one thousand gifts {2949-3038}

But He said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for My power is made perfect in weakness.”
{2 Corinthians 12:9}

2 Corinthians 12:9

It’s not Monday and there’s not a multitude, but I do have a moment…a moment that’s free. (And I thought I was crazy busy last month. HA! God showed me.) So I’m using this short moment to remember. To remember how good He’s been even in the busy of ordinary life. I’ve had so many “Just keep swimming…Just keep swimming… moments this past month that it’s been borderline ridiculous, but the Lord has constantly reminded me of my need for His grace and strength and He’s been faithful to fill me with both.

He’s also been so good to let me continue to do things I love in addition to working multiple jobs that I enjoy. This past month, I’ve been able to teach music, play music, eat delicious food, spend quality time with many friends, celebrate my church, interact with new people, and so much more.

In all reality, I’m a girl who deserves to be eternally separated from God. But God, in His rich mercy, while I was wallowing in my self-centered sinfulness sent His Son to live a perfect life that I could never live and to die the death I deserved. If that isn’t grace, I don’t know what is! With Christ covering me, everything is a blessing. 

2949. biking in the basement with bonhoeffer
2950. covenant Maker becoming covenant-Keeper & dying for covenant breakers
2951. pep band–past and present coincide

Pep Band with Madison piccolo2952. thank yous
2953. new tasks
2954. not of this world
2955. smashfries with erin
2956. staying late
2957. chats with cute neighbors and a delicious dinner
2958. not having a spare second to be bored
2959. singing along with T4GII
2960. chats with a smily, happy aly
2961. “did you get the dress?!” hahahahaha!

I was responsible for getting a high schooler's dress to a college girl. From Lindsey to Aly's locker to the ensemble room to the band office to my car to my closet, to my car, to Wilmore. It went through a lot to be safely transferred to Kerry's hands. You have no idea how many people asked me with very wide, concerned eyes, "Did you get the dress?!"

I was responsible for getting a high schooler’s dress to a college girl. From Lindsey to Aly’s locker to the ensemble room to the band office to my car to my closet, to my car, to Wilmore. It went through a lot to be safely transferred to Kerry’s hands. You have no idea how many people asked me with very wide, concerned eyes, “Did you get the dress?!”

2962. faithful to promises: He gives His beloved sleep (even when they’re stupid).
2963. breakfast and sweet chats with helen
2964. the kentucky symphony with gilbert rollins
2965. kerry playing clarinet in a college concert & seeing miss bailey
2966. having kerry over for a comfort food meal in wainrights’ kitchen
2967. being appreciated with breakfast at the bob brown house
2968. miss erica rose’s squishy cheeks

Erica Rose2969. way beyond. way past. {ephesians 3:18-20}
2970. seeing dr. patel for the first time in 3 years and getting my sugars straightened out
2971. practicing the tinman run at the doctor’s office on a pencil via my phone
2972. playing all night after a full day of work
{you can read a full recap of things i learned from playing in the wizard of oz here}
2973. going silent to end it
2974. snow in my hair
2975. practicing piccolo in the pizza plaza parking lot. high A-flats. yay!
2976. dinner with the golden girls at saul good
2977. mrs. b’s faces. my favorite!
2978. ||: ding dong the witch is dead :|| (in case you missed it the first 423 times)
2979. writing hard words
2980. chatting with crows and hugging jitterbugs

Jitterbug Crow
2981. “why is she said?” -little kid in the audience asking about dorothy
2982. hugs from ellen!
2983. God’s rich mercy & compassion
2984. lunch with friends & familiy
2985. rolling xylophones and carrying cabasas and timpani stools in heels and a dress. favorite!
2986. the gruesome finale of judges {Jesus, be the King on the throne of my life!}
2987. “My grace is sufficient for you.”
2988. sadie loving me in my mess
2989. 5 months worth of work in a couple of days. o.O
2990. catching up with charla at dinner
2991. watching friends perform at the station show with mom & seeing other friends unexpectedly
2992. kind goodbyes–so courteous
2993. God answering prayers for the words i needed to hear to be placed in bro. vance’s mouth
2994. the urgent reminder to be in the Word and to pray
2995. lunch at shaker village!

