718. sola gratia–soli Deo gloria!
2719. finding humor in annoyances
2720. text videos of singing at the SBTS expositor’s conference
2721. stories of alistair begg using a piccolo in his sermon illustration! 😀
2722. leftover lunch on the cheap

2723. olive garden–completely on gift cards with some leftover!
2724. waves from a favorite
2725. things i never thought i’d do
2726. drakes buffalo shrimp then BGBS big red madness with dad
2727. making homemade brownies–and realizing my whisking muscle is out of shape
2728. crazy moves from stomp kids
2729. a kid just getting it!
2730. a perfect fall night on the farm with the church family, friends, baby piggies, chickens, and yummy chili!

2731. saving for later

2732. a red cup at starbucks. finally!
2733. God makes no distinction!
2734. reassuring a strong, faithful saint
2735. great gut-buster laughs on the way home from church
2736. old testament love. ♥ deborah & jael {judges 4-5}

“To see the glory, name the graces.”

Since reading One Thousand Gifts, I started my own journal of grace-gifts God blesses me with every day. I will spare listing all of them here, but I will try to share some of my favorites every Monday. 

one thousand gifts {2676-2708}

“He will guard the feet of His faithful ones.”
{1 Samuel 2:9}

 “The Lord is in control of your schedule and He can change it whenever He wants. When you realize that, you won’t get frustrated and angry.”

Those were the words my dad opened his sermon with this morning. I had to chuckle a little bit, considering what I experienced yesterday. You see, yesterday was the day of state marching band finals in Bowling Green. Considering it normally takes two-and-a-half hours to get there, we left at 2:00. (In theory, this plan gave us way more than enough time to grab a bite to eat and head to the stadium, especially considering we gained an hour going.) 

However, God had a different plan. He chose to bring traffic on I-65 to a complete standstill because of a chemical spill. Seven hours later, we arrived at our destination. 

But He guarded our feet the whole way! We arrived safely, we had plenty of gas the whole time, we stopped at just the right time for a bathroom break and dinner, and we even made it in time to see 3A take the field. 

I don’t know God’s purpose in having us sit on the Interstate/US-31 for seven hours, but I do know that He works every single detail of my life together for my good and His glory. 

So if you feel stuck, be patient and serve where God has planted you. Do what you can where you are with what you have. 

Don’t forget Who’s on the throne. He’s working it all together for your good.

2676. roasted turkey cranberry panini from panera–autumn happiness explosion
2677. fake filing fortune cookies 🙂
2678. taking on two more jobs. *sigh*
2679. “oh look! something playable.” -sadie sue
2680. doing just about everything possible to do at just about all of my jobs
2681. being a listening ear
2682. soup & scripture. His promises are TRUE!
2683. a call from an old friend
2684. answering the phone. my goodness.
2685. a bubbly waitress
2686. God’s comfort=empowering us with strength! {isaiah 40:1}
2687. God working it out way better than me
2688. the honor of playing at a funeral
2689. fall leaves dancing to the ground
2690. more funeral home fellowship = hugs = love (oh…and getting a new name: phoebe)
2691. chinese with the fam…such odd music and flavors
2692. God blowing me away!!!!
2693. coldness arriving
2694. new fuzzy blankets

2695. prayers answered and exceeded
2696. eating bread at cane’s–redeemed.

2697. “false start on the percussion.” -frank
2698. starbucks on the way back to the ‘bury with kerry + sinatra on my ride home
2699. my back windshield resembling the solar system with glistening raindrops and silhouettes of trees and fences in the shadows
2700. inching our way to bowling green via US31 for state finals with the wades. wigwams, bubba bucks belly bustin’ bbq, kirk franklin, and so much more. Quotes of the night: “We might miss a couple of 1A bands. [half an hour later] We might make it for 2A. [a little while later] Well, at least we’ll get to see 3A. [one hour and two miles later] Good thing 5A starts at 10:00. [a few minutes later] Maybe we’ll get there for awards.” LOL! 😀 God is sovereign over all. We were blessed to arrive safely in time for 3A and to see Lafayette win! Yay!
2701. My favorites from finals: Madisonville playing “Fire of Eternal Glory,” John Hardin’s 42-person guard, Bourbon County’s hilarious show, Adair–fun and classy. AND…Lafayette. Wow! By far the best.

