one thousand gifts {3199-3250}

“A joyful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones.”
{Proverbs 17:22}

I’ve had several occasions lately where I’ve told a friend a story about something that happened to me and then they ask me if that was a true story. There is really no way I could ever be creative enough to make up the things I encounter in everyday life. God sure does know how to humor me! This was especially evident this evening with a myriad of funny things that happened all right in a row. Every 20 minutes, something hilarious happened.

And we all know that I love to laugh.

So all I can say is…God is so good. What gifts.

3199. a surprise evening off–swim & catching up
3200. long heart-to-hearts searching the depths and foundations. so good for a soul.
3201. working out what He has worked in
3202. a nap!
3203. the brevity of life, as described by lou grant
3204. “do you like flatbread?”
3205. stoplights. wow, people can’t drive without them–especially in the rain
3206. hearing how God has blessed abundantly beyond imagination!
3207. playing arpeggiated loveliness with 2 over 3 debussy. ahhh.
3208. tiramisu cheesecake from the cheesecake factory, reunions for old friends, and meeting new friends
3209. seeing sunday school teachers preparing with passion
3210. channa
3211. meeting new brothers and sisters in Christ and fellowshipping with old ones
3212. sweet friends with kind words
3213. God perfectly timing my day, as requested
3214. reminders of His providence and love that it’s such a small world
3215. five years with the sugar blood {click here if you care to read more}
3216. what heights of love!
3217. sal’s rolls
3218. hearing the Gospel so clearly proclaimed, bbq, and sweet fellowship ♥
3219. a breath-taking sunset–even if it was outside the dollar tree in woodhill
3220. hearing one talk of her love for Christ and being encouraged by her close walk with Him
3221. kristen eating a breadstick and hugs before she leaves for omaha ♥

Kristen Omaha3222. “soul finger” coming on while i was pumping gas and my upper body automatically moving in various directions #bandprobs
3223. crepes with jeremy and him putting into words what i had been trying to figure out for nearly a week. what a gift.
3224. the protective hand of God in the rain as this scuzzball made two saturday office runs
3225. the beautiful Christ-centered ceremony of rachel & jake~and their flower girl asking me if the bubbles cost money

Rachel & Jake Wedding 3226. gambling at mcdonald’s discussion in sunday school. aunt janna and her medium monopoly diet cokes. hehe!
3227. tightness of the world not letting roots go deeper–Christ will dig in your heart and aerate it!
3228. missing erin REALLY bad.
3229. finishing same kind of different as me in one day
3230. hugging my sweet family’s necks. God is so good to me. ♥
3231. spending time with my mema and papa, shedding a few tears, but laughing so much more. love them so.
3232. that house. that home. those memories. the love. the people. the Lord who gave it all. {2 corinthians 4:16-5:7}
3233. closing one chapter–a long one–with hopes and prayers for the next.
3234. skeeters big enough to carry you away, butter beans on a buffet, crops stretching forever through a vast field, the south.

The South
3235. mema’s chicken salad
3236. a soaking wet hug from clayton
3237. a teary-eyed thank you and sweet hug from papa
3238. being with the saints at midway and hearing how the Lord is at work in HUGE huge ways!
3239. celebrating mema & papa’s 60th wedding anniversary. ♥ love them so.

3240. roger’s. rutabagas. for real.

3241. seeing clayton’s new house (and giving him a plastic knife and spoon to eat with. lol!)
3242. my heart literally hurting because people are hurting
3243. goodbyes. they never get easier.
3244. being reminded that i am here to glorify God by serving others
3245. moving kerry in…peach pizza, a cup of commonwealth, and thrifting
3246. the habitation of His house {psalm 26:8}
3247. a sunny afternoon with bonhoeffer
3248. mercy and grace to the woman bent over {luke 13:10-17}
3249. quite the sight outside the church window
3250. dinner with chan and the ‘rents and running into caveman and the hunters. such providence!

“To see the glory, name the graces.”

Since reading One Thousand Gifts, I started my own journal of grace-gifts God blesses me with every day. I will spare listing all of them here, but I will try to share some of my favorites every Monday.