Shaker Village2996. gathering with a family who waits peacefully for their mother’s coronation moment–so precious.
2997. such a sweet spirit
2998. breakfast with iron-sharpening sweet ashley~laughing about birds in plane engines, hilarious parents, and life in general
2999. awnings–especially on a rainy day
3000. washed clean–showered with His love and numberless blessings. Hosanna has saved me–a scumbag who deserves death. He gave me life–abundant & eternal life–instead.

Gift #30003001. buying too many passion cd’s on my lunch break
3002. saul good being out of plastic spoons for my to-go french onion soup & trusting me with a metal spoon. of course i’ll be back.
3003. getting glory bumps during EVERY song on the passion cd at some point and nearly crying during “we glorify Your Name”
3004. mom making waffles after dinner–just because
3005. catching up with a far-away friend who is always so swift to give a compliment. kind words soak to the depths of my soul and can keep me rejuvenated for days. may my words ALWAYS do the same for others.
3006. words of appreciation not often expressed
3007. hysterical laughs with erin midday over a “hu hu ha” call from george
3008. smiles from a squishy baby!
3009. doing a myriad of tasks–may of which convenienced others and eased their burdens. my favorite.
3010. ♪ the Lord our God is ever faithful, never changing through the ages! ♪
3011. words of affirmation
3012. streamers and choreography. oh my.
3013. isaiah 26:3-4 being repeated in my life. emphasis much?!
3014. going with my gut
3015. ♪ wake up! open your eyes–no longer dead, we are alive! ♪
3016. hearing a voice that sounded trinidadian–almost made me cry.
3017. reuniting with kerry! laughs on top of laughs. 😀
3018. returning the spoon to saul good (see #3002)
3019. $5 ballet flats!
3020. windy country road adventures for a windy corner breakfast with kristen

Windy Corner Breakfast3021. God’s grace triumphing in the life of trick–such a beautiful testimony at her funeral
3023. jamie grace being so presh in person. (“i’ll thank my husband for paying the bills and buying me chickfila!”)
3024. worshipping with TobyMac & his little indoor drumline. band geek love. ❤

TobyMac Drumline
3025. celebrating 16 years of God’s faithfulness

16 Years @ NLBC3026. being a treasured jewel {malachi 3:17}
3027. church pot-blessings complete with anita’s chocolate pie
3028. promises to keep His promises
3029. eating, fellowshipping, and memphis reminiscing with the drurys
3030. hearing how a friend is being obedient and walking in the truth
3031. an ordained open night to catch up on a little work
3032. talking to myself
3033. being loved because i am covered
3034. prayers being answered–urging & encouraging me to pray more
3035. feeling put together–on a wednesday, nonetheless
3036. finally feeling like i’ve hit a point of true friendship
3037. a premature “amen” from lucy. so cute!
3038. peace through His blood & ordained good works

“To see the glory, name the graces.”

Since reading One Thousand Gifts, I started my own journal of grace-gifts God blesses me with every day. I will spare listing all of them here, but I will try to share some of my favorites every Monday. 


one thousand gifts {#2257-2292}

“Let us then with confidence draw near to the throne of grace, that we may receive mercy and find grace to help in time of need.”

{Hebrews 4:16} 

A common theme you might notice throughout my list this week: praying. I so often forget to pray, which is really a shame. I have a Great High Priest who goes before me and I have the privilege of coming boldly before the Creator of the universe who will always shower me with grace and mercy. I was reminded this past week especially of the peace that God gives me when I place things in His hands. How could I forget to pray? 

‎”Leave it all in the Hands that were wounded for you.”
{Elisabeth Elliot}

2257. praying about uncertainties
2258. a most delicious veggie-filled lunch
2259. being back and welcomed back
2260. velveeta shells
2261. reading of how God orchestrated the design of Petra’s brain for that bullet
2262. a doctor who orders me to do nothing all day
2263. a potful of mint green tea

2264. kind social-worker patty offering to bring me something
2265. those who have passed the Gospel on to me
2266. filipino food = masarap

2267. feeling better and concerned friends who ask to make sure
2268. spending my lunch break with bandies: hugs, cookies, funny videos, and hearing them practice while they were on break. love them.
2269. peace and ease after praying
2270. mint green iced tea
2271. the grace of God’s WORD!
2272. a kind instagram post from one of my students– so sweet.