2702. never being able to outgive
2703. praying specifically
2704. feeling rested after only 3 hours of sleep!
2705. the wonderful grace of Jesus that has reached the most defiled…me!
2706. smiles and thank-yous from a broken girl
2707. hilarious parents

2708. shamgar–God uses the insignificant! {judges 3:31} listen to the sermon here

“To see the glory, name the graces.”

Since reading One Thousand Gifts, I started my own journal of grace-gifts God blesses me with every day. I will spare listing all of them here, but I will try to share some of my favorites every Monday. 

one thousand gifts {2604-2675}

Peace I leave with you; my peace I give to you. Not as the world gives do I give to you. Let not your hearts be troubled, neither let them be afraid.
{John 14:27}


That is what God has given my family and I over the past couple of weeks. I never thought I’d be able to face the passing of my grandmother–even though I knew were she was going and knew she’d be better off and knew that God was in control. It was a day I dreaded for a majority of my life.

I know you have one of those fears, too.

You know that day you never think you’ll be able to face? Don’t worry about it.
He gives you grace when you get there–not a moment too soon and not a moment too late! He’s perfectly on time.

He’s absolutely DRENCHED us with grace.

He’s blanketed us with peace.

He’s flooded us with mercy.

He’s proven His love.

Take heart! There is nothing to worry about. He will do the same for you as you trust in Him!

You keep him in perfect peace
whose mind is stayed on you,
because he trusts in you.
Trust in the LORD forever,
for the LORD GOD is an everlasting rock.
{Isaiah 26:3-4}

2604. a bank holiday and christopher columbus (in retrospect, this day off was one of the greatest gifts ever–I spent most of the day at home with my grandmother during her last full day on earth)
2605. telling a student, “don’t do iiiiiit!” and him responding, “that’s exactly what mrs. b said.” {made. my. day.} can’t say she never made an impact. 🙂
2606. roger cruz providentially bringing us dinner
2607. a foggy, brisk morning turned to blue skies
2608. the call
2609. praying for God to show mercy and Him being exceedingly merciful!
2610. just knowing.
2611. a precious, kind waitress
2612. peace beyond description
2613. locking the door and going to red lobster to celebrate a LIFE WELL LIVED!
2614. knowing that granny heard “well done” around noon today ~ laughing thinking how she probably reacted to seeing uncle benny and aunt lee ann in heaven ~ being jealous that she’s singing to our King face-to-face ~ loving that she is basking in His glory
2615. {isaiah 40} {psalm 46:1}
2616. peace that is indescribable & no tears. numbness?
2617. being able to laugh hysterically while making funeral arrangements. SUCH a blessing! (and those directors–my, my…)
2618. a “that’s ok” perfectly timed on accident for a really good laugh
2619. old pictures ♥
2620. grace — for the MOMENT.
2621. wayne coming to haul our garbage
2622. a sovereign tray of sandwiches from cassie
2623. using the $6,258 timpani to test a website’s payment options
2624. election training–being the “perfect voter”
2625. the sovereignty of God on display in my refrigerator. vegetable soup FTW!
2626. family. ♥

2627. approximately 198 people coming to the visitation to honor granny and show their love. unbelievable.
2628. big, heartfelt hugs
2629. curing hiccups (with ziploc bags?!)

Uncle Sam and Amelia curing hiccups by catching them in a ziploc bag

2630. “shouldn’t we be mad at adam and eve?” -amelia. i love love love gospel chats with children!
2631. hugs–the squeeze-you-silly kind
2632. the absolute kindest, most genuine thank you anyone has ever given me
2633. the grace and strength to play the prelude
2634. mom singing
2635. aunt janna’s beautiful tribute
2636. dad preaching the gospel so clearly and honoring my grandmother (and mom) so well. my question to you today is not “do you know the Lord,” but “do you love the Lord like granny loved the Lord?”
2637. amanda reminding us that “we take care of people” in our family. that’s just what we do.
2638. a most lovingly prepared lunch. homemade rolls, cake, and even an apple cake. i love those new lifers!
2639. cousins.

2640. seeing little cousins playing together and hearing doors slam all over the house. “excuse me. can i have a glass of water now?”
2641. negotiating the price of a pint of blueberries
2642. a string of toilet paper. LOL!
2643. hearing my 95 year-old aunt ginny fill in the Scriptures at the graveside service. such a blessing!

2644. a full house. “when love is in the house, the house is packed!”
2645. telling jerry that they definitely put the fun in funeral
2646. being reminded that my life is not my own
2647. sunday lunch at pf chang’s with ate, mom, and dad!
2648. teaching sunday school
2649. best sunday afternoon nap ever
2650. “when i get carried away” piano duet with mom for offertory
2651. the GOSPEL beautifully proclaimed
2652. john 14:1-6 preciously recited by ava
2653. leftovers with EVERYone after church
2654. bronze mums

2655. celebrating sadie’s birthday
2656. a reply
2657. ate making dinner for us
2658. mrs. cantrell eating with us
2659. trusting in the Lord rather than chariots or horses after that ridiculous debate
2660. spicy creamy tomato basil chicken soup at bella notte for lunch with dad
2661. a reply AND a follow. unbelievable.
2662. starjazz with erin…finally!
2663. sending cards
2664. He frees our hearts to live out His grace
2665. kind, presumably encouraging words
2666. a hug from hunter on a seemingly wasted lunch break errand
2667. andrew peterson & caleb concert at SBTS with mom & dad and getting to sit with the Hunters!
2668. ♪ promises written in a script of stars! ♪
2669. my fingerprints being covered with the fingerprints of God

2670. dinner at the vance’s!
2671. sketch gas station, sketchier flea market, a beautiful drive down US-60, 12 great bands, a goose chase that ended at dairy queen, hysterical laughs on I-64, and a heart-to-heart on new circle. happy john moose day!

2672. a most hysterical announcer with “something-to-think-about” thoughts
2673. celebrating mom’s birthday at chop house!
2674. there is nothing that happens by accident. God is absolutely SOVEREIGN!
2675. eglon, ehud, fat, excrement from the buttocks, and FIGHTING THE FLESH!
^^ that’s an awkward one to end on, but really…go read judges 3, one of my favorite childhood Bible stories…then go listen to a beautiful Gospel exposition of it by my dad! ^^

“To see the glory, name the graces.”

Since reading One Thousand Gifts, I started my own journal of grace-gifts God blesses me with every day. I will spare listing all of them here, but I will try to share some of my favorites every Monday. 

one thousand gifts {2546-2603}

Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart
be acceptable in Your sight,
O LORD, my Rock and my Redeemer.
{Psalm 19:14}

Words have power. My “life verse” is Psalm 19:14 and I have probably prayed this verse more over the past two weeks than I have in the rest of my life combined. It’s been an overwhelming, whirlwind couple of weeks in which I’ve been consistently tested with how I’m going to respond. Knowing what to say and when to say it is hard–especially for this typically quiet girl.

Some days the tongue gets twisted
Other days my thoughts just fall apart
I do, I don’t, I will, I won’t
It’s like I’m drowning in the deep
{tobymac in speak life}

While I haven’t responded the way I would like in every instance, I thank God for His Spirit working through me to give me grace and the words I needed when I remembered to ask. 

Raise your thoughts a little higher
Use your words to inspire
Trouble falls like rain
When you speak life with the things you say
{tobymac in speak life}

If I’ve not said what should have been said, I’m sorry. If I’ve said what shouldn’t have been said, I’m sorry.

Set a guard over my mouth, Lord;
keep watch over the door of my lips.
{Psalm 141:3}
Praying that my Rock & Redeemer redeems every word I’ve typed and spoken lately for His glory and for the good of others. May I always speak life.