2273. one last two & two with ashley at josies

2274. wishing the dentist a merry Christmas and long chats with encouraging words
2275. having the right words
2276. meeting charla at chipotle for chips and a quick chat
2277. a most delicious comfort food meal on blue willow in a storm
2278. crazy gorgeous storm clouds
2279. going to the “yogurt bar” with kerry
2280. cleaning
2281. waldorf salad mid-afternoon

2282. watching the opening ceremonies in my john moose sweatshirt #TeamUSA (also seeing the parade of nations and remembering that one day every knee will bow)

2283. waking up to carmina burana playing over the loudspeaker at commonwealth
2284. breakfast at bob’s with kerry

2285. an unknown windy road with blue skies and horses

2286. kind people of 912 “restoring love” by giving to the bob brown house

2287. running into childhood friends and meeting their children
2288. getting tickled right before the offertory about camping out at chick-fil-a
2289. not being able to outgive God
2290. creamy jalapeno and grilled chicken from chuys with my ate
2291. free starbucks
2292. a pink-covered precious 7-year-old holding my Bible attentively during service

Since reading One Thousand Gifts, I started my own journal of grace-gifts God blesses me with every day. I will spare listing all of them here, but I will try to share some of my favorites every Monday. 

one thousand gifts {#2228-2256}

“Not that I am speaking of being in need, for I have learned in whatever situation I am to be content. I know how to be brought low, and I know how to abound. In any and every circumstance, I have learned the secret of facing plenty and hunger, abundance and need. I can do all things through Him who strengthens me.”

{Philippians 4:11-13} 

I have been blessed to share my Tuesday nights this summer with sweet sisters of all ages from all different churches. My mom has opened up our home for dinner and time in the Word. It’s been most refreshing to hear what God is teaching those around me and also to share what He’s been teaching me. The theme has been “Treasures.” This past week was “The Treasure of Contentment.” I gleaned so much from what my sisters had to say and want to share with you the overarching theme that kept coming up as each one shared.  

Contentment: Resting in the truth that everything is okay because Christ is in control.

I’m still learning how to be content, but I know the secret of how to be: it’s His strength in me. It’s not easy to let go of my selfish ambitions and what I think is best, but knowing that God is in control gives me peace and hope for the future. He’s given me salvation and that is more than enough, but He’s also lavished lots of lovely gifts–He’s that good.

May you be content with Christ alone this week and recognize all the good gifts that come from His hand.

2228. trying new things and succeeding
2229. {psalm 73:25-26}
2230. a free evening & shiny jewelry
2231. a patience parade
2232. beer cheese blt
2233. reminded to pray for a traveling friend after seeing her car parked at the post office under a baby blue sky <(
2234. a surprise visit from missionary anita stanton at Bible study. what a precious, encouraging woman! (and for the record, if i ever go to the mission field, i’m buying ice scrapers for all my supporters)
2235. tired, but refreshed. gleaning from sweet sisters in the Word that contentment is resting in the truth that everything is okay because God is in control
2236. natalie’s chocolate chip cookies
2237. a coca-cola box in just the right form to help this short girl knock the new toilet paper down from the top of the office cabinet
2238. calls from chan to his gran at lunch
2239. more new things that no longer seem as daunting
2240. flute hymns in the basement
2241. a surprise full tank of gas
2242. long chats
2243. one of those “vibrate off the desk” text days with lots of “pray for me’s” and “what should i do with my life?” texts–honored and humbled
2244. He has told every lightning bolt where it should go

2245. hysterical voicemail. “who you is.”
2246. free soup at the mexican place
2247. laughing uncontrollably at a #winnerwinnerwoodwinddinner
2248. “It’s a state law in Kentucky that in order to have a college, you must have a basketball team.” -Caveman
*straight face* “Really?” -Kerry
2249. catch phrase hilarity at menchie’s with woodwind girls and an oc.
2250. praying for the brokenhearted of aurora
2251. throwing surprise parties!

2252. a Great High Priest
2253. watching sheer joy on anisha’s face at the drink machine!
2254. decorating with pink with ate!
2255. celebrating mery’s upcoming baby girl!

2256. watching “the blind side” with sara t.

Since reading One Thousand Gifts, I started my own journal of grace-gifts God blesses me with every day. I will spare listing all of them here, but I will try to share some of my favorites every Monday. 

one thousand gifts {#2157-2195}

“Can we find a friend so faithful
Who will all our sorrows share?”

{“What a Friend We Have in Jesus”} 

I’m still learning that no matter how many friends I surround myself with, confide in, and trust, the only one who will never fail me or disappoint me is Jesus Christ. He loved me ere I knew Him–He knew I would be a jerk-faced sinner who rebelled against all His plans for me, but He loved me so much that He saved me from that, clothed me with His spotless righteousness, and made me a joint-heir of His Kingdom.
What a Friend!

2157. hymn-stuffing envelopes
2158. leftover lunch with funny dad and aunt janna. cheap therapy, really.
2159. beer cheese blt’s and lots of summer veggies. yum!

2160. laughs with sadie-sue and amy
2161. starbucks. the gift He gave? the privilege of sitting in the car and praying for every fellow customer and barista i could see. oh to be a light.
2162. an evening swim with mom under a GORGEOUS full moon
2163. waving at an old friend in front of me at a drive-thru window
2164. building a payment portal in record time
2165. my job being so eclectic
2166. a most chatty lady about silicone brownies (?)
2167. when everything flows together so well and God brings one overarching truth to light through so many verses from so many different women: thoughts stayed on Him.
2168. hurting people excited about sharing the Gospel. what a smile!
2169. celebrating freedom that comes by dependence
2170. working on my day off–so good to catch up on jobs 2 & 3
2171. precious pops piccolo soloists
2172. gathering with my church family mid-week to be reminded of truth
2173. losing it (again) in the lifeway clearance aisle
2174. a sweet phone call from a treasured sister
2175. exploding insulin
2176. breakfast at the barrel and sweet chats with ashley

2177. lunch with aunt janna
2178. dying leaves falling and scaring me to death
2179. oasis with ellen and hearing how God is making her more into His image
2180. krispy kreme with kristen. “there were tongues.” o.O cue uncontrollable laughter.
2181. a letter from the hatchers in brazil
2182. kind words from a quiet student
2183. lunch surprise at the giftbox

2184. dropping off presents and old men selling ale8s
2185. puccini’s paparazzi pizza and a side salad with ranch
2186. audrey assad to start the day
2187. jamie grace to keep me going
2188. 28 years
2189. brunch by dad: steak, eggs, cookie butter

2190. ungame with shanna and mom
2191. being saved from a wasp by my ate and a broom
2192. knowing that spiritually bankrupt me has become a joint-heir with Christ
2193. sharing my heart
2194. making baby shower decor for a girl! it’s been a long time.
2195. ♪ can we find a friend so faithful?

Since reading One Thousand Gifts, I started my own journal of grace-gifts God blesses me with every day. I will spare listing all of them here, but I will try to share some of my favorites every Monday. 

one thousand gifts {#2039-2156}

“Oh give thanks to the Lord, for He is good;
for His steadfast love endures forever!”

{Psalm 118:1} 

It’s been several weeks since I posted my One Thousand Gifts list. I’ve been too busy savoring each good gift to post about them. My grandparents came up for a week and then I went to Orlando right after they left for The Gospel Coalition’s Women’s Conference. (It has been a long time since I have actually felt rested after a night’s sleep, and that finally happened after the first night I was in Florida. This is perhaps one of the most wonderful gifts on this list!)

The thousands of ways God shows His love to me continues to blow me away.
He is good. He is good. And His love endures. Forever.

2039. showers reminding of 7 years
2040. a good pen…let it shine!
2041. reading and writing all day and starting to understand
2042. old men at mcdonald’s asking for extra crispy fries and holding the door saying, “and you don’t even have to tip me.”
2043. surprising friends with a going-away potluck
2044. laughs along with sadie. God is sovereign…true.
2045. apparently i look the same in real life as i do in my facebook profile picture. good to know. haha!
2046. hearing of others starting their own gifts list
2047. phantom regiment blaring with windows down and a man jogging to the beat
2048. anticipation
2049. klutziness: dropped sandwiches and diet coke
2050. hugging my beautiful mema ♥
2051. hugging my papa’s sweet, sweaty neck
2052. Bible study with some precious ladies
2053. that professional and spiritual development is encouraged where i work
2054. praying for friends. letting go.
2055. rejoicing in good news about harry with the church fam!
2056. home for lunch ♥
2057. riding in the backseat with my papa
2058. {habakkuk 3:17-20}
2059. hersh getting his visa
2060. macbee peaches for breakfast!
2061. watching God provide during the bob brown board meeting. oh hamburger. 🙂
2062. a “stink bug” hehe!
2063. super kind-hearted mr. b donating menchie’s for saturday’s bob brown concert {ephesians 3:20-21}
2064. mema fixing me lunch
2065. wooosh
2066. the waltons & relient k {ben walton looks like matt thiessen if you’ve never noticed}