2546. extra big hugs
2547. offering a tissue in the rearview mirror to logan driving behind me and him holding his own up. so funny!
2548. sadie making glasses for simon, the chipmunk her cat drug in

2549. standing firm and resisting
2550. Jehovah Saboath: over all power!
2551. being called sweet WAY too many times
2552. discovering mistakes
2553. mom buying dunkin donuts decaf and caramel macchiato creamer
2554. dad bringing me my own tobymac cd
2555. take heart ♪ by hillsong
2556. rejoicing with those who rejoice
2557. lunch with dad at hacienda express
2558. waiting for the blessed hope {titus 2:13}
2559. being appreciated
2560. yet another new hat
2561. trudging on. trying to let Christ’s light shine through me.
2562. letting brotherly love continue {hebrews 13}
2563. completing tasks
2564. seeing a product come together successfully and kids having fun
2565. celebrating erin’s birth at shakespeare & co. with a super nice waitress who played the numbers game to decide our dessert. ♥ their bathrooms!

2566. laughing in the car for over an hour–best laugh in forever. “my face hurts!” (who’s blind?!, cat jumping in the trashcan, bubble, and more)
2567. working from home in my pj’s
2568. morehead state competition with kathy and mom. such beautiful pageantry!

Paris High School Marching Band

2569. seeing God’s grace at work in spite of such chaos at new life. so many hurting people, but His Spirit brings peace, comfort, love, and hope.
2570. angie testifying that Christ is who she is depending on to get to heaven
2571. steve & becky serving so well ♥
2572. the gospel.
2573. rupesh & landon being baptized
2574. ethan taking notes in church for the first time. presh. please pick my heart up off the floor.

2575. the promise & hope of brighter days
2576. too many problems when you’re a good listener can be so overwhelming, but what a privilege to be considered trustworthy to hear frustrations and struggles from EVERY spot today
2577. God perfectly orchestrating the death of my pdm and giving me such joy as i found solutions
2578. the privilege to love
2579. feeling rested and mostly peaceful
2580. aunt janna “lobing” me…hehe!
2581. hard words
2582. wanting barb wire for my fingers and a steel lock for my mouth
2583. a sweet spirit at Bible study–beth moore always laying down and making a challenge
2584. restraint in the end–even if not every time. he didn’t get me THIS time. God won that one.
2585. silent drives. almost like a music fast.
2586. the best news ever that my favorite doctor is back in town!
2587. exciting things that only God could orchestrate! i love when He makes Himself conspicuous!
2588. stress turned into good
2589. a music fast. silence is beautiful!
2590. smiles restored
2591. talks of american girl dolls with charlotte
2592. lucy sitting still and “finding” scripture
2593. watching micheal’s game at station with ate

2594. the man behind me brushing his teeth in his car
2595. aunt janna lunches
2596. giving
2597. coon cages in the backseat
2598. “fifth thud” bank (LOL!)
2599. sweet texts to make my morning (rocking pearls and a cardigan) hehe!
2600. homecoming with kerry, caveman, and john

2601. apple day with charla!

Enjoying my first Tiger Ear at Apple Day with Charla

2602. a fried apple pie for breakfast leftover from apple day

2603. two very uplifting messages

“To see the glory, name the graces.”

Since reading One Thousand Gifts, I started my own journal of grace-gifts God blesses me with every day. I will spare listing all of them here, but I will try to share some of my favorites every Monday. 

one thousand gifts {#2442-2545}

♪ Keep our eyes wide open
Love is kind and love is daring everything we need to keep our eyes
Help us to believe
{from Jars of Clay’s “Eyes Wide Open} 

One of my favorite albums to listen to in the fall is Jars of Clay’s “The Shelter.” I’ve prayed the above lyrics more times than I can count during this month: for God to keep my eyes spiritually wide open…and physically as well.

I’ve been blessed with a very full three weeks–so blessed, in fact, that I haven’t had time to post God’s greatest love-gifts to me. After a year of counting all the little (and big!) ways He blesses me each day, I’m beginning to realize (if you haven’t noticed) that my most favorite times include reveling in Scripture, good music, and sharing good food with good friends–especially around our family table. 