2067. friendly menchie’s people
2068. grand night with mom & mema

2069. eating breakfast with my mema
2070. watching my two favorite men work

2071. menchie’s selling well at bob brown

2072. mariachi bands & cloggers–my ears had quite the treat
2073. discussing our last name over dinner
2074. meeting an acquaintance
2075. hearing my mema tell how she & papa came to know the Lord on the same night. precious. ♥
2076. hearing the Gospel CLEARLY proclaimed
2077. rescued
2078. mema’s squash perfectly squished

2079. hearing the adorably hilarious story of how my grandparents met over “sun-dee” dinner
2080. an elbow to the head and poke to the side

2081. papa preaching on prayer.
2082. a pregnant nikki hug
2083. singing “i hear the words of love” over and over in the office. so quiet.
2084. squishing around the kitchen table for lunch. ♥
2085. ♪ let’s call the whole thing off ♪ ha!
2086. new amazing pens. sharpie retractables.
2087. hand hugs making everything better 🙂
2088. eating breakfast with my papa
2089. lunch around the family table
2090. krispy kreme with kristen after work
2091. picking up my ate and taking her home
2092. plate tacos and serving them
2093. hearing what God is teaching my fellow sisters in Christ and stepping OUT of my comfort zone to share what He’s teaching me

2094. my papa fixed my bedroom light to where it turns on and off by my bed. love that talented man! no more pulling out my dresser!!!!
2095. cleaning out lettuce and other nasties from the sink
2096. a kiss on the head from my mema ♥
2097. {philippians 1:6}
2098. life advice at the breakfast table from my mema
2099. hugs & love & see-you-laters

2100. caramel starbucks coffee brewing in the office coffeepot
2101. designing a graphic
2102. fitting it all in
2103. being greeted by name at the bank
2104. a boss who promotes both professional AND spiritual development
2105. being tested for explosives, but a relatively easy security check
2106. alltech angus
2107. pretzels & a coke at 29,000 feet

2108. meeting sisters from maryland
2109. a cranky taxi driver: “do you need me to speak spanish or something?”
2110. red lobster. popcorn shrimp.
2111. a flooding ice machine room, $3 drinks, and a sister joking she’d already blown her budget and she’ll have to tell her husband, “i just HAD to have that diet coke with my pizza.”
2112. finally feeling rested and breakfast in bed
2113. lunch poolside and kind people ready to serve

2114. “You preserve the Gospel by giving it away.” –DA Carson
2115. “The devil can gum you, but his fangs are gone.” –John Piper
2116. the lollipop of the Gospel
2117. He saves us “on eagle’s wings” –by sheer grace {exodus 19}
2118. glimpsing the majesty mingled with misery in mercy {isaiah 6}
2119. hearing how the Gospel has gone forth in dubai and longing to have beautiful feet where i’m planted
2120. “If you want to be like Jesus, you have to behold Him.” –Nancy Leigh DeMoss
2121. seeing the beauty of God in revelation 4, 5, 21,  & 22, and anticipating seeing Him face-to-face
2122. phase 10 in the hotel next to rain-washed windows
2123. vic firth percussive pepper mills

2124. hanging out with debby and jim cantoresque palm trees poolside

2125. finishing “just do something
2126. a most hideous salad
2127. relaxing
2128. a kind haitian taxi driver
2129. getting swabbed for explosives behind a lady holding a chihuahua
2130. getting some starjazz for the…sky!
2131. kid behind me on the plane saying, “hey! there’s the ocean!” as we made our descent into lexington
2132. mexican for lunch with the fam
2133. reflecting
2134. “it looks like a girl uses this bathroom”
2135. random texts from friends to brighten my day
2136. 205 letters and only one papercut
2137. the privilege of carrying everything to God in prayer
2138. listening to an evangelistic challenging piper message by the pool {colossians 2:4-6}