These past few weeks have been full of much of those wonderful things! My aunt and uncle came for a visit one weekend and the following week, my very dear friends from Trinidad came into town. And I’ve also been able to enjoy several concerts and competitions (everything from The Lexington Philharmonic to Festival Latino, Southern Gospel singin’s, and band competitions). My house has been full, my ears have been full, our stomachs have been full, the sink has been full, and therefore, my heart has been full! 


2442. bank holidays
2443. iced black tea with a hint of constant comment
2444. seeing coach cal and ellen in my kroger by the deli as i was getting brownies. ironic.
2445. being productive at 3 jobs by 10:00 a.m.
2446. hurry-up-and-waiting
2447. loaded baked potato soup shared with sisters
2448. established by God…unmoveable
2449. laughs with the Stantons
2450. doing way more in an hour lunch break than i ever thought i could!
2451. laughs over “jerry” (JRE)
2452. a supportive new administrator–providential for sure
2453. getting absolutely drenched–and the kind culver’s gentleman going to exchange my drink

2454. reminder that wonder brings worship!
2455. loved by the King! forever.
2456. celebrating kerry’s birthday. geese!

2457. being chosen!
2458. being consciously reminded that God was in control of my very up-in-the-air day
2459. clarification
2460. “call me maybe” jokes from all sides
2461. scheherazade
2462. spending the evening with kerry, peter, jenny, courtney, and others. so much joy!
2463. sleeping in the latest i have in for-ev-er
2464. a new scarf and perfect weather for it
2465. band competition at bourbon solely as a spectator

The only picture I got from Bourbon’s Competition, courtesy of my jazzy friend Will. Always love his hilarious comments during shows.

2466. smiling former parents
2467. lafayette jazz. aaah!
2468. sweatshirt, scarves, coffee. driving home from a band competition by myself for the first time EVER after 10 years
2469. singing, lunch, dodging deer, and hugs from uncle mike and auntie avis

2470. church tours from the preacher’s granddaughter and huge squeezes

2471. starry nights on one-lane roads
2472. the length of scheherazade perfectly timed for 88 envelopes
2473. leftovers and chats with aunt janna
2474. heart-to-hearts with Mrs. B. I LOVE her.
2475. “the key of ouch” -sadie
2476. getting chills as sadie played the most beautifully she has ever played
2477. remembering the importance of making the most of every opportunity
2478. being extremely busy
2479. getting to work for missionaries–what a privilege!
2480. aunt janna always being there. ❤
2481. anticipating my TriniDad’s arrival!
2482. hugging my TriniDad’s neck, meeting sweet Lisa, and laughing over Hershey quoting Psalm 46
2483. ramsey’s with dad, sugi, and lisa. “this country fried steak causes me to worrrrrrship.”
2484. long talks with people who care ♪
2485. gifts of the Spirit given to edify the body
2486. a hilarious ate
2487. sugi singing “the bubble song” at dinner. bubbles=effervescence or disease? hahaha!
2488. a surprise raise and kind words
2489. catch & release.
2490. trini accents ringing through my home
2491. meeting others who have a passion for the Gospel
2492. peace that comes in flexibility, knowing that God ordains your day
2493. a most delicious broccoli casserole enjoyed so very much by my TriniDad
2494. alessio bax. rachmaninoff. the end.
2495. the chill of fall–finally!
2496. a lovely breakfast with friends
2497. watching mom’s kids perform at festival latino and acting as her pit crew

2498. my first-ever pic with lisa

2499. “Jesus loves me, this I know. For this broccoli tells me so.” -who else, but Sugi
2500. a live sermon from my TriniDad. ah, the wonder of the incarnation
2501. sweet fellowship and yummy food over lunch
2502. forgiven much to forgive much
2503. erin grannysitting
2504. singing with charlie b
2505. 16 people at cracker barrel after church. love.
2506. explaining baseball to the trinis (melchizedek?)
2507. breakfast with sugi and lisa and one last hug to send them off

2508. raindrops
2509. hugs from kids
2510. unexpected laughs
2511. seeing peace in the faces of the Rogers/Gilbert families, knowing that Jacob is running around the heavenly throne
2512. hide-n-seek car searching with harka in beaumont
2513. an awning at work
2514. bella notte’s tomato chicken soup
2515. a praying sister
2516. kind words
2517. hurtful words
2518. aunt janna’s vegetable soup on a nice, crisp evening + nine bowls to wash
2519. that i have prayer as a potent weapon
2520. being able to work one-on-one with a couple of students and incorporating biblical principles 🙂
2521. even so, come Lord Jesus
2522. popcorn made by dad. mmm.
2523. “you’re so kind to me”
2524. chats with ethan
2525. witnessing to my hindu friend on the way home from church. oh for her eyes to be opened to truth!
2526. another new hat
2527. best office laugh to date (indian music + spanish prompts!)
2528. surprise paul and barb visit at lunch
2529. lovely sunsets and being proud of kristen at starbucks in gtown. ❤ pumpkin spice frapp light with light whip. wow!

2530. helping people
2531. being still and knowing that He is God
2532. nothingness
2533. finally feeling rested
2534. clinique bonus time=new fall lip gloss!
2535. dinner at the hub in danville with mom and shanna
2536. catching up with joe and winkie at boyle county
2537. a new jacket and scarf just in time for my favorite kind of weather!

2538. laughing with helen, amy, and hannah
2539. starry, late-night drives home
2540. sharing the Gospel using Narnia
2541. Christ-centered chats with hurting friends
2542. guest singers from corbin ministering in the midst of their suffering. “because He loved me!”
2543. drawing close to serve more
2544. letting brotherly love continue
2545. first chili of the season after church

“To see the glory, name the graces.”

Since reading One Thousand Gifts, I started my own journal of grace-gifts God blesses me with every day. I will spare listing all of them here, but I will try to share some of my favorites every Monday. 

one thousand gifts {#2415-2441}

♪ Well Your remix is so surprising
Like raindrops when the sun is shinin’
It’s beautiful to me
Lord, You
Flip my words and change the tempo
And somehow You just make it simple
So beautiful to sing ♪
{from “Favorite Song” by Toby Mac} 

I’ve been listening to Toby Mac’s new album a lot this past week. I LOVE it! There are so many phrases that just pop out and make you think, such as the lines above. Looking for God’s grace in every area of my life is one of the most common ways He flips my words and changes the tempo.

♪ Imma leave my selfish melodies
Wanna be in Your beautiful symphony ♪
Gratitude is one of the most beautiful melodies in God’s beautiful symphony.
Every note is grace.

2415. eating homemade meals all day–even if it was quickly or in the car
2416. clear as mud
2417. waiting
2418. rich, luscious chords
2419. grace for the 13-hours straight
2420. being hugged by garbage can lids
2421. sketching
2422. tobymac
2423. God’s sunrise kiss of sunglow on my face as i turn into work. good. morning.
2424. pearls, flats, and a little black dress–even if casual. oh, and a smile–audrey hepburnesque ftw!
2425. words of grace given when asked
2426. “fingerprints of God” on New Life Baptist Church as described by a visitor
2427. {romans 8:13}
2428. renewed acquaintances
2429. so many sweet faces at the lunch box for the Bob Brown House fundraiser
2430. coke zero from a fountain
2431. rubio taking a firm stand
2432. wanting Him to steal my show
2433. drawing from a side i don’t like to tap into
2434. “creature of habit”
2435. talking it out–knowing God is in complete control {romans 8:28}
2436. toby mac’s new album!
2437. marimba at the end of the new andrew peterson album
2438. tough questions
2439. first pumpkin muffin of the year from my sweet sunday school teacher
2440. 5 baptisms! oh may they grow…
2441. a sunday school lesson from the hall of faith followed by a sermon on removing doubts

“To see the glory, name the graces.”

Since reading One Thousand Gifts, I started my own journal of grace-gifts God blesses me with every day. I will spare listing all of them here, but I will try to share some of my favorites every Monday.