2139. a healthy tilapia dinner, low blood sugar, and menchie’s
2140. a surprise crepe for lunch and fruit!
2141. “i’m sorry you had to sit on a train”
2142. evening swim, finishing “not a fan” and a low.
2143. new salad. blueberry, corn, & feta. yum!
2144. a confused man looking for architects
2145. a funny mailman
2146. customers who talk like johnny cash
2147. vic firth peppermills at work. three of my worlds colliding.
2148. fun dinner conversation turned into a theological discussion
2149. uno & phase 10 with kerry. creamed at menchie’s. 

2150. putting out wildfires at stoplights on man-o-war
2151. saul good, menchie’s, and watching “brave” with shanna. love that animated curly red hair.
2152. i love lucy marathons
2153. that God uses nobodies
2154. spicy pepper parks beef
2155. crispix on hashbrown casserole. wow!
2156. listening to a piper sermon on being “pure in heart” in the pool (and ziploc bags to keep my phone dry. awesome.)

Since reading One Thousand Gifts, I started my own journal of grace-gifts God blesses me with every day. I will spare listing all of them here, but I will try to share some of my favorites every Monday. 

one thousand gifts {#1992-2038}

“I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.”

{John 10:10} 

Life is a gift.
Life with Christ inside you
is an eternal gift.
Life spent savoring the evidences of God’s love
is life to the full. 

I’m blessed to have a full life–it is full not because it is filled with wonderful people, delicious food, breathtaking sunsets, and fun outings–yes, those things fill up my life. But all of those things are empty without Christ presiding over them. A verse that caught my attention this weekend was the very last verse in Job…

“And Job died, an old man, and full of days.”
{Job 42:17}

 I can live to be old, but age is not what makes you “full of days.”
Christ in us is what makes our days full. That’s why He lived. That’s why He died. That’s why He rose again.

May your week be filled with the fullness that comes from life in Christ!

{P.S.- Gifts 2001-2013 were provoked by how God was working in my life during those years of my life.}

1992. multi-tasking
1993. sprinkles during outings just heavy enough to break out the umbrella
1994. lunch with the ‘rents at ramseys
1995. initiative
1996. kerry seeing “lions” in nicholasville. it was a cow.
1997. a hug
1998. chats with sue-sue…about asparagus.
1999. He won’t withhold ANY good thing!
2000. grace to keep seeing so much grace. His love is so very evident when you start to look at life from His perspective.
2001. the year of the rebecca st. james teen girl devotional. thankful for older girls who are faithful to teach the younger in word & deed. and by example. (pretty sure it’s out of print.)
2002. the year i was introduced to marching band. how different my life would be without it.
2003. the year i started become a leader in my own kind of quiet way.
2004. the year bombarded with trial, but also drenched with proof that His grace is sufficient.
2005. the year i learned the importance of telling someone how you really feel & what a difference they’ve made in your life (done best in my case via letter. haha!)
2006. the year i graduated high school, left LCA “bubble world,” and started college
2007. the year filled with heartache, but also much love.
2008. the year God set me on fire for His Word and His glory, preparing me for a mid-year diagnosis of Type I diabetes
2009. the year where i started really figuring out who i was
2010. the year i graduated from college and wondered–now what?
2011. the year God stripped me of lots of pride and made me see His bigger purpose in ordinary life, becoming confident of who i am in Christ despite how i am perceived by worldly measures of success
2012. the now
2013. hope for the future ♥
2014. breakfast & bapticostal jokes with ashley. “you’re predestined to speak in tongues at a potluck.” lol!
2015. cynthiana sunsets & late starry night drives with the top down stopped by state troopers after a mcdonald’s run. and vance children giggles from the backseat. so sweet!
2016. a sweet thank you
2017. a relatively uneventful day
2018. grace to stay awake
2019. lobster. especially baby ones.
2020. krispy kreme & cards with kristen

Yes, I’m diabetic. Yes, I had a Krispy Kreme donut. Yes, I covered it with insulin. Yes, my sugar was fantastic afterwards. No, I don’t eat one every day. Thank you.

2021. ♪ let my life be the proof of Your love ♪ {listen}
2022. shenanigans
2023. dad bringing me starbucks just because

2024. 11 missed calls
2025. menchie’s drum circle with Kerry & mom…and late-night chats with Mrs. B

{Before I proceed, I must promote this drum circle thing. I showed up clueless as to what it was and stood against the wall for the longest time, but once I grabbed a güiro, I had a lot of fun! Top it off with some froyo and it was a lovely evening! You can view a video of this event here. Please pay no attention to the girl awkwardly trading instruments with her mother.}
2026. sleeping in & working in my pj’s
2027. coffeetimes with ellen! iced hazelnucinno. mm. ♥

2028. “man shall not live by blueberries alone.” -EFV
2029. kind waiter: “what are you celebrating? anything special?” me: “life is always worth celebrating.”
2030. wisdom.
2031. geeking out when the DCI promo came on at the movies
2032. life to the full. {job 42:17 ~ john 10:10}
2033. Gospel = grace ♥
2034. raining money at chop house
2035. getting grand night tix at the student price
2036. opera in general. ahhhh.
2037. celebrating ate’s birthday. mihal kita. ♥

2038. deciphering that granny wanted a kiss on the cheek. ♥

Since reading One Thousand Gifts, I started my own journal of grace-gifts God blesses me with every day. I will spare listing all of them here, but I will try to share some of my favorites every Monday. 

one thousand gifts {#1947-1991}

“Stop and consider the wondrous works of God.”

{Job 37:14} 

Stop. Consider.

It doesn’t take much stopping to see a glimpse of God’s glory. It’s all around us. But when you stop and when you consider what you’ve seen, you see His glory even more clearly. You realize how big and wonderful He really is.

 When I make myself stop long enough to recall little ways I’ve seen Him work throughout my day, I consistently become overwhelmed with gratitude and Jesus becomes bigger in my eyes. 

So I hope you’ll take the time to stop this week. Consider. He’s wondrous. And may your heart be thankful. 

Some of His wondrous works I’m still considering…

1947. sleeping in!
1948. first swim of the season (14 laps)
1949. leftover yummy asian salads from friends
1950. movie with charla

1951. the person who made my glucose test strips
1952. {isaiah 12}
1953. a sweet comment from a “virtual” sister
1954. workin’ 9 to 5
1955. ramsey’s fresh veggies

1956. a gentleman holding the door and saying “yewww-uhrrr wel-kuhmmm”
1957. meeting someone i’ve heard lots of good things about
1958. compliments
1959. making dinner
1960. sunset swims provoking psalm 19 appreciation

1961. dad bringing menchie’s home
1962. a ladybug at dusk
1963. payday loan humor
1964. puzzles
1965. jaw-dropping sunsets
1966. trying to focus outward in my lunchtime loneliness
1967. self-adhesive stamps and envelopes
1968. my local church ❤

1969. gavin smiles–even if he was pooping. haha!
1970. wild citrus sunflower

1971. being offered a full-time job while at my full-time job. that’s crazy! {ephesians 3:20-21}
1972. old men talking about british history and potential son-in-laws
1973. payment portholes. lol!
1974. dad grilling at BD’s, kind people who give, friendly businessowners in hamburg, and eating for a good cause

1975. precious thank you cards (“it has flown by, like geese”) hahaha!
1976. ohhh june!
1977. parkette with kerry. yum!

1978. a clean, hilarious movie i wouldn’t mind seeing again
1979. awkward employee text #1. clogged commode.
1980. sweatshirts over sweaters. brr.
1981. my trinidadian editor
1982. lock & key chicken salad
1983. God giving me wisdom to figure out a necessary new skill
1984. two good movies with mom and shanna
1985. God placing sweet friends in my path unexpectedly. it never gets old!
1986. lemon muffins from helen
1987. {job 37:14}
1988. being born and being alive. (1988 is my birth year)
1989. a sermon to put me in my place and make Jesus bigger in my eyes
1990. lunch, errands, and starbucks with my ate
1991. hydrangeas

Since reading One Thousand Gifts, I started my own journal of grace-gifts God blesses me with every day. I will spare listing all of them here, but I will try to share some of my favorites every Monday.